Friday, May 22nd 2009

first fashion

Our Favorites from What's New
Fashion has been hot on deconstructing itself lately. Even though my mom would recoil in horror, I kind of like the idea that if my cardigan accidentally gets a tear or snag, it’s suddenly runway ready. The best part? Designers have done all the disheveling dirty work for us. (And you can bet your open-toe boots this look will still be rippin’ it up in our fall trends, too.)

The necklace story of 2009? Tangled chains. The more metals, strands, and impossible-to-undo knots the better. Fallon Jewelry – Slater Mixed Choker


Tees couldn’t let our destroyed denim have all the fun. This one’s strategically slashed in all the right places. LNA – Ripped Crew Neck T-shirt


Maybe I could introduce Mom to cutouts via this chic one-shoulder silhouette with subtle web-like crochet. Before long she’ll be wanting a bandage dress, just you wait. Theory – Devin Top

Find the best of knotted, slit, and shredded, in What’s New.


Thursday, May 21st 2009

road trippin’ & packin’ light

This Memorial Day weekend, I will not spend my time on a boat somewhere off the Gulf (these are my brother’s plans). Instead, I’m hitting the road, destination Indianapolis. Luxurious, no? I’ll be getting in some quality time with my other brother and his family, possibly daring to dip a toe in their pool, or at the very least settling for an evening in the hot tub.

To add a little adventure to my trip, I’ve challenged myself to fit everything I’ll need for the weekend in my overnight bag. (I nabbed the Jerome Dreyfuss pictured above before it sold out.) Can it be done? Oh, it can, and it will.

The trick is to pack pieces that fold up small and can be accessorized to look fresh when I rewear them. A jersey dress in navy and a maxi skirt in black are definitely going in the bag, as well as a pair of boyfriend jeans. Add a couple Bop Basics burnout tees, a long-sleeve Splendid tee, an Alexander Wang tank, and a Vince cardigan, and I’m almost set. In the footwear department, flip-flops and flat sandals will let me chase my nephew in comfort, and I’ll fill a pouch with bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for a little mix-and-match variety. Throw in a maillot (one-piece swimsuits are a must when visiting the fam) and my little bag of beauty basics, and my weekender will be looking pretty plump. But it will all fit.

And if I feel the need for a little more excitement at the end of my stay, maybe I’ll detour past the world’s largest nose and glasses on my way home.


Wednesday, May 20th 2009

off the cuff


I’m the first to admit it: when putting together an outfit in the morning, I often don’t bother accessorizing. (I blame my snooze button.) But recently I picked up a multi-chain necklace by Giles & Brother that looks good with anything (even if I put it on when half-asleep), and I love the way it elevates my go-to tee-skinnies-boots combo and adds a little attitude to anything more feminine. I want a statement bracelet that has a similar effect on all my ensembles, and I’ve found a few options from shopbop newcomers Sid Vintage Jewelry and Made Her Think.

Sid Vintage designer Nanci Bennett scours flea markets for great finds and incorporates them into her unique yet wearable designs. (A type of recycling we didn’t learn about in grade school–score one for green fashion.) I have my eye on the Multi Chain & Coral Bracelet: the pink beads contrast the otherwise edgy sensibility.

I’ve also bookmarked the Kissing Swallows Cuff by Made Her Think – a little cutesy, a little edgy. The line is inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras, relics of Memento Mori and Mexican Folk Art, and the sharp angles of art deco, an intriguingly unique mash-up. (If you’re wondering about the unusual moniker, it’s an anagram of designer Meredith Kahn’s name.)

Which do you think packs the bigger punch: the Sid Vintage bracelet or the Made Her Think cuff?


Tuesday, May 19th 2009

pretty tough

Pretty touch

It’s irrepressible: Pretty things magnetically gravitate toward tough, disheveled counterparts. Leather and lace. Michelle Obama’s enchantment with the anarchist stylings of TOM BINNS. Why so many stunning girls (ahem, Agyness Deyn) end up dating scruffy members of the Strokes. Courting PBFs (potential boyfriends) and designs from the wrong side of the tracks feels a bit scandalous, but a whole lotta fun. Here’s how to roughhouse your ruffles and add a biker babe mentality to floaty chiffon. 

First, temper your feminine wiles with a black leather moto jacket. I admit, at first I was skeptical of the motorcycle jackets trend. Some outerwear looks you outgrow (I’m looking at you, metallic puffer), and this piece requires a substantial investment. But when you think about it, there really is no other jacket that has withstood the cool test like this classic. It was a rebel’s armor back in the age of Elvis, and it’s still a rock club staple today.

When it comes to choosing a dress hue, take your cue from the Elizabeth and James color palette: muted blue-greys, celadon, pale blushes. One-shoulder dresses are an alluring option, as is the ivory chiffon in this Jill Stuart fantasy frock. Personally, I can’t get enough of this E&J streetwise ballerina tutu loaded with heavy metal from DANNIJO and Giles & Brother.

The pièce de résistance? Shoes, of course. Dirty motorcycle boots with a thigh-grazing, girly skirt are sure to rev more than a few engines. True outlaws will want to check out the Pour La Victoire Paige Motorcycle Sandals. Pair them with a fairytale dress, and you’re instantly atop the Most Wanted list.


Monday, May 18th 2009

shop with the pros


Like my mom says: “Sometimes it pays to call in the pros.” And while she may have been referring to having her hardwood floors refinished, the same holds true in matters of style. That’s why we rounded up fashion editors from glossies like Lucky Magazine and InStyle and posed the question What do you want in your closet right now?, turning them loose on shopbop’s (virtual) shelves for examples.

This sartorially gifted bunch selected an eclectic, inspired mix that included everything from scarves to skinny jeans, posh (Thakoon) to punk (Alexander Wang), buzz-worthy up-and-comers (Current/Elliott) to established favorites (Theory). In short? Exactly the pitch-perfect picks we’d expect from super-stylish ladies who single out the best of the best every season. Intrigued? Understandably. See everything they chose in our Fashion Editor Favorites feature.


Monday, May 18th 2009

first fashion

Our Favorites from What's New
I admit it, I’m bad: I’ve been wearing the same bikini for the past five years. I know, unacceptable! I’m in need of a cute suit, and our bikini sale may just be the ticket. The fantastic deals (check out this eclectic Tyler Rose bikini top for only $25) afford plenty of extra cash for these equally splashy accessories:

If all cast nets turned up on-trend ikat handbags, I’d consider becoming a commercial fisherman. I could sail around the world with this fun mix of nautical and nomad. Cleobella – Zephyr Woven Bag


Beach-appropriate hair accessories? The name speaks for itself. Bop Bijoux – The Ultimate Hair Tie Set


SPF 30 + cute cabana boy + glimmering jewelry = must-have swim accessories. This tricolor ring set will brighten up any bathing beauty’s style. Gorjana – Mixed Stacking Ring Set

Let the sun-kissing begin, in What’s New.


Friday, May 15th 2009

Spring Trends: Dress for the Season

Keeping up with the latest trends can be a full-time job, and knowing how to wear them is even trickier. Isn’t it enough to know boyfriend jeans are the next big thing in denim without having to figure out what to pair them with? (Okay, sure, the two ideas go hand in hand.) When it comes down to it, there’s a very simple rule to keep in mind: stay true to your personal style. Each new season makes it easy to do, bringing trends as vast and varied as the ladies who wear them.

Let’s look at a few spring trends:

The Wild West in its classic Americana feel is playing a big role in style this season. Take it in a boho direction with a fringed suede vest, denim cutoffs, and a bikini top (who says bikinis can’t work beyond the beach?). Or give your city-chic look just a touch of cowboy by pairing Golden Goose boots with a girly frock or summer shorts. The key, like any other trend, is to do it in moderation. You’re not catching the train to Yuma, ladies.

Also playing a big role is spring’s perennial favorite, white ( called it a must-have). With its crisp, clean aura it plays so well to the season. Add a few white dresses to your repertoire, or give the ivory hue a bad-girl side with ripped white jeans. You can pair the dresses with black tights and pumps come fall, and the jeans will be even more renegade-chic worn after Labor Day (with leather, naturally).
Thinking transition, there’s one trend that’s bucking the spring tradition of florals and pastels and will play right into the fall months: the edgy look. Forget spring’s pastoral scenes—shredded leggings, a distressed black leather handbag, and body-con everything have just as chic a place in the warm weather months as they do come autumn.

But what’s on the style horizon? Fall trends come in neutral shades (white’s cousin, if you will), sexy peek-a-boo cutouts,’80s rocker inspiration (check out the brilliance of Marc Jacobs’s runway), boho nomadic looks, and so much more. Finesse a few looks from today into tomorrow, and you’ll feel like one savvy fashionista come fall.

Shopbop Shoptalk

Thursday, May 14th 2009

Free Arts NYC Annual Auction: A Chic-Fest for the Style Set and Chuck Bass?

News from Our NY Editor at Large

Every once in a while I find myself covered in glitter, glue, and puffy paint (I heart!) while volunteering at Free Arts Day, a Saturday arts festival for kids to build their creativity and self-confidence. I’ve been partnered with the silliest little girls who move from station to station leaving messy projects (and me!) in their sparkly dust, as well as meticulous boys who shock me with their eye for detail and desire to make the perfect gingerbread house (my kind of man). The kids have a blast, and I have an excuse to release my decoupage-loving inner 10-year-old.

These festivals are just one example of the amazing programs created by Free Arts NYC. Monday night I headed to their annual art auction hosted by Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein, Glenda Bailey of Harper’s Bazaar, and David Granger of Esquire (to name drop but a few). The people at Calvin Klein transformed their space in the Garment District into an art gallery and filled it with chic-ettes and hipsters alike.

Calvin Klein’s space in the Garment District was transformed into an art gallery for the auction.

Thursday, May 14th 2009

Studio Style: Natalie

The shopbop studio stylists seem to wave a chic little wand and voila!—a limp tee and a rumpled pair of jeans transforms into something high voltage. What’s the secret behind their stellar personal style? That’s what we’re here to find out. Meet Natalie:


Suzanne: When I first saw your pic, I instantly thought “how Elizabeth and James!” And it turns out you’re wearing the Summer Cohen Shirt. What do you like about their style?

Natalie: Elizabeth and James pull off the boyfriend button-downs the best. Their flannels fit a girl just like you want them to, a loose laid-back look that hits in all the right places.

S: Any tips on how to best wear the borrowed-from-a-boy look?

N: Whenever I decide to add a boyish element to an outfit I always like to add a girly piece to counter it. Adding a unique scarf gives a boyfriend blazer a touch of femininity.

S: How would you describe your personal style, and how has it evolved since you started working for shopbop?

N: I would describe my personal style as put-together and girly. I like my look to be wearable, but to always have something that makes it stand out. I’m a fan of giving simple pieces like jackets or slip dresses variety by adding a vintage silk scarf or a perfect piece of jewelry.

Since working at shopbop, I’ve become more creative with how I style, envisioning pieces together that I would never have considered wearing together in the past—like pairing a badass shoe with the girliest dress.

S: If you could have lunch with any designer, who would it be and why?

N: It is difficult to choose just one, but I would have to say Cynthia Vincent. I have always loved Vincent’s collections and believe they embody elegance. Her pieces are very sensible but always have a delicate composition that gives them just the right touch of distinction. Her looks make me feel very feminine, stylish, and comfortable all at the same time. I’d love to ask her how she does it.


Wednesday, May 13th 2009

customer service chic

Shopbop’s Customer Service reps are the voice of shopbop. They field questions from shoppers every day about everything from style advice to fit tips, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re a pretty stylish bunch. Want a behind-the-scenes peek? Meet LaToya:


T: First things first: what are you wearing?

L: I’m wearing Camilla Skovgaard’s Metallic Ankle Buckle High Heel Sandals, J Brand jeans, a blouse by Madison Marcus, and my grandmother's vintage bracelet and pearls.

T: I love the mix of vintage and modern. Is that how you would describe your personal style? How has your style changed since you started working at shopbop?

L: I would describe my personal style as sassy with a 1950s flair! My look has definitely evolved quite a bit since I’ve been at shopbop. In the past I would have described myself as a brand snob but not anymore! I’m constantly trying different designers for customers, and that’s opened me up to a whole new world of styles, fabrics, and fits.

T: What is the best tip you give to shopbop shoppers when they call in for advice on building an outfit?

L: I think the best tip is always to dress for your body type and enhance your best feature–that way you’ll always look good. It’s also important not to be closed-minded when it comes to trying new styles, because you could be missing out on that PERFECT pair of jeans that hug your butt just right. Who knows, those jeans could help you get that man of your dreams.

T: You’re at your desk every day, on the phone. Do you have advice on how to stay cubicle chic?

L: Work is a great time to break in those new shoes, since you won’t be on your feet all day!


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