Wednesday, November 30th 2011

Australia Rising: Zanita Morgan Talks with a Few Aussie Faves

Today we’re celebrating all things Australia, and we turned to Sydney-based blogger and photographer, Zanita Morgan, to help us out as a guest editor. Here, she coaxed a few personal details from a handful our favorite Aussie designers.

Australian style is effortless, never over-accessorized or hyper-glamorous. Designers create pieces that are easy to wear, transition from day to night, and have a refined style that makes them suited to all kinds of occasions. And these five designers are among the best in the bunch. I got them to share a few fun facts.


Zimmermann by Nicky Zimmermann

Zimmermann epitomizes Australian style. Nicky Zimmermann’s playful, sophisticated silhouettes have become a signature of her dynamic line, founded in 1991.

Favorite food:
Spaghetti vongole.

Favorite holiday destination:
Greece. I also love Palm Beach, the one just outside of Sydney.

What inspires you most?

What energizes you most?
Travel, even when it’s for work. I get a buzz out of being around new things.

Most treasured possession:
A signet ring given to me by my grandmother.

Favorite guilty pleasure:
Jaffas (orange-covered chocolate candy) at the movies.

Your nickname:


Ellery by Kym Ellery

Kym Ellery’s creative upbringing shows through in her eponymous collection. The brand has become known for its avant-garde inspiration and cool-girl appeal.

Favorite movie:
It’s a close call between I Heart Huckabees and anything by Wes Anderson.

Who energizes you most:
Patti Smith

Most treasured possession:
My book and magazine collection and then there are the shoes....

One thing you never leave home without:
My iPad.

Favorite piece of clothing:
My Ellery Cleopatra cropped leather bomber.

Your special talent:
Interpretive dancing.

Your nickname:


Tuesday, November 29th 2011

1 Piece 2 Ways: Leather Top

Shopbop stylists Rachel and Karina.

Leather makes an appearance every season and while jackets, blazers, and skirts may be classic staples for cold-weather dressing, two of our fashion-forward stylists show how to mix it up with a supple Zero + Maria Cornejo shirt.

Rachel: Chameleon Chic
My style is constantly changing. Casual chic pieces always catch my eye, but I also love to add a touch of femininity. Leather is so versatile and this top is a great example. The neutral color makes a perfect backdrop for a patchwork printed Clover Canyon pant.

On Rachel:
* Zero + Maria Cornejo Top
* Clover Canyon Pants
* Fernando Frisoni Blazer
* Maison Martin Margiela Oxfords 

Karina: Elevated Classic
My style is simple with an eye for elevated classics, and this leather top is exactly that. To balance out its structured silhouette, I added a pair of flowing Acne pants with daring side slits. A blazer gives my look a tailored touch.

On Karina:
* Zero + Maria Cornejo Top
* Acne Pants
* A.L.C. Blazer
* Pamela Love Jewelry


Thursday, November 24th 2011

Cooking with Milk & Mode’s Carol Han

A NYC-based writer and blogger, Carol Han is the woman behind much-loved Milk & Mode, a clever combination of food and fashion. This Thanksgiving holiday, she shares a recipe for a family favorite, roast duck with potatoes. Bon appétit!

Photo courtesy of Carol Han.

Roast Duck with Potatoes
Serves 4, generously

One 5-6 lb. organic duck
1 small onion, peeled and quartered
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
8 medium potatoes, peeled

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Rinse the duck, pat it dry with paper towel and trim off any excess neck skin. Carefully prick the skin all over about 50 times, taking care not to prick the meat underneath. This is to ensure your duck renders all its fat properly, giving you a perfectly crisp skin at the end. Rub the olive oil all over the duck, then season the bird inside and out with salt. Add a dash of pepper. Place the onion quarters in the cavity of the bird, and tie the legs together with kitchen string.

Put the duck in a large roasting pan or cast iron skillet, breast side up. Add 1/2 cup of water to the pan and roast the duck for 30 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven and add the potatoes, nestling them snugly around the bird.

Reduce the oven temperature to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Return the pan with the duck and potatoes to the oven. Roast for another 40 to 55 minutes, turning the potatoes every 10 minutes, until the duck skin is crisp all over and the potatoes are deep golden brown. Duck temperature should read 165 degrees Fahrenheit on an instant-read meat thermometer. Transfer duck and potatoes to a platter and season with salt.

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Wednesday, November 23rd 2011

Palette Pointers: Red & Nude

From left: the Carletta Long Sleeve Blouse by Malene Birger; Cambria Shirtdress by BCBG Max Azria; Mikhaila Jacket by Diane von Furstenberg.

We’ve heard about red and we’ve heard about nude, but only recently have they begun to make headlines together. Lately, all my favorite style blogs and mags have shown these favorite hues paired up for the perfect mix of subtle and bold. For a little advice on which pieces to pick, I turned to Shopbop stylist Shabdiece.

Rebecca: What are your favorite red and nude pieces for daytime wear?
Shabdiece: I love the loud red Star Print Blouse from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel as a ladylike foil to slouchy skinny jeans or cuffed boyfriend jeans. Keep the top loosely tucked in and complete it with a cropped Thakoon jacket and a nude shoe of your choice. For a quick way to incorporate red into a daytime look, the Atter Medium Turnlock Bag by Theyskens’ Theory is one of my favorites. Its versatility and sleek shape make it the perfect chameleon (even from day to night).

Rebecca: What about evening wear or a holiday party?
Shabdiece: When it comes to standing out at a party, less is more. Nude is the season’s freshest way to put a unique angle to your evening attire. Stick with retro-inspired styles in flattering silhouettes: the pleated Robert Rodriguez jumpsuit, the gently blushing Obakki dress, or the simple lace Tibi dress. The only accessory you’ll need is a bold red lip.

Rebecca: Is one color more “neutral” than the other?
Shabdiece: Instinct would say that nude is more neutral, but red will surprise you with its adaptability. And I guarantee there is a shade that will complement your coloring. The easiest way to incorporate a bold color like red into your wardrobe is with leather: shoes, handbags,and belts. And a bonus: it will always put a little pep in your step!


Monday, November 21st 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Hostess

Gifting season is officially upon us, and finding the perfect present for all your favorite folks can be a daunting task (to say the least). We’ve got clever and creative ideas for what to get all the ladies on your list.

Clockwise, from left: The Selby is in Your Place, Red Flower candle, American Fashion Designers at Home, Jonathan Adler bottle opener, Lunares ice cream holder.

For the lady who hosts. Whether she’s throwing a fête for friends or a family affair, a little something for the hostess is a sweet way to show your appreciation. These gifts should be understated and simple. Anything too flashy or expensive will only embarrass her.

For the host with a classic sensibility, go with a simple candle with a bold scent. A unique use of a Mason jar will fit right into a modern-rustic aesthetic, while a sleek-lined Red Flower candle will create an inviting ambiance in any home. A bottle of wine is always a welcomed gift. Up the ante by offering your favorite red or white with a matching wine carafe.

If your hostess has a playful side, she’ll love a cheeky (and useful) Jonathan Adler mustache bottle opener, or whimsical takes on comfort classics by Lunares: the pint ice cream holder and the Chinese takeout holder, both in shiny silver.

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Monday, November 21st 2011

Our Chat with Twilight’s Ashley Greene

Her role as Alice Cullen in The Twilight Saga has made Ashley Greene one of Hollywood’s most recognized and sought-after young talents. Breaking Dawn is in theatres now, and Greene has five major studio films slated for release in the next two years. We talked style, Twilight, and holiday traditions with the actress.

Shopbop: What’s your daily fashion staple?
Ashley Greene: A great pair of well-fitting skinny jeans works with any outfit. My go-to is DKNY.

SB: How would you describe your style?
AG: Ever-evolving. But generally, I stick to pretty classic and comfortable pieces, and dress them up with statement jewelry.

SB: Who is your style icon?
AG: Audrey Hepburn is my ultimate style icon. I also love Gwenyth Paltrow and Kate Bosworth.

SB: The Twilight saga is coming to a close. What’s next on your acting agenda?
AG: I have a bunch of movies coming out next year, which I’m really excited about: a thriller called The Apparition, a comedy called Butter, and a coming-of-age comedy called LOL. I just signed on for an action film called Olivia Twisted and to be the new face of DKNY, so I have that to look forward to as well.

SB: What is your favorite holiday tradition?
AG: My Aunt Ida makes an amazing chocolate derby pie, which I look forward to every holiday season!

SB: How do you plan to celebrate the holidays this year?
AG: I’m going to Mexico with my family. I’m excited to relax and spend time with them!

SB: This holiday season, what’s the number one item on your wish list?
AG: Time with my family. This past year has been a fantastic whirlwind, so I’m grateful to have the opportunity to spend time with them this holiday season.

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Friday, November 18th 2011

Thanksgiving Style


I’ve known what I’m wearing for Thanksgiving since June.  I stumbled upon a perfect plaid wool skirt, a favorite of my mother’s from the ‘70s. I can’t wait to surprise her by giving the piece from her past a modern update with a lacey Of Two Minds top and Dolce Vita booties. If you are still unsure of what to wear, here are three stylish ideas for a fashionable day of thanks.

Easy Family Dinner
Gathering the entire family and coordinating the biggest meal of the year calls for casual-chic clothes with a bit of give.  Layer a loose Splendid blouse and draped cardigan with flared super-stretch Citizens of Humanity jeans to look sharp while having that extra serving of stuffing.

Dining with the In-laws
Whether it’s the first time or the fifteenth time, dining with your significant other’s family can be nerve-wracking. The key is to find the perfect blend of style and ease. An open knit ADAM Sweater and leather leggings from Helmut Lang give you all the confidence you need to fend off pesky questions about your relationship.

Fancy Fête
A table of sparkling crystal, bone china, and polished silver demands an equally elegant outfit. An earth-tone Diane von Furstenberg dress with silver tuleste market earrings and a neutral Alexander Wang heel complements the work of the chef and the hostess in an incredibly stylish way.

--Libby S.


Friday, November 18th 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Gifting season is officially upon us, and finding the perfect present for all your favorite folks can be a daunting task (to say the least). We’ve got clever and creative ideas for what to get all the ladies on your list.

Clockwise, from left: Yoana Baraschi scarf, Red Flower diffuser, DVF gloves, The Little Black Dress, Success key, 3.1 Phillip Lim iPad clutch.

What to get the boss? She’s quite possibly the toughest one on your list. The gift shouldn’t be too personal (this is work, after all), but it must be thoughtful. An elegant Red Flower diffuser is a safe bet, as is a gauzy cashmere scarf. If her iPad is attached at the hip, offer her a 3.1 Phillip Lim iPad clutch. It’s the perfect dressed-up case for her sleekest accessory. When in doubt, books always make brilliant gifts. Tell her you appreciate her style and sophistication with a display-worthy fashion tome.

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Thursday, November 17th 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend (This One’s For the Fellas)

Gifting season is officially upon us, and finding the perfect present for all your favorite folks can be a daunting task (to say the least). We’ve got clever and creative ideas for what to get all the ladies on your list.

Today, what to get your girlfriend. (Ladies, we suggest you forward this one to your guy.)

Clockwise, from left: Vanessa Gade necklace, DL & Co stationery set, Juicy Couture earbuds case, Malibu throw, Fallon bracelet.

A gift with a little thought can go a long way in earning points with your girlfriend. Jewelry’s always a good option, but steer clear of the been-done heart necklace and say you love her with an unexpected Vanessa Gade XO necklace, or remind her she’s adored—literally—with a slim bracelet by Fallon Jewelry.

Taking it a step further in the thoughtfulness department, gift her a DL & Co stationery set with your own love letter to her written on the first card. Or make her an old-school mix tape in a modern way: tuck a new iPod filled with songs both loving and playful into a Juicy Couture earbuds case.

Wednesday, November 16th 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your BFF

Gifting season is officially upon us, and finding the perfect present for all your favorite folks can be a daunting task (to say the least). We’ve got clever and creative ideas for what to get all the ladies on your list.

Who knows your BFF better than you? This gift should speak to her personality.

Clockwise, from left: Milly sweater, stiletto bookend, Chanel book, Maison Scotch bag.

The Chic Bookworm
If your best pal is a perfect blend of smart and chic, gift her something worthy of her stylish mind. A stiletto bookend will hold up a mini history of Chanel, as would a playful book vase. If she’s due for a new handbag, pick something that will hold the glossies and tomes she totes with her everywhere she goes. Our current faves are from Rebecca Minkoff and Maison Scotch.

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