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Friday, June 17th 2011

5 Questions for Giles & Brother Designer Philip Crangi

On his way to becoming the standard by which innovative jewelry design is measured, Philip Crangi approaches his work with studied thoughtfulness, turning out collections that do more than adorn a body: they tell a story. Crangi works with his sister to design Giles & Brother jewelry, and recently partnered with Swarovski on a collection to mark the crystal brand’s 10th year underwriting the CFDA awards. We spoke with the designer about his inspiration, the fall collection, and what’s on his summer agenda.

Shopbop: You’ve lived in NYC for some time now. How does the city inspire and influence your designs?
Philip Crangi: NYC is the most exciting place in the world. There is a certain electricity in the air that drives all of us. Being surrounded by so many talented people inspires me to do better work.

SB: Tell us about the fall Giles & Brother collection (coming soon to Shopbop). What was the inspiration?
PC: Our inspiration was the construction of Japanese armor and a continuing exploration of the mixing of materials: metal and leather.

SB: Which is your favorite piece?
PC: I am really into all of the Nara Armor pieces. The Nara Armor Collar with black and tan leather is one of my favorites.


SB: Summer’s finally arrived. What do you plan to do to escape the city heat?
PC: We have a house on the beach at Fire Island that I go to every weekend. I am trying to get as blonde and tan as humanly possible.

SB: Any books on your summer reading list?
PC: I am slowly but surely working my way through both opuses of George R.R. Martin and Margaret Atwood. I hope to be done by September.

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