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Monday, August 23rd 2010

7 Questions for Barlow Designer Molly Girard Coonan

Launched in spring 2010, Barlow is back for a second season, finding inspiration in the line’s muse, Alice Barlow, as well as Montana’s great outdoors. We talked to designer Molly Girard Coonan about Alice, celebrity fans, and what’s on Barlow’s horizon.

Shopbop: The line takes its name from your muse, Alice Barlow. What is it about Alice that inspires you?
Molly Girard Coonan: She is a rare unpretentious fashion person. She is also really interesting and always brings something new to the table.

SB: How would you describe the Barlow woman?
MGC: A woman who finds that comfort and functionality are as important as looking cool.

SB: Barlow’s second season just hit Shopbop. What was the inspiration behind the fall collection?
MGC: Survival has been an ongoing theme for us, and will be for upcoming seasons. I was in Montana right before I started working on the fall collection last year and was inspired by the lifestyle and the type of hunting, fishing, camping, and climbing gear that comes along with that.

SB: What is your favorite piece from the fall collection?
MGC: Honestly, the Lace Cargo Dress. It’s a fashion piece, but all the pockets are really functional.

SB: When your line launched, Shopbop helped celebrate it with a party in New York. A handful of Gossip Girl stars came out for the event. What is it like to see pieces you created on the young, hip, Hollywood set?
MGC: It’s really cool! I like seeing anyone in my clothes—it’s really flattering.

SB: Have any other celebs been spotted wearing your line?
MGC: Jenny Slate from SNL just wore our Asymmetrical Collar Dress to a Nylon party, she looked amazing!

SB: What’s next for Barlow?
MGC: We’ll continue taking the Barlow girl on a post-apocalyptic journey, making sure she’s ready for anything and always looking cool. Stay tuned for shirts with hidden ID card pockets and jersey tops with bullet holders.

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