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Tuesday, December 18th 2012

A Fool-Proof Recipe to Impress Your Friends from Shopbop’s Online Merchandising Manager

For the last two years, right around the start of December, a magical thing has happened at Shopbop HQ: a tray of the most beautiful cookies has appeared, and their pretty looks are matched by incredible flavor. The man behind the holiday treats? That’d be our online merchandising manager, Jason. I convinced Jason to share one of his secret recipes, and it happens to be delightfully simple (just five ingredients). The recipe’s at the end of this post, but before we get there, I also asked Jason about a few of his holiday traditions.

AMIE: You make an assortment of cookies each year. Do you have a favorite (or favorites) out of the bunch?
JASON: My favorite cookies are gingerbread snowflakes decorated with white royal icing. I like the contrast between the dark gingerbread and white icing outlining the snowflake. Plus, the snowflake shape lends itself to dunking in milk with all the different points.

AMIE: What’s on the soundtrack to your marathon baking sessions?
JASON: “Carol of the Bells” from Home Alone or This American Life podcasts.

AMIE: Outside of baking, what’s your favorite holiday tradition?
JASON: Setting up the Christmas tree. I’ve been collecting snowflake ornaments since I was a kid, so it is fun to unwrap and hang the delicate pieces. One of my other favorite traditions is going to the Wisconsin State Capitol to see the Christmas tree. It’s set up in the rotunda under the huge dome and decorated with ornaments made by elementary-school kids throughout Wisconsin.

AMIE: What will you be doing for the holidays this year?
JASON: Relaxing and spending time with my family. I’ve also been throwing around the idea of a movie marathon of some sort.

AMIE: What’s at the top of your wish list?
JASON: A tweed or textured blazer—it’s a great layering piece. Also, pop-up books. I have a large collection of books and Christmas is a great time to add to it.

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