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Thursday, October 28th 2010

A Peek Inside the Shopbop Studio: Our Stylists’ Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards are a great way to pinpoint one’s own personal style. They’re also an important part in creating the look of Shopbop. So I asked Style Director Morgan for some insight into what’s sparking the creativity of Shopbop’s team of stylists this season, and how these bits and pieces of inspiration trickle in to our lookbooks, trend reports, and thousands of individual product shots.

The studio has always used magazine tears, photographs, and found objects as styling inspiration throughout the season. This is a really fun process where we can all dig around to discover what works for our sensibilities and share them with each other. To help us get ideas for product shots, we print out looks from runway shows and our favorite editorial campaigns, and take pictures of each other’s outfits. We also post styling details that look fresh and catch our eye–for this fall, some of our favorites were cape layering, knee socks with booties, and layering neutrals.

For our features projects, Sullie (our Stylist Project Coordinator) and I have a corner devoted to our upcoming features, ideas in the works, and anything that fascinates us. Our current board is made up of several upcoming shoots we are working on, plus ideas that are still being fleshed out. Sometimes the idea comes before the inspiration, and other times it comes from just one image, movie, or thought that sets us off in a specific direction.

We never stop shooting over here so we always need new inspiration–next week it'll look different!


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