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Tuesday, February 22nd 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

When you’re little, you’re always in a hurry for the next birthday and the liberties it brings—riding the big kid rides at the fair, getting your driver’s license, or getting into those R-rated films. Now that I’m all grown up (in theory), I find myself reminiscing about the long-gone times of jelly bracelets and lazy summers.

Or I thought they were long-gone, anyway. With a little help from my Shopbop wish list, I’ve been filling that yearning for a simpler time with Marc Jacobs jelly bracelets and outlandishly huge Eugenia Kim bows. Julie Rofman friendship bracelets and RumbaTime slap watches have also found their way into my home and heart.

Once the weather finally breaks, I’ll be slipping into a Torn by Ronny Kobo tee (to recapture the spirit of the ones I used to get on zoo field trips) and tossing my flavored lip gloss into a super-shiny LeSportsac tote. Add some beaded Minnetonka moccasins and colored Ray-Bans and my childhood summertime is complete. All that’s missing is the ice cream truck.


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