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Tuesday, March 31st 2009

accessories come out to play

I’ve got a closet full of black dresses. They’re classics, and I’m of the mindset that I can never have too many. Does that make me boring? Maybe, but the other day I was perusing Style.com and found a feature by Candy Pratts Price highlighting playful accessories. Light bulb moment: the season’s whimsical accents play perfectly on my wardrobe’s black canvas.

I recently added a Vanessa Bruno frock to my cache of black dresses, and I plan to make it my go-to for summer’s series of weddings. With the Style.com feature in mind, I set out on a little accessories hunt. Being a footwear girl, I started with the shoes. A silver pair with a sweet curl by Eileen Shields makes my toes twinkle and hints at fall’s feminine footwear trend. For a pop of color, I’ll carry a fuchsia Elie Tahari clutch named after a certain plastic icon, and I’ll don some look-at-me earrings with a hint of pink tint to match. And as the finishing touch, I’ll mirror my kicks with a tiny bow bracelet from Bing Bang.

Tell me ladies, will you accent your LBDs with whimsy, or do you prefer to play it straight?


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