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Thursday, August 26th 2010

Act Like a Lady: Ladylike Fall Handbags

“Act like a lady.”

Throughout high school and even during breaks from college, these were the last four words my mom said to me every time I left the house to go out with friends. After years of laughing it off, I’m finally heeding her advice. Fall is ripe for the picking with elegant silhouettes, but perhaps the biggest story in this return to feminine refinement is the ladylike bag.

Paired with a tailored jacket and a full skirt, a well-defined Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag is the finishing touch on a genteel look. It’s an obvious match and feels grown-up, sophisticated. The trend works with the downtown set as well. Played against type, a ’50s-esque Alexander Wang bag is stylishly ironic, but in a genuine way. It’s the put-together piece in a deconstructed look. But perhaps the most natural match for these structured carryalls is the casual, soft silhouette. Tory Burch or Rebecca Minkoff bags add a welcomed, subtle weight to an airy form.


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