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Thursday, September 25th 2008

And The Winners Are

If you’re like me, you watched last Sunday’s Emmy Awards as much to root for your favorite TV shows as you did to swoon/drool over your favorite gowns. The Red Carpet has always sparked trends, and even generated some fashion history in the process. Who can forget J-Lo’s jungle green slit-to-her-belly-ring frock at The Grammy’s or Julia’s vintage Valentino at the Oscar’s? The latter has even been copied head-to-toe as a child’s Halloween costume complete with mini “Best Actress” statuette, too funny.

Now, I personally don’t want to replicate an actress’s look verbatim; it’s better to take inspiration not only from her sartorial choices but even just from her aura and bring your own twist to it. Here are my top two “muses” from last Sunday’s soirée.

Ah, the incomparable Tina Fey a triple threat if you ask me (funny, brilliant, and beautiful!). Tina’s innate fabulousness could make even a garbage bag look luminous, but I’m happy she really went for it at this year’s Emmy’s and slipped into an uber-sexy corset gown in a smokin’ alternative to black: midnight blue. Corsets couldn’t be more on-trend, and I’ve fallen hard for the Abaeté version pictured above. To ensure I’ll personally win “Best Drama,” I’ll pair it with these smoldering Loeffler Randall suede pumps. I’ve tried these on, by the way, and even with all the straps, they are super comfortable!

Christina Hendricks (who stars in 2008’s actual winner for “Best Drama,” Mad Men) is relatively new to “The Carpet,” but I’m in love with her Old Hollywood, bombshell persona. After a Google search for her, I’m convinced I need more of this pale mint green color in my closet. Her copper red hair and porcelain skin seem to be her best accessory. As I share her coloring, I’m dreaming (literally) of the ethereal Foley + Corinna number above with just a whisper of blush pink. Pair it with champagne both in sandal color and after-party indulgence.


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