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Thursday, January 28th 2010

Animal Jewelry: Fashion with Teeth

Though snake bangles have long been a jewelry box staple, animal jewelry is evolving into something even more ferocious this season. A couple recent posts on Sea of Shoes give bold examples: Jane Aldridge’s taste runs toward the (very) big game variety, with a foot-long jeweled squid, fox-head belt buckles, and science-experiment-gone-wrong giant shrimp. But even in smaller doses, these pieces look anything but tame.

Hunting for animal jewelry but don’t know how to wear it? Pay homage to an ancient motif by pairing snake earrings or Fallon Jewelry’s Isis Cuff with a draped maxi dress. Sinister spider studs are everyday-wearable on tee-and-jeans days, and Pade Vavra’s gilded panther cuff, which wouldn’t have looked out of place at Studio 54, is perfect with something sleek and short. As for me, I’ll have to play favorites. I love birds, and a regal peacock ring by House of Harlow and a sparrow ring by Alkemie Jewelry would make any ensemble sing.


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