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Monday, October 17th 2011

Announcing: Stella McCartney Lingerie

At left, the Clemence Baking Longline Bra and matching briefs. At right, the Irene Gardening Bustier Bra and matching briefs.

Stella McCartney lingerie is one of those things that makes me glad to be a woman. Masterfully balancing form and function, past and present, her vintage-inspired designs share the beauty and thoughtfulness of their retro predecessors while being fully modern in fit and comfort.

The only problem, really, with a Stella McCartney bra is how best to display it. In my opinion, underpinnings of such opulence should be worn beneath a semi-sheer Equipment blouse or occasionally peeking out from a V-neck sweater. But then, maybe things so lovely are best kept confidential.


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