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Thursday, June 24th 2010

Ask a Stylist: How to Wear Headbands

From Gossip Girl to Bonnaroo’s fashionable festival-goers, headbands are having a moment. Though the accessory seems intimidating (I wear my hair down and unadorned every day), irresistible versions by Deepa Gurnani, Juicy Couture, and Eugenia Kim have me determined to try the look. So I asked Shopbop stylist Amanda for a couple tips.

Tonya: I haven’t worn a headband since high school. How can I style one so it doesn’t look too cutesy?
Amanda: To add sophistication to your look, start by putting your hair in a high or low bun. Next, mess your hair up a bit–cruise with your window down or stand in front of a fan–whatever you have to do so it’s not too perfect looking! Final step, put your headband on! You’ll be sure to achieve a chic, but never elementary, look.

T: Wearing a headband around the front of the head, hippie-style, seems to be a staple of music festival fashion this summer. How can you pull them off outside of Coachella?
A: It’s easy to achieve the music festival look, even in the city. Adding a headband will add a breath of au natural, bohemian embellishment to your look, without trying too hard. Simply find a headband style you love and toss it on last thing before stepping out (hair up or down!). Whether to the office or dining a deux, it’ll be the perfect juxtaposition–exactly what you find at the festivals.


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