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Wednesday, June 19th 2013

Ask Shopbop: 3 Ways to Tie a Sarong

Antik Batik sarong. Styled by Elise.

When summer weather hits, skills with a sarong come in really handy. These nifty swaths of fabric make themselves useful as dresses, skirts, halters, and scarves. They even double as a towel when you're at the beach or pool. Try any of these three styles with some ethereal braids for a supremely summertime look.

Start with the sarong behind your back, under your shoulder blades. Pull the upper corners forward and cross them over your chest, then tie them behind your neck. Bonus points if you complete the look with a little belt.

Hold the top corners of the sarong behind your hips and pull them forward, wrapping the fabric in front of your hips and circling around again if you can. Tie the corners off on the side with a square knot. Separate and flatten the layers against your hips to show off the pretty patterns of the sarong.

Center the longest edge of the sarong over your chest. Grab the corners and wrap them behind you, dipping down a little below your shoulder blades. Pull the corners forward, and tie them under your bust, empire-waist-style. It’s okay if the bottom of the “dress” isn’t even. One side will probably be longer than the other, which will add to the beachy feel.


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