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Wednesday, April 11th 2012

Ask Shopbop: 3 Ways to Tuck a Shirt

From left to right: The messy tuck, the clean tuck, and the tie & tuck.

I love the way your stylists tuck blouses. Any tips for how I can get the look at home?

A button-down shirt is one of the most versatile pieces in your closet. While there are hundreds of different ways to style it, check out our top three spring-ready ways to tuck your shirt.

How to do it: Unbutton the top one to two buttons and loosen the collar. Start messily tucking one side of the shirt in, while leaving the other side untucked. Unevenly roll cuffs and push above the elbow. 
Wear with: Low-rise skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, a straw fedora, delicate jewelry, and flats.
Wear to: A quick morning coffee run, a casual meet-up, or a day full of errands.

How to do it: Button the shirt up to the collar. Neatly and evenly tuck the entire shirt in. Roll 2-inch cuffs just below the elbow.
Wear with: High-waisted and classic skirts or pants, polished jewelry, and a skinny belt.
Wear to: A professional lunch, an afternoon visit, or brunch with family.

How to do it: Unbutton the top one to two buttons and pop the collar. Neatly roll up the shirt’s bottom hem and tie the front tails together. Roll cuffs and push to the elbow.
Wear with: Eyelet skirt or white denim, bohemian-inspired bracelets, and flat sandals.
Wear to: A day trip to the flea market, a lunch date, or afternoon cocktails.


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