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Wednesday, July 24th 2013

Ask Shopbop: How to Buy Straight-Leg Jeans

Straight-leg jeans—sometimes called stovepipe jeans—are picking up steam as far as denim trends go. With the figure-flattering capability of a flare, and the cool factor of a skinny, this sometimes tricky style might just be the compromise you’re looking for. Here are a few tricks to keep in mind when picking out a pair.

Length is key. If you're long legged, consider hemming your jeans so they graze the ground when you're barefoot. This ensures a clean look with most any shoe choice. If you're looking to elongate your silhouette, try my style technique: keep the jeans longer and cuff them to fall perfectly over a tall pump. It feels casual and allows some flexibility in terms of how long you want your legs to look. This option can take some commitment to styling though, since the jeans tend to creep up and require repositioning. I like to wear a suede shoe since it grabs the denim a bit more.

Pumps are a great option for straight-leg styles. The openness in the heel breaks up the solid stretch of leg, whereas a wedge can feel too blocky. Another option is a boot. Straight-leg shapes usually have enough of a leg opening to pull over the top of a bootie or slim, mid-calf boot. I love this option to evoke a rock-and-roll sensibility. Also, you never have to worry about your boot-cut jeans grazing the floor since the jean stays slim!

Finally, consider rise. There are so many chic, high-waisted styles out there that really aid in a mission to elongate. These pairs also read dressier, so they look great with pumps and a structured top. If you going for more of a casual, flat boot look, try a mid- to low-rise version. These styles are comfortable and just a bit tomboyish, perfect with short cowboy boots, a great belt, and an easy cotton shirt.


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