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Wednesday, May 15th 2013

Ask Shopbop: How to Buy Sunglasses

Clockwise from top left: Stylist Elise, Karen Walker, Etnia Barcelona, Gucci.

Sunglasses are one of the most useful and powerful accessories in a gal's arsenal. Sunnies can pull a look together fast, and they send a chic message. Here are three simple tips to help you find the right pair.

A great pair will fit your face. They shouldn't leave marks on your cheeks or squeeze at the temples or behind the ears.

Look for a size that complements your face. Styles that are too big or too small take a lot of finesse to pull off.

Sunglasses are an investment, so unless you have a monster budget, go for something neutral—black, tortoise, or metallic frames are all lovely choices. However, if you have a bold signature color—like red—then go for it!


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