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Wednesday, August 1st 2012

Ask Shopbop: Vintage Band Tees


I am big into the music scene. How can I incorporate that part of my life into my everyday style?

Our household lives for music, and lucky for me, my darling husband did an excellent job collecting concert t-shirts over the years. I’ve managed to covertly snag several for myself, but if you don’t have the same rich resource, there are plenty of options for showing off your musically inclined style.

Rare vintage tees have become valuable to fans of music and fashion—especially the ones that have been worn and washed to a perfect thread-bare fade. Actual vintage tees, like the ones from WGACA Vintage, come with a price. This has everything to do with rarity and demand. Amazing tees came out of the late ’70s and ’80s, from great bands with rabid fans who are insatiable when it comes to collecting.  If you’re not up for making an investment, try a fun reproduction Chaser tee. Printing techniques and new processes for creating jersey knits make it possible to get a worn-in look without buying used.  Pair your new (or new-old) tee with your favorite denim, a great bootie or edgy heel, and some subversive jewelry. 


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