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Wednesday, September 26th 2012

Ask Shopbop: Wear a Spring 2013 Runway Trend Right Now


Fashion month is in full swing, how can I make a runway trend work for right now?

Looking to the upcoming season for wardrobe inspiration is one of my favorite parts of fashion. From the New York runways, I am hands down the most excited about all the pops of orange. Among others, Chris Benz, VPL, and Suno, used this versatile color in brilliant hues to accent their spring lines. Being that it is a seasonal chameleon, orange is one of the easiest colors to add into your wardrobe. As we saw on the runways, spring orange is bright, neon even. In summer, it becomes more saturated, leading into crisp hues for fall, and an almost burnt look for winter.

In any shade, orange is such a strong color that it pairs best with bold textures, like tweed, suede, and chunky knits. I like to mix hues, creating a monochromatic look, and balance it with a strategic neutral, like navy or grey. Yellows and reds bring out the spectrum of cool undertones, while browns activate the rustier elements. Another great pairing is orange and black—it looks very luxe. Just be sure to use an orange with strong tones of brown. The burnt hue will keep it from veering into Halloween territory.


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