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Wednesday, November 13th 2013

Ask Shopbop: White Coats

Club Monaco coat and turtleneck. Styled by Rachel.

White coats are beautiful for winter. They have a chicness unparalleled by other outerwear. That being said, these beauties can quickly lose their luster if not well cared for. Cuffs and collars can take the brunt of even semi-frequent wearing—oils from hands, bags, and steering wheels can leave the cuffs in rough shape, and makeup and hair products do a number on collars. Take precaution by layering with scarves and gloves. A barrier between your fabulous cream blush and your even more fabulous coat can save you a hefty dry cleaning bill. Avoid wearing your winter white on days when you'll be in and out of the car or on mass transit. You’re also smart to evade narrow doorways and sitting on seldom-cleaned upholstery, as they’re not a recipe for keeping snowy whites clean. Try a white coat for events that include some outdoor mingling or for a snappy entrance to a big morning meeting. Lastly, make sure your coffee cup lid is secure. Dumping a 12oz americano down the front of your new cashmere isn't the brightest way to start a day. Happy winter!


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