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Wednesday, March 21st 2012

Ask Shopbop: Your Style Questions Answered

The halls of Shopbop are brimming with style experts and up until now, we’ve selfishly kept them to ourselves. Not anymore. In our Ask Shopbop features, our fashion doyens will share their sartorial knowledge and answer the burning style questions you posted on Facebook and Twitter. For this inaugural effort, stylist Loni took the helm to talk neon denim and workwear.

From Jenilee: I love the neon jean trend. What should I wear with them?
Loni: Neon jeans are certainly a fun statement piece this season, but it’s an easy trend to botch. One misstep can send you tumbling back to the ’80s when glamour involved big shoulders and even bigger hair. With such a bold jean, a simple top in a solid shade will keep the look chic. Pair bright neon pink jeans with a warm, creamy cotton pullover sweater, then, match the brightness of your denim with a bold shoe

From Danielle: How can I incorporate the latest trends into my work wardrobe?
Loni: Incorporating trends into workwear can be tricky, but really fantastic when well executed. One look that transcends the runway and feels right at home at your desk is the sporty trend.  Start with a tailored blazer and add a track- or scuba-inspired skirt, like the geo-printed Tibi skirt. Sport-inspired soles, like these ankle-strap Alexander Wang heels, and a neatly pulled back ponytail finish the look.

Do you have a question for our style experts? Leave it in the comments or send it to us on Facebook or Twitter (@Shopbop), and stay tuned each Wednesday for new insider tips.

--Libby S.

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