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Thursday, September 12th 2013

At Home with Kaelen

Kaelen Haworth creates classic, sophisticated styles for her namesake line, so it’s not surprising that her self-decorated apartment is equally amazing. We chatted with designer about her aesthetic—both in clothing and home décor—her start in fashion, and her sexy fall collection.

SHOPBOP: You completed an English degree and then went to Parsons. What sparked your interest in design?
KAELEN HAWORTH: I have always been interested in fashion and design. I’m also in love with books and writing, so I decided to pursue that first. I'm glad I did because I got the university experience that I wanted, and by the time I got to Parsons in New York, I was ready to put in the work.

SB: Where do you draw inspiration for your collections?
KH: I take inspiration from everything. At Parsons, I remember a teacher saying that the best thing you could do to stay on top is to read, watch, and listen to EVERYTHING you can. A lot of inspiration is indirect or abstract for me—it’s less about being inspired by a certain thing, and more about a collection of colors, textures, and ideas. For example, the spring collection I'm working on right now is inspired by connectivity, the meeting point of fabrics and textures. I find the fabric the most inspiring. Things change so much depending on the fabric you choose, it's incredibly interesting to try the same silhouette in two completely different fabrics.

SB: What items are you most excited about for fall?
KH: I'm really excited about the metallic silver quilted bomber. It's an easy silhouette, but the fabric makes it feel cool. I also love the mesh tee—the fit is amazing. It's super sexy and feels great to wear. The wool cocoon coat is a smart piece for me. I like minimal, so this jacket is perfect because it's modern and clean.

SB: You have an amazing apartment. How would you describe your décor aesthetic?
KH: Thanks! Hoarder-chic? Just kidding. It's very eclectic—which is interesting because it's almost the exact opposite of my design aesthetic. Maybe it's reactionary.

SB: What’s your favorite room and why?
KH: I love the kitchen. It's definitely one of the best parts about the apartment. I love to cook when I have time, and we have a lot of dinners and parties that always end up with everyone in the kitchen. Last year we had Thanksgiving dinner for the Canadian holiday and invited all of our Canadian friends—I think there were 19 of us total. We made a makeshift table to fit us all. It was amazing!

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