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Wednesday, November 30th 2011

Australia Rising: Zanita Morgan Talks with a Few Aussie Faves

Today we’re celebrating all things Australia, and we turned to Sydney-based blogger and photographer, Zanita Morgan, to help us out as a guest editor. Here, she coaxed a few personal details from a handful our favorite Aussie designers.

Australian style is effortless, never over-accessorized or hyper-glamorous. Designers create pieces that are easy to wear, transition from day to night, and have a refined style that makes them suited to all kinds of occasions. And these five designers are among the best in the bunch. I got them to share a few fun facts.


Zimmermann by Nicky Zimmermann

Zimmermann epitomizes Australian style. Nicky Zimmermann’s playful, sophisticated silhouettes have become a signature of her dynamic line, founded in 1991.

Favorite food:
Spaghetti vongole.

Favorite holiday destination:
Greece. I also love Palm Beach, the one just outside of Sydney.

What inspires you most?

What energizes you most?
Travel, even when it’s for work. I get a buzz out of being around new things.

Most treasured possession:
A signet ring given to me by my grandmother.

Favorite guilty pleasure:
Jaffas (orange-covered chocolate candy) at the movies.

Your nickname:


Ellery by Kym Ellery

Kym Ellery’s creative upbringing shows through in her eponymous collection. The brand has become known for its avant-garde inspiration and cool-girl appeal.

Favorite movie:
It’s a close call between I Heart Huckabees and anything by Wes Anderson.

Who energizes you most:
Patti Smith

Most treasured possession:
My book and magazine collection and then there are the shoes....

One thing you never leave home without:
My iPad.

Favorite piece of clothing:
My Ellery Cleopatra cropped leather bomber.

Your special talent:
Interpretive dancing.

Your nickname:


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