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Friday, February 20th 2009

backstage at ny fashion week

Backstage Correspondent for Elle.com, Joyann King, continues her coverage of the goings on behind the scenes at NY Fashion Week with the DVF and Thakoon shows.

Coco Rocha and her unmatchable Blue Steel. Photographed by Kelly Stuart for ELLE.com

Diane von Furstenberg
“Clothes should be your friend,” cooed Diane von Furstenberg when I asked her about the inspiration behind her Nomad collection for fall. They are, Diane, I just didn’t think I was allowed to admit it! Well, then I confess. I confess that Diane von Furstenberg is the chicest women on the planet and a shrewd businesswoman at that. I confess shamelessly taking a picture with her and immediately emailing it to my mother. I confess I am obsessed with the concept that a collection was designed for a traveling girl whose clothes are her friends and the adventure lies in her suitcase!

As for gossip, Olivia from The City “helped” me get in line for my interview with Diane in an attempt to feign work. MTV was smothering the place and I couldn’t help but feel a little bit a part of the set-up scene. Not to mention the faux fight I overheard between Whitney and Olivia, where moments before they were just dandy. Oh reality TV, leave my beloved fashion alone! I escaped un-reality to the front row where Diane Sawyer, looking gorgeous as ever, described her friend Diane’s impassioned aesthetic in the most eloquent way possible, and all that was left for me to do was smile and nod.

BEAUTY TIP: Love life and you will forever glow à la Ms. Furstenberg.

Tiny Thakoon fluffs the finale dress. Photographed by Kelly Stuart for ELLE.com

Backstage at Thakoon were three of my favorite things: feathers, sequins, and cupcakes. I know it appears that I talk a lot about the food at these things, but ask anyone on the backstage circuit and they all rate shows based on the catering. It becomes a conversation piece when everyone is sick of talking about fashion—the horror! Even the most die-hard fashionistas find themselves musing about “the best little sandwiches and those little candied things at Thakoon last year.” Once I remembered the real reason I was back there, I asked a stripe-clad and incredibly calm Thakoon to enlighten me on the inspiration behind his fall collection. His buzzwords were waist and texture, two exquisite fall fashion words in my book. I pressed further about the drool-worthy finale dress that was being fitted earlier and he said he wanted “a New Year’s Day dress, where she is coming home from the celebration the next morning and all the tulle and sequins from the night’s party have just stuck to her!” Now if only I can greet next year wearing that dress!

BEAUTY TIP: Press-on nails are back! Try risky color combos since they are easy to pop off.

Check back soon for the backstage scoop at Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.

--Joyann King, Elle.com

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