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Monday, December 14th 2009

Beach Vacation: Find Your Go-To Oceanside Outfit

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Half the fun of any getaway is the anticipation. Finding the perfect locale, counting down the days, and best of all, choosing which bikinis and sandals to bring. Of course these daydreams can lead to over-packing, so to maximize time spent seaside and minimize time in a hotel room ankle-deep in a pool of clothes, I’ll build a go-to outfit for my Beach Vacation to take me from the cabana to under the umbrella in seconds.

Of course my search for a spectacular sun-n-surf ensemble begins with a Rosa Cha bikini. This print packs a tropical punch, and as with all Rosa Cha suits, the top is flattering and supportive.


A peek-a-boo white cover-up (this one’s by Shoshanna) will let the cute suit peek through, and the crochet is just right for a laid-back day.


As sexy as sky-high wedges are, for me the key to beach style is comfort. So I’ll choose a more walkable yet no less glam alternative: metallic Tory Burch sandals.

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