Friday, May 29th 2009

C&C California: Sun-kissed Summer Cool

Summer is officially upon us, and while many parts of the country are still stuck with spring-like temps, others are sun-soaked and deliciously warm. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Southern California. It’s a blessed corner of the country, not only because of (or perhaps despite) its throngs of famous faces. Here, the sun always shines, which invites a certain laid-back cool that Northerners accustomed to turning their backs on the brisk winter wind only taste for three months out of the year. And it’s this brand of casual chic that C&C California captures so well.

Launched as a collection of must-have layering tees in buttery-soft jersey, this brand has branched out to maxi dresses that catch the breeze just right, tunic tops that transition from seaside to shopping, and new this season, a C&C swimwear collection that’s equal parts surfer queen and beach beauty. Basically, this brand does SoCal style in its purest, most delectable form: full of color and always comfortable.

Wear the C&C dresses (long or short) with Havaianas and the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer, and pair the tie-dye with gold jewelry for a less DIY-hippie, more “where did you get that” look. And those bikinis? The timeless silhouettes are as at home on the beach as they are paired with denim shorts and a vest.

We can’t all be California girls, but we can fake it convincingly, thanks to C&C.

Shopbop Shoptalk

Friday, May 29th 2009

meet our new magazine


Here at shopbop we have so much fashion inspiration to share, so much that sometimes it's hard to fit it all into our regularly scheduled features. But finally we have a forum where we can really stretch out and talk style: our new magazine, The Edit. What’s in the inaugural issue? Ten plus pages chockablock with the best in summer fashion, including Senior Stylist Morgan's tips on how to wear maxi skirts and understated neutrals, the lowdown on how to get shopbop model Elena's off-duty style, a behind-the-scenes interview with Mara Hoffman, and Fashion Director Kate's take on two-step summer dressing.

We’re all looking for summer fashion inspiration. Find it in our new magazine, The Edit.

Thursday, May 28th 2009

style it: tattered luxury

As a self-professed girly girl (a closetful of crayon brights, a garden party frock here, a chiffon rosette there), I’ve been having fun at the other end of the fashion spectrum lately by mixing some street rawness into my look. I’ve been experimenting with shades of grey and have been digging slouchy handbags, scuffed ankle boots, tarnished studs, and unraveling scarves. And with the arrival of a few shopbop newcomers, my tattered luxury fascination continues.


Every girl needs more R&R in her routine—Rock & Republic, that is. Some R&R styles are high-roller flashy (case in point: the backside of the Berlin Skinny Jeans), but I’m partial to the Posey Low Rise Skinny’s grungy wash and razored rips.

Since the Poseys are ankle length, showcasing megawatt heels is a priority. I’ve been obsessed with Elizabeth and James’s downtown dresses and dagger necklaces, and now I can add Elizabeth and James shoes to my list of infatuations. I love how the Jazz Button Pumps put a temptress twist on a traditional style.

Maureen was wearing this Fallon necklace with a black jersey maxi yesterday, and my reaction came out about as eloquent as a tween boy’s: “Whoa! You look hot!” But that’s the point. A piece like this doesn’t prompt flowery poetic waxing; responses are apt to be visceral and hard-hitting.

But the real beauty of the Fallon necklace?  It packs a knockout punch in the first round when coupled with nothing fancier than a featherweight Helmut Lang burnout tank, trashed jeans, and killer kicks.


Thursday, May 28th 2009

a rose by any other name


Just in time for all the summer weddings on our calendars, Thakoon Addition has arrived here at shopbop. How is it different from the spring Thakoon runway collection? As designer Thakoon Panichgul puts it, “I see Thakoon Addition as a place to store ideas. In any given season, I’ve got ideas flying around that don’t fit what I’m planning for the runway, but belong somewhere.” Also a home for enduring customer favorites, the supplementary line brings us more of the refined yet wearable pieces Thakoon is known for.

The results of the months-long wait? A polished romper graced with a whimsical heart print, silk dresses (both mini and maxi) with Thakoon’s signature rosebuds and flattering silhouettes, a lightweight summer dress in on-trend mini floral, and no-fuss frocks with functional yet fashion-forward draped pockets. Luckily these gems weren’t abandoned on the cutting room floor or left to collections past: we wouldn’t want to miss out on one ounce of Thakoon brilliance.


Wednesday, May 27th 2009

customer service chic

Shopbop’s Customer Service reps are the voice of shopbop. They field questions from shoppers every day about everything from style advice to fit tips, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re a pretty stylish bunch. Want a behind-the-scenes peek? Meet Kayleigh:


Tonya: First things first: what are you wearing?

Kayleigh: I’m wearing Seven jeans, a KAIN Label tee, Tory Burch flats, and a Gorjana necklace.

T: How would you describe your personal style, and how has it changed since you started working at shopbop?

K: I’d probably describe my style as casual chic. In addition to working as a CS rep here at shopbop, I’m also a full-time student! Because my days are so busy, I need a collection of great basics and staples, but to keep things current I’ll work in a few on-trend pieces. Since I’ve started working here, I’ve become more open to adding different styles and brands to my wardrobe.

T: What is the best tip you give to shopbop shoppers when they call in for advice on building an outfit?

K: We love helping customers choose outfits, but it’s always helpful to know style and brand preferences. This way we can help build a custom look that still reflects your style.

T: I love how your outfit is office-appropriate but still unique. Do you have any advice for staying fashionable at work while avoiding the dreaded button-down-and-trousers?

K: Don’t let drab staples limit you! I like to sneak in unexpected bright colors, scarves, or a great piece of jewelry to keep things interesting.


Wednesday, May 27th 2009

first fashion

Our Favorites from What's New
Now that it’s past Memorial Day, the official start of the sartorial summer, you might think that we at shopbop will just slide into a hammock with a jersey maxi dress and a pineapple-garnished drink and lackadaisically lounge until fall. Well, What’s New never takes a siesta. It’s constantly buzzing with covetable newcomers such as Brigid Catiis and Rock & Republic, along with today’s animalistic arsenal of Alexander Wang pre-fall that you’ll want to snatch up before all the other urban huntresses.

Rock & Republic denim has landed at shopbop. The brand is a jeans juggernaut for sure, but I’ve fallen hard for this eternally cool leather jacket. Rock & Republic – Cropped Leather Bomber Jacket


Brigid Catiis has crafted a limited-edition line of rompers and sundresses exclusively for shopbop, featuring funky prints and 100% reclaimed fabrics. Not only is designing eco-friendly clothing the focus, the label donates five percent of profits to like-minded charities. Brigid Catiis – Jaclyn Romper


We may as well dub Alexander Wang the official clothier of the 21st Century femme fatale. Here, he plays peek-a-boo with scintillating results. Alexander Wang – Cutout Dress

Summertime slacking doesn’t apply to fashion. Stay on top of your style game with looks from What’s New.


Tuesday, May 26th 2009

When in Rome: Cali Edition—How to Dress Like a Local without Looking Like a Wannabe

News from Our NY Editor at Large

Hi dolls, I am writing to you from 10,000 feet in the air, on my way back from the City of Angels. I took advantage of the long weekend to convince my childhood bestie to meet me in LA for absolutely no reason other than she’s never been to California, and I was itching to cruise around in a Mustang convertible (no shame, baby!). I’ve been up to my ears in deadlines, fall previews, and the anticipation of a jam-packed summer and needed three full days of no agenda to recharge my fashion batteries.

Meg and I rockin’ the white-hot Mustang convertible—no shame!

I don’t know if it is my astrological destiny (I am a Pisces, and we love to wear costumes), but I find the best part of traveling is embracing the culture, especially when it comes to fashion. On a recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island, with the stylish Marsha Welcher of Thayer, we showed up with weekend bags chock-full of nautical stripes and boat shoes. And just as I wore sleek black cigarette pants, classic ballet flats, and boy-meets-girl blazers and button-downs while in Paris, I set out to accomplish a similar fashion show while in LA. So to pack for my California weekend, I put the Eagles on repeat on my iPod, The Hills on mute in the background, and tried to channel me some Kate Hudson while surveying my closet. I’ve found that dressing like a local but still managing to feel like yourself is as simple as 1-2-3.

Tuesday, May 26th 2009

wearing white: now and this fall

It’s the day after Memorial Day and, by the old maxim, the first day of the season of white. Now, that rule has been broken by fashionable ones for some time, but in its honor, let’s take a look at the color that’s always clean, always chic, always a summer favorite.

There is something so romantic about airy white dresses and blouses. Delicate lace acts as secret texture, and gathering here and there gives the whitewashed fabric volume and intrigue. Even minimalist silhouettes feel ethereal in ivory. Paired with accents in shades of light grey and tan, white is sophisticated and ladylike. And with distressed jeans and bright accessories (like candy-colored Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags) a romantic blouse becomes a work of city chic.

And the colorless color promises to be a favorite come fall. says white frocks will give the little black dress a run for its money in the autumn months, which means the rule of white will be (stylishly) cast aside once again.


Friday, May 22nd 2009

happy long weekend!

We’re off to various glamorous locales and will return with fresh fashion features on Tuesday morning. While we’re gone, check out a few posts you might have missed:

* Off the Cuff: Help Tonya pick between Made Her Think and Sid Vintage.
* Pretty Tough: The season’s hottest look blends the beautiful with the bad.
* Free Arts NYC Annual Auction: Chuck Bass, Molly Sims, and Kevin Bacon converge on Calvin Klein.
* Studio Style: Natalie, shopbop stylist extraordinaire, talks about her personal style.
* Beach Meets Street: What’s any edgy girl to do come summer? Maureen offers some advice.
* Party Like It’s 1990: Fashion Director Kate does it up (original) 90210 style.

Friday, May 22nd 2009

How to Dress for Summer Weddings

We all know the hard-and-fast fashion rule for wedding guests–don’t wear white–but that still leaves a lot of guesswork. It’s a tricky balancing act: looking fantastic but not too flashy, befitting the occasion but not boring. And all this in an ensemble special enough that it won’t collect dust in the back of your closet after that last glass of champagne.

How to fit in yet stand out? It’s all about putting your own stamp on the dress code:


Black Tie Affair
Black tie doesn’t have to be synonymous with stuffy: Have fun with formal by forgetting the usual floor-length hemlines. Dress up a short frock with luxurious accessories, or if you’re daring enough to take the unconventional route, don a silk jumpsuit with oversized earrings and strappy heels.

In the City
A modern ceremony gives a chance to get creative (and smart). Abstract graphics or subtly sexy cutouts on a dress of your favorite length ensures you’ll wear it again on nights out.

Laid-Back Locale
A black gown and sky-high stilettos at an outdoor wedding? Not practical. Go feminine and casual with an airy floral-print dress, or a blouse with unique details paired with a knee-length skirt. And because it’s hard to enjoy the outdoors while your heels are sinking into the grass, wear wedges instead.

Tropical Destination
If the couple’s trading the altar for Aruba, take inspiration from the surroundings. Upstage the local flora (but not the bride) with a bold floral print. Casual accessories (beaded or natural stone jewelry, an understated handbag) keep the look from going overboard.

Totally Traditional
Bells, organist, handfuls of rice–at a traditional wedding, inspired styling keeps a demure frock from looking dowdy. Unique accessories and a jewel-toned dress hit the right note while ensuring you’re the best-dressed guest.

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