Wednesday, April 24th 2013

The Daily Find: Adia Kibur Necklace

Welcome to The Daily Find, our favorite products plucked from What’s New.

What it is: Adia Kibur Spike Crystal Necklace
Why we love it: Long spikes mingle with mixed-metal chains and a dash of crystal sparkle, creating an edgy-meets-elegant effect.
Wear it with: A plain tee and denim shorts, to dress up an otherwise casual look.

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Tuesday, April 23rd 2013

Seen @ Shopbop: The Go-To Shoe

Everyone has a pair. Those perfect boots, pumps, or flats that match effortlessly with any look, are on-trend in every season, and have a well-earned, worn-in feel. For Stylist Assistant Meredith, subtly embossed Maison Martin Margiela booties have become her year- round favorites. They hit all the marks of a wardrobe workhorse: neutral color palette, walkable silhouette, quality craftsmanship, and timeless design.

--Libby S.

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Tuesday, April 23rd 2013

The Daily Find: Mara Hoffman Bikini

Welcome to The Daily Find, our favorite products plucked from What’s New.

What it is: Mara Hoffman Cami Bikini Top & Luau Bottoms
Why we love it: A longline silhouette rendered in a signature Mara Hoffman print updates a beach basic to brilliant effect.
Wear it with: L’Agence sandals and Oliver Peoples sunglasses.

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Monday, April 22nd 2013

Bop Com: Surprise Party

There are more fashion blogs out there than "OMG" texts, but today's links are all about one thing: the truly surprising event that changes everything.

The Shock Chop: Jennifer Lawrence becomes the new Jennifer Aniston, as everyone flips for her haircut. [Into the Gloss]

The Dirty Couture Dress: Can punk truly be celebrated with a multi-million dollar party? Vogue says yes. But what about actual punks? [NY Mag]

The Nacho Theory of Economics: Did a Doritos x Taco Bell partnership save the economy? [Slate] 

The Foodie Models: Peter Som makes pasta (with, you know, carbs) for a fashionable dinner crowd. [ELLE]

The Sorority Gangster: Michael Shannon reads Rebecca Martinson's now-infamous email to the sisters of Delta Gamma. It's even better than we hoped. [Funny or Die]

Monday, April 22nd 2013

Studio Sounds: Smooth Start

Hello Monday! Armed with a strong cup of coffee and this playlist, we’re ready to dive in and tackle this week.

“I like to ease back into the workweek with a smooth mix that gradually flows into high-energy beats.”

--John, Photographer

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Monday, April 22nd 2013

The Daily Find: Shoshanna Dress

Welcome to The Daily Find, our favorite products plucked from What’s New.

What it is: Shoshanna Janie Dress
Why we love it: A shimmer of golden thread adds a luxe luster to the sexy silhouette.
Wear it with: Polished jewelry in feminine rose-gold hues.

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Friday, April 19th 2013

She’s the Bop: Leah Chernikoff of

"The job a million girls would kill to have" may be in The Devil Wears Prada, but the one a million (or more) read about every day is Leah Chernikoff's. As the current editor-in-chief of, the former newspaper journalist covers the style world's biggest influencers, interviewing everyone from Zac Posen to Donna Karan and traveling around the world in search of scoops and trends.  

As the founding editor of Fashionista, I may be (very) biased, but I think it's pretty fascinating to report on the industry's latest developments in real time. (Also, I'm jealous she gets to party with major fashion celebs like Nicole Kidman, and super curious about it.)  So I asked her about the satin-and-tulle whirlwind that's currently her life.

FARAN KRENTCIL: Hey Leah, what's your number one fashion rule?
LEAH CHERNIKOFF: I'm pretty risk averse, so my rule is that if I see something I like, I don't buy it at first. If I'm still thinking about it a few weeks later, then I buy it. No impulse buys.

FK: Fashionista is constantly updating its site and tweeting. When do you have time to unplug?
LC: When I don't have access to the internet. Sad but true. I went to Nicaragua on vacation last year and was totally cut off. It was awesome. 

FK: What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen at a fashion show? Before or after the show counts, too.
LC: Hmm...this is tough. I've seen a lot of weird stuff at fashion shows. I think the one that stands out the most is Carven's show at Pitti Uomo last summer: it was in the middle of a soccer field in Florence. While guests ate a five-course meal, there was a waiter race (an old French tradition), the Bersaglieri came out (the part of the Italian Royal Army that plays instruments as they run), and then male models rode bikes around the field.

FK: Name an underrated aspect of the fashion industry. (Racing waiters, alas, do not count.)
LC: This is going to sound cheesy, but for me it's the just-out-of-college hustlers who will do ANYTHING to be in fashion. They put their heads down and work—they're not taking photos of themselves. I love meeting them and being reminded that this is an industry full of passionate, hard-working people, as well as glamour.

FK: Sienna, MK + A, Victoria Beckham... Which celeb who doesn't have their own clothing line yet could follow in their tracks?
LC: Charlotte Gainsbourg? Julianne Moore? Clemence Poesy? I'd be curious to see lines from any of them.

FK: Please describe your personal style in one sentence. This sentence must include the word "frosting." (Mostly because I'm hungry...) 
I'm more of a dark chocolate person (preferably with sea salt), but ok. I'd say my style is pretty simple with aspirations of French undone-ness, a few delicate accessories for frosting.


Friday, April 19th 2013

Style Steal: PJK Patterson J. Kincaid Top

Don’t be mistaken, we’re willing to pay for our fashion, but when a find comes along that’s cool, forward, and under $200, it makes our style-loving hearts skip a beat. In this weekly feature, we’ll highlight some of the best style steals on the pages of

The Steal: A fun and flirty peplum top from PJK Patterson J. Kincaid.
The Price: $158 (USD)
Why it's worth it: The bright color and feminine shape are a perfect pairing for spring.

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Thursday, April 18th 2013

Designer Interview: Paul Andrew

Paul Andrew creates footwear with the seemingly impossible ability to turn heads without breaking ankles. His stunning designs match high-fashion style with hours-long comfort due to a meticulous obsession with fit. He filled us in on the inspiration behind his latest collection, his design process, and career advice he’s received from some of the top names in fashion.

SHOPBOP: What inspired the spring/summer 2013 collection?
PAUL ANDREW: I am something of a formalist, believing that good design is often inspired by good design. After a visit to the art space Dia:Beacon, I was incredibly inspired by Richard Serra's Torqued Ellipses. The way his sculptures shape space rather than material is entrancing. It really affected my design process and the lines of the shoes.

SB: Impeccable craftsmanship, fit, and comfort are qualities of a Paul Andrew shoe, yet you never sacrifice style. How do you balance it all?
PA: Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with the fit and comfort of my shoes! I hand-make the first prototype of every shoe and draw every pattern. I also work with tanneries, mills, and embroiderers to develop the majority of my materials to guarantee quality and exclusivity. This means a lot of travel between my design studio in NYC and the factory in Italy, where the shoes are handmade by a team of artisans. But, working in this way ensures the best results.

SB: Sleeker shapes have made their way back to the style scene. How do you keep a shoe sexy without going too severe?
PA: Platform footwear has certainly become the mainstream styling of today, but my focus has been to turn attention back to the exquisite lightness of the stiletto heel and single sole. I'm striving to create shoes that are sexy, yet sophisticated, with a fantastical influence from artisan—almost couture—techniques. For me, the key in making a single-sole shoe sexy without severity is to keep things light. Elegance and sophistication are in the details.

You’ve worked with a number of amazing designers. What was the best piece of advice you received?
PA: I am so fortunate to have worked alongside some of the most accomplished designers in the business. I've learned so much from each of them, so it's difficult to pinpoint a single piece of advice. As a design apprentice at Alexander McQueen, Lee's unfathomable creativity taught me a new way of thinking about design. After working with Narciso Rodriguez, his talent to simultaneously balance sleek lines, grown-up sophistication, and sex appeal has always stayed with me. Then, years at Calvin Klein taught me about standing firm to your original idea. And my last stop before launching my collection, the better part of a decade at Donna Karen, instilled in me the importance of original design, impeccable quality, fit, and comfort. I will always carry these ideals with me.

SB: If you could design a shoe for any woman in history, who would it be and why?
PA: I've always enjoyed watching films from the ’30s and ’40s, which has fostered a particular fondness for Ingrid Bergman, Gene Tierney, and especially Marlene Dietrich. I would have loved to have designed Marlene's shoes in Shanghai Express.

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Thursday, April 18th 2013

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