Friday, October 25th 2013

Break Time: Heels, History & Hipsters

If you are anything like me, the clock is ticking extra slow today in anticipation of the (non-official) Halloween weekend. I’m putting the finishing touches on my costume—the party I’m attending has a “food mascot” theme—and can’t wait to show off my handiwork. I think my spicy, ballet movie-inspired get-up could win me top prize. So, in an effort to passthe time, I found three interesting and fun links. Read them, and you’ll be a few minutes closer to the weekend.

I love heels—I feel fun, sexy, and powerful when I wear them—and here at Shopbop, they’re standard office attire. In the non-fashion world, women’s footwear is much more contentious. The Atlantic dives deep into the topic, taking a look into the double standard of professional dressing.
[The Atlantic]

Now on to something a bit less controversial. For the younger crowd, it’s hard to not picture the past in the black and white tones of historical photos. To remedy this, a Reddit group has taken on the task of colorizing old iconic photos. The addition of true-color hues creates a more relatable image. The results are arresting.
[Bored Panda]

To end on a laugh, check out Unhappy Hipsters. Modern design imagery + witty captions = an excellent afternoon time waster.
[Unhappy Hipsters]

--Libby S.

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Friday, October 25th 2013

Style Steal: MINKPINK Shirt

Don’t be mistaken, we’re willing to pay for our fashion, but when a find comes along that’s cool, forward, and under $200, it makes our style-loving hearts skip a beat. In this weekly feature, we’ll highlight some of the best style steals on the pages of

The Steal: A flannel MINKPINK shirt.
The Price: $89 (USD)Style Steal: MINKPINK Shirt
Why it’s worth it: Bright, two-tone coloring gives the classic plaid pattern a modern feel.

Shop this MINKPINK Empire Records shirt.

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Thursday, October 24th 2013

Shopbop Weddings: A Ceremony on the Hudson

Having wedding is a very involved task. Some parts are fun: yay, the wedding dress! And some parts are not: boo, the seating chart. But all of it is necessary to organize the important event. To get a little insight, we’re talking to some of our stylist staffers who’ve recently been hitched. This month, Assistant Buyer Jessica shares the details of her special day.

SB: Congratulations! Your wedding was absolutely beautiful. What an incredible view.
JESSICA: Thank you! We were so lucky. The weather that day ended up being perfect. I kept checking the forecast, and rain was predicted every day leading up to our wedding. I wanted to have the ceremony outdoors so badly—our venue had an incredible view of the Hudson River—and I was nervous we’d have to hold everything indoors. But the skies cleared the morning of, and it was a gorgeous, sunny day.

SB: That is lucky. Ok, on to the important stuff: what did you wear?
JESSICA: I wore a Monique Lhuillier dress and Valentino shoes. And though I hate wearing my hair up, my hair and makeup artist convinced me to go with a sided-swept updo, complete with a sparkly Jenny Packham headband, so the lacy back of my dress was visible. Toward the end of the reception, I changed into a hanbok (a traditional Korean dress). My husband is Korean, and I wanted to honor his heritage.

SB: What a great way to incorporate tradition. How did he react as you walked down the aisle in your wedding dress?
JESSICA: He had a big smile on his face! I wanted that to be the first time he saw me, so we skipped the “first look” that a lot of couples do prior to the ceremony. I teared up a bit as I was walking down the aisle, but really lost it when I saw him wipe away a tear as the ceremony began. In the years we’ve been together, I’ve only seen him tear up once, so seeing him get emotional really moved me.

SB: That’s so sweet! What was your favorite part of the ceremony?
JESSICA: Our vows. We wrote our own, so I lost it again when he got a bit choked up reading his. I should note that it was unfortunately ugly crying, not the kind where a few tears roll down your cheeks. I’m talking runny nose, red eye crying. Thankfully, I was able to pull it together.

SB: Alright, let’s talk reception. How was it?
JESSICA: The reception was honestly a giant blur! It went by so quickly. Leading up to the wedding, several of my married friends told us to make sure to eat, which I thought sounded crazy—of course I was going to eat! But they were right. We were so busy that we barely had a chance to eat anything. It was so much fun though! I was overjoyed seeing everyone I love in one room enjoying themselves.

Once the music started, my nephews and cousins went crazy on the dance floor! At one point, they formed a circle around Danny and me, which helped us loosen up because neither of us really likes dancing. Toward the end of the reception, as much as I hate the song and did not want it played, my cousin did an incredible performance to “Gangnam Style.” Our guests loved it, so that’s all that matters!

SB: That’s awesome. Sounds like you had a great time! Any advice for brides-to-be?
JESSICA: Try to relax and enjoy the experience. Don’t sweat every small detail. if it’s not done the week before the wedding, it doesn’t matter, and no one will know the difference. Even during the wedding, Danny and I found ourselves getting stressed over things that didn’t go as planned. But once we reminded ourselves that hiccups are bound to happen, we let go and were really able to enjoy our special day.

SB: That’s really smart. Ok, last question. Describe your wedding in five words or less.
JESSICA: Best day of my life.

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Thursday, October 24th 2013

Wise Words: Mae West

Thursday, October 24th 2013

The Daily Find: Equipment Blouse

Welcome to The Daily Find, our favorite products plucked from What’s New.

What it is: Equipment Signature Blouse
Why we love it: The closet staple goes sweet with an allover heart print.
Wear it with: A flirty Love Leather skirt, Sam Edelman booties, and an Emma Mulholland sweatshirt.

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Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

Ask Shopbop: How to Wear a Knit Cap

1717 Olive hat, Tibi dress, Tory Burch bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim sunglasses. Styled by Rachel.

One of the best things about autumn—aside from pumpkin pie—is the reintroduction of hats into your arsenal of seasonally appropriate accessories. Cozy knit caps are a personal favorite, which is convenient because they can solve several styling puzzles. Super chilly but want to avoid wearing a puffer all day? No problem! Bad hair day? Voila! Need to add edge to your look? Solved with a black knit cap! Equally at home with jeans and a sweater or a casual dress, the knit hat is as versatile as it is comfy. Wear it pushed back on the forehead and slouchy for a relaxed vibe or styled with a wide cuff for more of a retro beanie look. One great tip for sourcing knit caps: check out our men's site East Dane. I love the simplicity of menswear, and their winter hat selection doesn't disappoint. Borrow from the boys and try a soft cashmere version from Inhabit or Vince.


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Shop East Dane hats.

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Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

The Daily Find: Sunday Somewhere Sunglasses

Welcome to The Daily Find, our favorite products plucked from What’s New.

What are they: Sunday Somewhere Soelae Sunglasses
Why we love them: Tortoiseshell accents give the classic round frames a modern feel.
Wear them with: Anything! The mix of black and brown works with everything.

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Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

Shopbop Student Staff Picks: Aroom

Clockwise, from bottom left: Superga sneakers, One Teaspoon tee, Bop Basics hat, Blank Denim overalls, Cambridge Satchel messenger bag.

Our stylish staffers are taking a look back to their college years to share their fashion ups and downs, must-have picks, and hard-earned advice. This week we talked to handbag buyer Aroom.

Name: Aroom Han
School: Boston College, Class of ’04

SHOPBOP: During your college years, did you ever try any trends or styles that, looking back, weren’t so great?
AROOM HAN: I love overalls, but people just didn’t understand them back in the early 2000s.

SB: What were some looks you loved, even now?
AH: Overalls! They’re finally back and finally cool.

SB: It’s back-to-school time. What are your top must-haves for fall?
AH: Obviously, I’m going to say overalls! I’m currently obsessed with a pair from Blank Denim. They have a slim fit, which keeps the silhouette modern. Also musts: an oversized white tee, statement Superga sneakers—fun and comfortable—and a chic baseball hat for pesky bad hair days. Finally, you need a classic messenger bag. Cambridge Satchel has both neutral and bold options in the perfect, structured shape.

SB: What is your style advice to those who are in school now?
AH: Comfort is key. Sweatshirts, sneakers, and overalls are in style, rock them hard and never let a hater make you think otherwise.

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Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

The Daily Find: Dolce Vita Booties

Welcome to The Daily Find, our favorite products plucked from What’s New.

What they are: Dolce Vita Helenna Booties
Why we love them: A wearable silhouette gets the exotic treatment with mini leopard spots.
Wear them with: Skinnies or skirts. This pair will add punch to any look.

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Shop Dolce Vita booties.


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Monday, October 21st 2013

Exclusive Interview: Pour La Victoire

A few years after launching its footwear line in 2008, Pour La Victoire expanded their collection, adding luxe handbags. Much like their progressive shoe designs, the bags embodied a mix of Parisian-inspired elegance and hard-edged, modern style. Shopbop chatted with their handbag design director, Dana Baggett, about the fall collection, her latest obsessions, and her unique start in fashion.

SHOPBOP: When did you know you wanted to design?
DANA BAGGETT: Choosing design as a career was more of an organic process for me. I went to school for business and was hired as a regional manager for a technology firm. It was a different world! I lasted for about seven months and realized that no matter how lucrative the job was, it would never be enough. A week later, I quit and moved to California to attend FIDM. I basically started over; best decision I ever made.

SB: What drew you to creating handbags?
DB: I have always had a love for bags. I realized it was more of an obsession the day I forwent all necessities of life, and basically spent every dime I had on my first Marc by Marc Jacobs! I will always be a lover of bags.

SB: Which of your handbags does every woman need on her arm?
DB: My favorite bag right now is the Pour La Victoire Jules satchel. It's that perfect balance between luxe and casual. I love the double shoulder straps. They give the conventional, multifunctional day bag a timeless and unexpected ’60s vibe. Super obsessed!

SB: Your bags always have a strong Parisian feel, but was there something specific that influenced the latest collection?
DB: I try to design each collection with a certain amount of ease. It should never look or feel as if it’s trying too hard. This past collection was unique in that the bags were a little more structured and ladylike. It seemed almost contrary to the effortlessness I try for each season. My most important thought then, was balance. For example with our Adelle shoulder bag. I combined the idea of a casual multi-functional everyday bag with a luxe snake chain. It’s more interesting to design with opposites in mind.

SB: If you could peek inside any woman’s purse, historical or current, who would it be and why?
DB: This would have to be my very first design director, Lubov Azria. She was (and still is) an absolute powerhouse! Working with her, she somehow managed to always look "perfect" while being a wife, mother, and director of the multimillion dollar fashion house BCBGMAXAZRIA. There have to be some secrets inside her bag!

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