Monday, March 31st 2014

Accessories Week: Celebrating the Little Things That #MakeTheOutfit

Today, we’re kicking off a six-day celebration of all things accessories. Whether your weakness is shoes, jewelry, or handbags, this is your week. Stay tuned for exclusive content focused on the little things that make the outfit. Check out our Facebook page for daily giveaways from your favorite brands, exclusive designer interviews here on Shoptalk, and an inside look at staff style on Instagram.

You can even join in on the fun! We’ll be posting images all week using the hashtag #MakeTheOutfit. Snap a picture of your favorite accessory and tag it with #AccessorySelfie and #MakeTheOutfit on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. We’ll pin our top picks to our #MakeTheOutfit Pinterest board, and even regram a few!

Happy Accessories Week!

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Monday, March 31st 2014

The Daily Find: Graf & Lantz Pouch

Welcome to The Daily Find, our favorite products plucked from What’s New.

What it is: Graf & Lantz Jodie Pouch
Why we love it: Polished hardware and a contrasting exterior pocket offer a modern take on a leather pouch.
Wear it with: JOA matching separates and Dolce Vita sandals.


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Monday, March 31st 2014

Talking Bags with Rebecca Minkoff

At only 18 years old, Rebecca Minkoff moved to New York City to chase her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Now, nine years after the introduction of her iconic Morning After Bag, she continues to please fans with her trusty totes and satchels. We talked to Minkoff about her latest collection and the evolution of her label into a lifestyle brand.

Shopbop: Your break into the fashion industry came with the introduction of your “I Love New York” tee in 2001. What inspired your shift in focus from apparel to handbags? And then what brought you back to apparel in 2009?
Rebecca Minkoff: I had made the MAB—my first handbag—for a friend, and I got a lot of positive feedback from editors and stores so I gave it my all, concentrating fully on that one style. By 2009, I was ready to dive back into my first passion: ready-to-wear.

SB: What makes a Rebecca Minkoff bag special?
RM: All of our bags are very thought out—we focus not only on the exterior details but the interior as well. It’s important for me to have a staff member wear the bag and tell me how they liked carrying it. Was it comfortable, how was the strap, were there enough pockets, and so on. The functionality of a bag is just as important to me as the design.

Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bags.

SB: How did you decide to introduce shoes and other accessories into your line?
RM: We wanted to keep evolving Rebecca Minkoff into a full lifestyle brand. Shoes and jewelry are important accessory categories that allow you to express your personal style.

SB: If you could design a bag for any woman in history, who would it be and why?
RM: Coco Chanel. Wouldn’t that be something!

SB: You started your own label at the age of 21 and worked your way from the ground up. What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
RM: Keep at it. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

SB: Which bag from your collection do you believe belongs on every woman’s arm this spring?
RM: The Finn Clutch certainly lends itself to this spring’s big fringe trend.

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Friday, March 28th 2014

Break Time: Just For the Fun of It

It’s Friday! Fridays are the best days—everyone is in a good mood, there’s potential to cut out of work early, and you can have an afternoon energy drink (or three) without worrying about staying up too late. In that fun-filled spirit, here are a few gut-busting and hilariously informative articles. Happy Friday!

The end of the week often brings on cocktails with friends or an office happy hour. At first, it’s run-of-the-mill chitchat, but after a couple glasses of wine, your normally dull coworker is killing it with the witty comments. Is it you? Him? The wine? The Atlantic looks into the well-known myth that alcohol makes people funnier.
[The Atlantic]

Who knew that traffic signs were such a ripe medium for creativity? With just a few small changes, everyday safety features turn into LOL-worthy graphics.

Thought bubbles in and of themselves are comical. Thought bubbles with swear words? Even better. Thought bubbles, swear words, and men’s fashion? There are no words.
[Real Men Swear]

--Libby S.

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Friday, March 28th 2014

Style Steal: Norma Kamali Dress

Don’t be mistaken, we’re willing to pay for our fashion, but when a find comes along that’s cool, forward, and under $200, it makes our style-loving hearts skip a beat. In this weekly feature, we’ll highlight some of the best style steals on the pages of

The Steal: Striped Norma Kamali shift dress.
The Price: $92 (USD)
Why it’s worth it: Vertical stripes lend a bold graphic element to a relaxed silhouette.

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Thursday, March 27th 2014

The Best of Both Worlds: Talking Bags with Reece Solomon

Since 2009, Reece Hudson handbags have embodied classic street style while maintaining the craftsmanship of a luxury product. Every bold, edgy design utilizes the finest materials, ensuring durable, functional wear that’s perfect for daily use. We spoke with the brand’s founder and designer, Reece Solomon, about the importance of quality and the inspiration behind her latest bags.

Shopbop: What inspired you to design handbags?
Reece Solomon: I grew up horseback riding, so I think that really inspired a love of leather craftsmanship from an early age. I always loved handbags, and it interested me that they serve such a functional purpose compared to other aspects of a woman's wardrobe—they conceal a woman's personal possessions. I found it really interesting to design the vessel for that.

SB: One of the goals in your work is to bridge the gap between luxury product and street style. What do you believe to be the most compelling way to do this?
RS: I strive to deliver a product that has easiness to it—to meld the quality of a true luxury product with a bit more of the boldness seen more often in street style without it seeming overworked.

SB: Your bags are handcrafted in Italy from leather and exotic skins, giving them the quality that is central to your brand. What is important to you about this type of craftsmanship?
RS: I love the tradition and history of leatherwork in Italy, so it's amazing to me that my product can be a part of that. It's also incredibly educational to me as a designer. Something that's also important to me in my designs are the details, especially the subtle ones that may only be apparent to the woman who's wearing the bag. But to achieve the subtle details takes a high level of skill and pride for the work, in every stage of the process—from the raw materials, to the hardware, to the final assembly and finishing of a bag.

Day and night Reece Hudson bags.

SB: Which bag in your collection do you think belongs on every woman’s arm?
RS: The Bowery Oversized Clutch. It's such a nice transitional bag and continues to be our bestseller.

SB: What is the best piece of advice on designing you’ve received?               
RS: Don't listen too much to what other people tell you, and don't get wrapped up in comparing your work to others'. That's how all the "greats" worked.

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Thursday, March 27th 2014

Wise Words: Pablo Neruda

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Thursday, March 27th 2014

The Daily Find: DWP Pants

Welcome to The Daily Find, our favorite products plucked from What’s New.

What they are: DWP Cameron Paper Bag Pants
Why we love them: Zippered pockets and a drawstring waist give high-rise twill pants a relaxed feel.
Wear them with: A 360 SWEATER tank and Rachel Comey sandals.

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Wednesday, March 26th 2014

Ask Shopbop: How to Wear a Crop Top

Madeline is a longtime fan of crop tops, but this bold combo was new for her: “I never would have guessed to pair a striped crop with this high-waisted, printed skirt, but I love it!”
On the right: JOA crop top, Blank Denim jacket, IRO booties, Tory Burch ring. On Madeline: Alice + Olivia top, Clover Canyon skirt, Joie jacket, IRO booties, Kenneth Jay Lane necklace.

Crop tops, which continue to trend strongly for spring, can be tricky to style. After a long winter of layers, it can be intimidating to show off a sliver of stomach. But with a few smart tips, crop tops can inject a bit of unexpected playfulness into your usual repertoire.

A balanced silhouette is key to pulling off this look—think a flirty circle skirt with a fitted style, or a sleek pencil skirt with a looser top. In the same vein, ladylike bottoms work well to counter the naturally sexy vibe of crop tops.

Showing off a swath of midriff can be nerve-wracking, even for those with a perfect six-pack. To keep the show of skin to a comfortable level, try high-rise jeans or a matched set with high-waisted shorts—they have a great retro-modern feel. Throwing on a menswear-inspired blazer also ups the comfort factor. Pair it with loose trousers, snazzy flats, and a cool hat.

High-rise jeans are new for Libby, but she loves how they make her sporty  jersey work-appropriate.
On Libby: T by Alexander Wang top, BLK DNM jeans, Mc Q – Alexander McQueen booties, Giles & Brother bracelet. On the left: Lovers + Friends tee, ANINE BING pants, Rag & Bone booties, DANNIJO bracelet.

Keeping your setting in mind will also help drive the direction of your styling. An ab-baring style is easy for girls’ night out, but crop tops for the workplace are touch and go. (Shopbop notwithstanding!) Even in a casual office, I suggest working in some professional accessories and sharp, 9-to-5 tailoring to set the right tone.


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Wednesday, March 26th 2014

The Daily Find: Tambourine Skort

Welcome to The Daily Find, our favorite products plucked from What’s New.

What it is: Tambourine Runaway Skort
Why we love it: Stud detailing and a diagonal zipper lend an edgy touch to a lilac skort.
Wear it with: Rag & Bone/JEAN tee and K. Jacques sandals.

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