Tuesday, September 20th 2011

Behind the Scenes Video Exclusive: Antipodium at London Fashion Week

We went behind the scenes as Antipodium Creative Director Geoffrey J. Finch prepared for his spring 2012 presentation at London Fashion Week.

Featured in our short film: Geoffrey J. Finch, British Vogue Art Director Jaime Perlman, Style Bubble Founder Susie Lau, model Poppy Delevingne, Amlul Founder Gala Gonzalez, Natalie Hartley, TV presenter Zara Martin, Mademoiselle Robot Founder Laetitia Wajnapel, and more.

Shop the Antipodium fall 2011 collection.

Rabea Schif is wearing: Antipodium Like a Prairie Dress, then Plainsman Dress
Jaime Perlman is wearing: Antipodium Plainsman Shirtdress
Gala Gonzalez is wearing: Antipodium Plainsman Maxi Skirt

Tuesday, September 20th 2011

Inside Antipodium: Talking with Creative Director Geoffrey J. Finch

Antipodium Creative Director Geoffrey J. Finch on set at the fall 2011 lookbook shoot.

Geoffrey J. Finch, the bespectacled Aussie-born brains behind London-based Antipodium clothing, has a tongue-in-chic approach to design, creating fashion that is witty and unapologetically seductive. We talked with Finch about the Antipodium fall 2011 collection and the essence of the brand.

Shopbop: Tell us a little about the autumn/winter 2011 collection.
Geoffrey J. Finch: Goodbye Horses is all about the dark thrill of a big night sky: the sexy freedom of hitting the road and the romance of the unknown.

SB: Antipodium is a London-based brand, and you grew up in Australia. What was it that drew you to the American West for the A/W 2011 collection?
GF: Queensland, where I grew up, is a bit like the Texas of Australia. My family are farmers and very into horses, so I was surrounded by a lot of Western influences: rodeos, big hats, cowboy shirts, country music, and monstrous trucks. In all my collections, I end up referencing my childhood in some way (there’s a pragmatism in the country that I really like to play with), and this season I mixed it with hints of Richard Prince and a nod to JT LeRoy’s Sarah. I also have a genius friend from Dallas who provides no end of inspiration!

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