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Friday, March 8th 2013

What the FK: The Paris Review

Fun Fact:

There is such a thing as a rose petal milkshake, and it doesn't just exist in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.

I found it this week in Paris, while catching up with J Brand's ultra-cool stylist Elin Svahn at the famous French sweet shop, Ladurée.  

We were there to see fashion shows--She helped style Valentino; I was covering for ELLE.com. But there were also amazing things that didn't include stilettos and status bags, including starlets, puppies, and lots of croissants. (I've decided carbs don't count while in France. Please don't correct me.)

Obviously, I spotted some cool clothes, too. Here's the Paris Fashion Week Diary to prove it! 

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Wednesday, February 17th 2010

6 Things I Learned Backstage at Alexander Wang

Lesson 1: Natalia Vodianova’s runway walk is worth waiting for. Lesson 2: A little color in your city girl wardrobe is a good thing.

1. Some things are worth waiting for.
And one of those things is Natalia Vodianova’s runway walk. The Russian beauty has been absent from the catwalk for a while, taking time instead to bear children and star in million-dollar campaigns—c’est la vie! But lucky for us, Alexander Wang snagged the supermodel/supermom for a comeback. She opened his show in a Cher Horowitz goes to work for Gordon Gekko-inspired pinstriped mini and thigh-high socks, and closed the show in a black, dare-I-say, trash bag-inspired mini-dress. And like all supermodels who are gorgeous, cool, and otherwise perfect, she indeed looks great even when wearing a trash bag—albeit an uber-hip one by Alexander Wang!

2. Black might be hip, but it won’t get you noticed.
Model Magdalena Frackowiak was easy to spot in the super-crowded sea of black backstage, and not because of her distinguishable heart-shaped face (those cheekbones!), but rather thanks to a little thing generally unknown to Wang-ettes—color! The model’s kelly green retro mini caught my eye. I love that she styled it with a sparkly tucked-in tee—in black, naturally.

Lesson 3: We have It bags and It shoes, and now we’ve got It rings. This one was designed by Gaia Repossi for Alexander Wang.

3. A new term: “It rings.”
Alexander Wang snagged jeweler Gaia Repossi to design the baubles for his fall show, and just as he has a penchant for designing It bags and It shoes, he now brings us the It ring. I died over the 18-karat gold semi-rigid, full-finger ring (pictured above), not to mention the full-cuff bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that adorned the girls. It seems everything Alexander Wang touches turns to gold—quite literally.

Lesson 4: Models are cute. ’Nuff said.

4. Models are cute.
Not really a ground-breaking lesson, but isn’t this photo (above) cute? Models eating (gasp!), chatting (about boys?), and generally looking pretty (it’s their job!).

Tuesday, February 16th 2010

Rag & Bone Deems Sleeping in Your Makeup a Do, and Makes Mountain Climbing Fashionable

Hands down the most talked-about show at New York Fashion Week thus far, Rag & Bone’s first ever women’s-only show (the uber-successful men’s line snagged its own hour on the fashion week calendar) might just be their most covetable collection yet, with an I-can’t-stop-looking-at-it quality that is becoming a rarity for those of us who are oh-so-fashionably jaded. Gucci Westman, Creative Director of Revlon and Creative Director of David Neville (okay not really, but she is his wife—same thing, right?), gave me the lowdown backstage on the just-woke-up-and-rolled-out-of-bed beauty we saw at the show.

“This look is inspired by the individual girl, the strong girl,” she said. “We don’t want her to get lost in the clothes. Like super-real Kate Moss the day after she went out—remnants of eyeliner, the skin is dewy. Like you washed your face with soap but forgot your eyes. I used a Kohl liner and went in with some moisturizer and ripped it in so it looks authentic. These girls are so gorgeous anyways. Everybody looks sexy the day after they go out, even though they might not feel good!”

Right on!

Gucci Westman created a went-to-bed-with-my-makeup-on look for the Rag & Bone fall 2010 runway.

Inspired by the vision of dapper Englishmen attempting to climb Mount Everest in their library tweeds and all their pomp and circumstance, the Rag & Bone fall collection was a study in layering. The looks were complicated in a laid-back way (oh the irony!), requiring each model to have three to four dressers in charge of making sure her knee socks were taut and all those shirts were in place. And lucky for them, messing up the hair was the least of their worries—the messier the better!

Pictured above right, my favorite look of the night (Morgan’s too!). At left, don’t these girls look seriously cool? I feel like they should burst into an Irish jig or something, and in fact, I asked them to! As you can see, I was the only one who found it funny.

Monday, November 2nd 2009

How I Became a Bahhston-lovin’ Bootleggin’ Buchanan Babe

News from Our NY Editor at Large

It’s not news that flapper fashion is back in a big way—fringe, sequins, drop-waist dresses, and sparkling headgear are as en vogue today as they were back in the Roaring Twenties. So when my friend Alia Ahmed-Yahia invited me to a Bootleggers and Babes party in Boston (hosted by Elle’s Alexa Brazilian) I didn’t stress about where to find my outfit—but how to stand out in a sea of flappers. (I like attention, so sue me!) Enter Daisy Buchanan. It might sound cliché, but before you say, “of course, The Great Gatsby is your favorite book,” it’s not. But the lifestyle sure is somethin’. Mansions of money separated by neighborhoods, martinis before 5 pm (take that, prohibition), men in white three-piece suits (hello, Robert Redford), pin curls, and an excuse to wear every sort of hat from cloche to cap—what’s not to love? (P.S. Did you know the term gold digger was actually coined in the ’20s? Another loss for Kanye.)

I stumbled upon this Harper’s Bazaar shoot from 2007, featuring Kate Hudson (another style idol of mine) as a modern day Daisy Buchanan—genius. I needed a vintage dress.

I settled on an eggshell peplum-waist frock that I found at Edith Machinist on the LES—hands down the best affordable vintage in the city. I hacked it off as short as humanly possible and kept saying to the tailor, “no, tighter, a little shorter,” until he felt quite uncomfortable and drew the professional line. Add fishnets, patent leather Mary Janes, and my Deepa Gurnani headband, and you got yourself a little taste of Daisy by way of Joyann. I really wanted to wear gloves like Kate Hudson, but was worried the rest of the guests wouldn’t be so in-costume—boy, was I wrong!

Clockwise from top left: Flappers and feathers; money boa equals best costume; Alia and I; the beautiful host Alexa Brazilian and her boy Tanner; don’t give this girl a gun!

The party was a full-on gin mill—a flapper and gangster’s paradise. Everyone brought their best, but my favorite look of the night involved a boa made of money.

While I didn’t find my Jay Gatsby, I did find an affinity for red lipstick (okay, I was already a fan) and a liking for gin mixed with champagne (albeit less amazing the next day). And next time, I’m wearing the gloves!

Stay tuned for my next societal undertaking—Murder on the Dance Floor, a charity party here in N.Y.C. benefiting cerebral palsy. And with a name like that, there should be more than enough fun (and fashion) to speak of.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.


Wednesday, September 16th 2009

Backstage Report: Derek Lam & DVF–Put On Your Sunday Best!

Fashion week doesn't break for the weekend, and my “day of rest” was spent hustlin’ (not that kind) and bustlin’ at Bryant Park. The day was filled to the brim with shows and presentations and a much-needed mimosas-and-brunch pit stop. But while the champs got my mind right, what really put a hop in my step was my Sunday-parfait outfit: bell-bottom jeans, a grey KAIN tee, and a strong-shouldered blazer. Just the right amount of casual, cool, and comfy. I must sound like a freak, because even as I write this I'm wondering if these details are worthy of internet sharing, but if you’re going to survive Fashion Week, you may as well go on and get addicted. Bottoms up!

Derek Lam
Derek Lam said his collection was an “ode to summer at Asbury Park,” and apparently to all the good clean fun that comes with it. His rainbow-faced models (courtesy of Tom Pecheux at NARS) and tiny star prints brought out the American pride in me (as well as a pounding headache–a repercussion of last night’s after-parties). I loved the floral prints, rompers, and overall exuberance of the clothes. I’ve always been a fan and, even more importantly, a customer of Derek's, and if he can bring to mind snow cones and ferris wheels when all I want is a 2,000 calorie burger and a bed, well then I'll listen to his Sunday sermon any day.

Good Morning Karlie; let the rainbow charade begin!

Derek Lam bags and shoes are the chicest; he is the smartest!

Tuesday, September 15th 2009

Backstage Report: Rag & Bone and Alexander Wang Got All the Cool Kids, Including Yours Truly

For me, this Fashion Week can be summed up in one word: maniacal. I have not stopped. Between backstage interviews, front-row celeb stalking, and (oh yeah) reporting on the actual clothes, I have somehow managed to shower, sleep (with one eye open), and start all over again. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I live for Fashion Week and I wouldn’t have anyone else in my Sigerson Morrison black patent booties. BUT–I’m just sayin’–I’m tired. But like they say in the circus, the show must go on!

Backstage at Rag & Bone
There’s nothing like the backstage at Rag & Bone to immediately make you feel those high school insecurities all over again. With hot, hot design duo Marcus Wainwright and David Neville and their muse Freja Beha looking cool as hell, and male models and hipsters alike sipping on Peroni and smoking cigs, it’s no surprise this collection is a favorite of the cliques du jour. In fact, when I asked Marcus about the inspiration behind the spring collection he said, “It’s very Rag & Bone, it’s Freja.” Can’t argue with that! On a side note, I did see a striking blond model (not one of the Sashas!) crying by the bathroom backstage, with Gucci Westman’s makeup masterpiece dripping down her face, further proof that it’s not easy being beautiful.

From left: The GQ-worthy design duo, a sneak peek at the very “Rag & Bone” collection, Freja in hair with Teddy from Fekkai (another cool kid), and acid yellow nails–I’m in!

Cool kids everywhere! I spy Sasha P!

Thursday, September 3rd 2009

HOLY S*&#!!! Wardrobe Freak Out Fashion Week-Style

News from Our NY Editor at Large

New York Fashion Week starts in exactly seven days, and I have literally worn cutoffs for 90 days straight, avoided the dry cleaners at all cost, and, blame it on a cycle of pack-unpack-pack-unpack, managed to let my closet turn into something resembling a hurricane aftermath. My mother is going to kill me for putting the before image of my closet on the web, but I will just have to remind her that I’m also responsible for the after image—when I decided to take back my life and organize my closet over the weekend. Five hours, three breakdowns, and six bags for Goodwill later, I got my closet and thoughts organized enough to actually consider my wardrobe options for Fashion Week.

Before: summer closet (left). After: fall closet (right).

Last season I spent Fashion Week on camera, which meant that while I could have a tiny bit of fun with my accessories, my clothes needed to be basic. I had to avoid oversized prints (I love!), see-through fabrics (I die!), and too much black (my favorite color!). A wise fashion editor once told me to wear solid, brightly colored, tailored pieces when filming to help combat the ten pounds that, yes, the camera does add. This season, while I will be reporting from the tents, frolicking backstage, and event-hopping, I will be doing it with my reporter’s pad and voice recorder—bring on the leopard and the sheer!

Thursday, August 13th 2009

4 Hotties + 2 Dogs + 1 Duffel o’ Thayer + 1 Montauk Share = 1 Seriously Fashionable Weekend

News from Our NY Editor at Large

Summer’s in full swing and that means we New Yorkers are heading “east” for weekend escapes from the concrete jungle. And just like you saw in Sex and the City, we opt for share houses, where beds are questionable and you pray your weekend roommates aren’t serial killers. This year my crew (shopbop’s Kate, Thayer’s Marsha Welcher, and my little sister, Rachel) opted for the far east, the tip of Long Island, where flip-flops and beers are more prevalent than popped collars and vino: Montauk. A surfer’s paradise and a single girl’s dream, we packed up our pups and hit the highway while visions of beergaritas and freckle-faced tans danced in our heads.

It’s the first road trip for Vivian, the King Charles, and Luca, the Whippet!

Our share house was a pleasant surprise. Except for the blast-from-the-past ’80s decor, the whitewashed digs were right on Long Island Sound and boasted hammocks and sunsets to die for. We headed straight for Ditch Plains Beach, where surfboards outnumber sunbathers. Kate wore her favorite Nightcap Clothing vest for the perfect cover-up that covers up, well, nothing! And I rocked the Siwy cutoffs that I have been wearing to death all summer long! Thanks to several events happening at Montauk hotspots Sole East and Surf Lodge, the beach looked much like a Manhattan brunch spot chock-full of editors and fashionistas—just replace their skinny jeans and mimosas with bikinis and beer.

Tuesday, July 7th 2009

The U.S. Open—And It’s Pronounced “BOW-GEE” Not “BOOGIE”

News from Our NY Editor at Large

Hi dolls, I have been practicing my golf clap since the last time we spoke, and I’m convinced there is nothing more elegant than the game of golf. To be honest, I have never shown any interest in the game. In fact, when my dad suggested I join the golf team in high school, I looked at him with horror, but leave it to my mom to suggest that a golf tournament could be a nice way to meet a boy. Enter the U.S. Open. Held in Bethpage, New York, a mere train ride away from Manhattan, I put on my khaki shorts (don’t worry, they were studded), left my cell phone at home (to our dismay they were not allowed), and headed to the greens with Marsha Welcher, the talented and adventurous designer of Thayer.

We had been planning our outfits weeks in advance, but our ideas quickly became bigger than the event—long, flowing white dress, denim romper, harem pants and backless tank. We were politely reminded that maybe, just maybe, we should tone it down—this is a sporting event after all, not a runway show. We were escorted by my parents and spent the entire train ride becoming quick studies in the language and players (the young, good-looking ones, to be exact). I got a big laugh from the man behind me when I asked innocently, “What is a Bogey?” It’s pronounced “BOW-GEE” and I said “BOOGIE.” Oops. Marsha, the consummate researcher, made us a study guide of the top ten players to know, and according to the rest of the travelers on our train she got an A-plus for effort!

Wednesday, June 24th 2009

Will Go Uptown (For A Good Cause)

News from Our NY Editor at Large

Clockwise from left: Kate and me, LL Cool J, Tamarama, Kate and Matt Bernson.

An event that requires me and my partner in crime, Kate, to venture above 14th Street and into a mega-club had better be two things: charitable and fashionable. And if LL Cool J is hosting, it doesn’t hurt either. Last week’s Pay It Fashion Forward—put on by Fashion Delivers, a nonprofit organization that aids victims of disasters and others in need—recognized several industry vanguards for their positive influence on their community, and boasted an open bar, throwback tunes from my man LL, and a performance by Tamarama. (Oh, you know them. Remember Whitney Port’s long-haired hottie of a boyfriend in The City? It’s his band. Don’t worry, I snagged a picture.)

We grabbed dinner at our favorite hole-in-the-wall café on Bleecker before hailing a cab uptown to the event’s venue, M2 Ultra Lounge. Kate and I dressed twinsies-style in rompers and heels—great minds think alike! She donned a black one by Elizabeth and James that I’ve been eyeing, and I wore my go-to Alexander Wang bubble-print one from holiday ’08. If it ain’t broke…

We arrived on the earlier side and were shocked that the club was already packed. I overheard someone say more than 500 people were there. Clearly this wasn’t your average stop-in-and-go fashion event. We had to prioritize. Cocktails? Check. Pic with LL? Check. Scan of the room for good-looking men? Check.

Now, let the run-ins begin. When you’ve been working in fashion in N.Y.C. for as long as we have, these events always turn into mini reunions. We chatted with our favorite Glamour fashion blogger (and my former colleague at Elle.com), Tracey Lomrantz, who was actually miked for some secret show she was taping…hmmm. Then, oddly, we ran into my next-door neighbors (literally—I share a balcony with these boys!), who, though they’re not in fashion, are college buds with Matt Bernson, King of Sandals and a member of the selection committee for the event. Small world! Lucky for us, the boys had the hook-up—a table in the V.I.P. section. Kate and I danced in our short-shorts to all of our favorite hip-hop tunes and embraced life in the clubs!

We had plans to hit up a mutual friend’s birthday party, so we had to say goodbye to our newfound club life and head—where else?—downtown to a dive bar, where we belong.

Check back in a couple days for details on my outing with Thayer designer Marsha Welcher at the U.S. Open. And I do mean the golf one.


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