Fashion Week - Spring 2010

Wednesday, January 27th 2010

Out of Hiding: Spring 2010 Camouflage Prints

If living with a diehard foodie (a fan of Spain’s school of foam cuisine and avant-garde chef extraordinaire Wiley Dufresne) has taught me anything, it’s that it takes trying new things and an adventurous spirit to develop your palette. The same holds true in fashion. And while I don’t believe in blindly following every trend that comes along, I do advocate for taking stock of the season’s new looks and gauging your gut reaction to them, paying particularly close attention to any secret crushes you may be harboring. Got it bad for bandage skirts? Does your heart leap a little when you see leather leggings? Long to violate your draconian no-prints-allowed rule with Helmut Lang’s celestial beauties? Try them. It’s likely they’ll introduce you to a previously unknown frontier of your personal style.

Which brings me to spring’s camouflage prints.  I first felt the sway of their roughneck charm last October when Balmain showed them at Paris Fashion Week, an attraction quickly nixed by the practical Midwesterner in me: “Camouflage? No way.” But now I see they’re not so outré. A close kin to spring’s khaki story, camo prints add a tough-organic contrast to tailored pieces and lace-trimmed camisoles that says chic. You could go the casual-camo route with a Juicy Couture hoodie or feminine with a Tucker blouse, or do like me and take your styling cues from the Balmain spring 2010 runway: pair Bop Basics camo pants (pictured above) with a sharp-shouldered blazer and cutout booties.


Thursday, October 8th 2009

Fashion Week Round-Up: 4 Styles Seen Off the Runway

This may be considered blasphemy to some, but my favorite part of "fashion month" (as it's come to be known) from NYC to Paris isn’t the runway shows themselves (though I certainly appreciate their well-staged theatrics), it’s the action on the street, the ladies and gents milling about outside the tents. (I can’t stop clicking through Tommy Ton’s coverage on This is fashion’s biannual Olympics after all, so all members of the elite editorial corps are accounted for, and everyone’s bringing their sartorial A-game.

These folks elevate personal style to an art form, which means each did her own unique spin on fall’s biggest fashion stories. Nonetheless, I spied a few common themes among their too-haute-for-words head-to-toe looks. Four of fashion week’s street style superstars:

1. The Tux Blazer
Blazers brought an I-mean-business vibe to the season’s de rigueur slouchy tee and leather leggings, and some much-needed structure to print mini-dresses and tights. Helmut Lang’s is a study in downtown refinement.

2. Slouchy Crop
Menswear-style cropped pants were everywhere, paired with everything from oxford lace-ups to major platforms. Geren Ford’s get big bonus points for being leather.

3. Platform Booties
Fashion week’s runaway footwear hit? Platform booties. Camilla Skovgaard is the darling of the professionally stylish set, so it’s not surprising hers were a favorite.

4. Studded Bag
The best way to transport all that fashion week swag? The answer was clear: a substantial, studded bag. This grey version from Rebecca Minkoff is softer and less expected than the usual black.


Friday, September 25th 2009

Shop Kate & Morgan’s Fashion Week Closets

Shopbop Fashion Director Kate Ciepluch at NYFW.
Photos by Anne Ziegler.

Checked out our Shopbop at New York Fashion Week feature yet? It’s chockablock with on-and-off-the-runway highlights including spring trend previews, street style favorites, and best of accessories, plus candid snaps of Shopbop Senior Stylist Morgan Wendelborn and Fashion Director Kate Ciepluch at the shows and on the go sporting their NYFW best.

And, for all you detail-obsessed types who want to see more of what Kate and Morgan wore, we put together a mini-boutique comprised of pieces from their Fashion Week closets for your shopping enjoyment. Because, as we all know, the shows are but a small part of the style story at NYFW. The rest is waiting at the corner of 10th Avenue and 14th Street or texting outside the tents.


Friday, September 18th 2009

Fashion Week Wrap-Up: Shopbop Fashion Director Kate Ciepluch Shares Her Favorite Moments

Another NYFW has come and gone, leaving a trail of broken heels and Starbucks to-go cups in its wake. We asked Shopbop Fashion Director Kate Ciepluch to share her insights on the week that was.

1. There’s been a lot of talk about fashion having a major reassessment moment. Did you notice anything different about NYFW this year? What was the overall vibe like?
The vibe was very friendly! I think people made a conscious effort to take any severe attitude out of the week by smiling, being helpful, introducing themselves, etc.

2. Was there a show or runway look you loved that isn’t your usual style?
Milly! I'm not usually a girly-girl when it comes to my style but I loved this show. It was punky prep, and she debuted a jewelry collection that consisted of huge chunky gold and silver statement necklaces.

3. Accessory you wanted to grab off the model and start wearing immediately:
Alexander Wang shoes—incredible! The leopard wedges, the knee-high sandals!

09_18_09_Awang_rnbLeopard booties at Alexander Wang and a key look from the Rag & Bone runway.

Friday, September 18th 2009

NYFW from a Designer’s Perspective: Victorialand’s Kate Wendelborn

Kate Wendelborn is the founder and designer behind Victorialand. Here, she reflects on her Fashion Week.

Designer Kate Wendelborn models two looks from the Victorialand Spring 2010 collection.

With the close of New York Fashion Week, I finally have 20 minutes to sit down and think. Designing and realizing my collection over the past few months, everything came together this week in the finishing, styling, and showing. I can breathe now.
I’m a bit of a details freak, so reworking multiple pieces a few too many times to get them just right is pretty normal. As you can imagine, that takes a lot of work and time, so I am not even going to tell you how much I have (or haven’t) slept in the past two weeks. But seeing my vision in physical form makes it all worth it. For me, it's all in the subtleties: the curve of a seam, the length of a sleeve, the curve of the seat of a pant (even an eighth of an inch makes a huge difference to me), the number of buttons on the front of a shirt. I’m a design and fashion masochist and love every minute.

For the Spring 2010 season I wanted to expand Victorialand's menswear-inspired shirting beginnings into other tailored/menswear-inspired pieces like jackets and trousers. I have always loved the powerful woman and like to see women dress like strong people and not like little girls. Looking at the way men dress inspires me. I like playing with the idea of making that look relevant every season. It’s about making small changes in style and not giant leaps that stray from who you really are. Clothing has a lot to do with perception, whether we like to believe it or not, but I don't believe it's in a superficial way. It is a first impression and a jumping-off point for showing who you are and what you are made of. For me, wearing a well-tailored jacket or a well-cut shirt with a great shoe gives a woman something a t-shirt and sneakers won't (and, I mean, I wear t-shirts under my jackets every day, but I always bring the jacket). There is an aura and a sense of seriousness to a woman who can pull this off. I relish the attempt and love to experiment with this as I grow older. This is what Victorialand is all about.

Friday, September 18th 2009

Fashion Week: Hair, Makeup & Styling Roundup

A single metal-mesh earring on the Jill Stuart runway (left), and an oversized bow on a high side ponytail at Milly.

I just left Milk Studios, wrapping up my week. So much goes into producing a catwalk or presentation: model casting, styling, fittings, makeup artists, hair stylists, not to mention budget and politics. This Fashion Week, I made a conscious effort to examine all the little details that the talented individuals in this industry put their blood, sweat, and tears into, the things that make this week so inspiring. Some takeaways to work into your look or merely appreciate for their creativity:

  1. Drawn-on tattoos on arms and legs at Rodarte and Catherine Malandrino.

  2. One-brushstroke smoky eyes at Kimberly Ovitz.

  3. Neon yellow nails, denim strips wrapped around half-up hairstyles, and sock ankle cuffs at Rag & Bone.

  4. Huge black tulle bows around side ponytails at Milly.

  5. Exotic leaf hair pieces, crimped hair, and pink eye shadow at DVF.

  6. A single metal-mesh earring (practically grazing the shoulder) at Jill Stuart. Single earring also seen at Vena Cava and Zero + Maria Cornejo.

  7. Hands adorned with tons of gold rings at Brian Reyes.

  8. Creative styling from N.Y.'s finest! The details brought the clothing to life and gave the audience a depiction of the girl the designer is designing for.

I'm going to start putting some of these into play immediately!


Thursday, September 17th 2009

Lucky’s Hope Greenberg Picks Her Favorite: Ralph Lauren

Because we can never have too many eyes on Fashion Week, we’ve asked Lucky Fashion Director Hope Greenberg to share her favorite of the day with us.

“This combination—a sparkly tank paired with a floaty skirt—is so nonchalantly luxe.”
–Hope Greenberg, Lucky Fashion Director

For more Fashion Week coverage from Lucky, visit

Pictured: A look from the Ralph Lauren runway. Photo courtesy of WWD.


Thursday, September 17th 2009

Spring Handbag Report: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Big hair bows, tribal-print bags, and cinched waists were key accessories on the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway.

I just got back from an appointment at Marc by Marc Jacobs, and I’m not sure I can wait until spring to get these bags! The collection in a nutshell:

COLOR: The shades run from the bold and the brilliant to the beautifully neutral. Watch for metallics, hot pink, shocking orange, navy, caramel, and cream.

PRINTS: They’re mixed and varied: African inspiration, tribal, oversized polka dots, neon hearts, and of course, Miss Marc (she’ll be blonde and brunette this spring!).

EMBELLISHMENTS: Coming in the form of tribal-inspired mixed-metal studs, zippers, chains, and sporty quilting.

SHAPES: Watch for duffels that convert to messengers, hobos that convert to messengers, and messengers that, well, are just messengers. Plus all sizes ranging from the mini to the oversized.

ACCESSORIES: The much-talked-about LV bunny ears are reinvented for the Marc girl as look-at-me hair bows, and your waist will continue to be defined this spring with studded belts.


More pictures after the jump!

Thursday, September 17th 2009

Fashion Week Memories

The van cone is the ultimate accessory outside the tents!

I'm on my way home, back to the SB studios, another fashion week down. As absolutely exhausted as I am, I can't help but be disappointed the week is over. Getting to eat, sleep, and breathe fashion with my favorite partner in crime, Kate, is always so fun and inspiring–we laugh about how giddy we get during the shows, constantly jabbing each other in the sides while furiously scribbling down highlights, ooh-ing (and sometimes eww-ing!) at the new styles.

And the mood in N.Y.C. has been so refreshing and friendly. A few angels have come to my rescue over the past week, from the owner of Stanton Grocery who found my wallet (his son Facebooked me to track me down! Awesome, right?) to the cobbler at Cowboy Boot Hospital who fixed the heels on my Isabel Marants and Jean-Michel Cazabats in 10 minutes to the guards at the tents who let me into the Hervé Léger show even though I was late. (I made it to my seat just as the lights came down!)

I made some new friends and reconnected with old ones. I saw some great new collections and built up my calves doing it. And best of all, I have a brainful of new inspiration from the street and the runway to bring back to Shopbop!

This week is the building block for the coming spring, and let me tell you, it’s solid! Kate and I are so excited, and we CAN'T wait to let you guys in on it! For all of you watching the shows online, let us know what you loved and hated!

Oh N.Y.C., I heart you!
See you soon!


Thursday, September 17th 2009

Lucky at NY Fashion Week

090917Lucky_Look The fashionable minds behind Lucky magazine are hitting the pavement all week, and they’re sharing their standout personal style with Shoptalk.

Melissa Lum, Senior Accessories Editor

Spotted: outside the Anna Sui show at Bryant Park.

Wearing: H&M jacket that she then DIY’d with studs, Vince tank, her own necklace (again DIY’d out of leather and studs), Oak trousers, Balenciaga shoes, JT bag, Made Her Think and Barbara Bui bracelets.

For more Fashion Week coverage from Lucky, visit

Photographed by Jen Ford.


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