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Friday, May 2nd 2014

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: What to Get Mom This Year

When it comes to gifting Mom on her day, flowers are nice, but something with a little more thought goes a long way. Here, five ideas that will delight the moms in your life.

Clockwise: Jamie Wolf earrings, Alexander McQueen for Born Free scarf, Tory Burch cosmetic case, Fleur’t pajama set, Rablabs photo frame.

Mothers are naturally giving, so she’ll surely love a gift that gives to her as well as a worthy cause. A pick from the exclusive Shopbop + Born Free collection (like the Alexander McQueen scarf pictured) will indulge her designer side while supporting Born Free’s mission to end mother-to-child HIV transmission by Dec. 31, 2015.

Mom works hard, and she deserves a little pampering. Give her a designer makeup bag with a gift certificate to her favorite cosmetic boutique or spa to encourage her to treat herself.

A frame with a sweet photo of her nearest and dearest is sure to be a hit for the sentimental mom. Go with a unique pick that fits her personal style.

There is nothing quite as luxurious as a plush set of nice pajamas. Give her a reason to relax with designer PJs from the likes of Fleur’t or Eberjey.

You can never go wrong with fine jewelry—it’s a guaranteed mom-pleaser. Jamie Wolf jewelry is delicate in design, and special enough to make Mom feel like the MVP she is.

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Thursday, May 9th 2013

My Mom the Style Icon

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this year, we’re paying tribute to the wonderful women who raised us in style.

DAUGHTER: Anna, Stylist
MOM: Marguerite (Miki)

Why is your mom a style icon?
She was a women's buyer for Federated Department Stores, and when I was 2 she opened up a children's clothing store. When I was 14, she opened up a teen store. The woman knows fashion. When it comes to spending that extra money on investment pieces, I live by my mom's words (in a very southern accent): "Oh honey, you can bury me in it."

What’s’ your favorite mom fashion memory?
I found a photo of her wearing a shockingly short skirt, and to my surprise, my grandmother had made it for her! She casually explained that it was the ’60s and that was the fashion, and then passed on the advice my grandmother had given her: "If you drop something, you just keep on walking."

What item of hers do you most covet?
My parents have been together since they were around 13. After high school, my dad melted down their class rings and made a beautiful butterfly ring for my mom. I got it for my birthday a few years ago, and it’s my most valuable and priceless possession.

DAUGHTER: Loni, Styling Manager
MOM: Patricia

Why is your mom a style icon?
She knows how to work her assets. In the ’80s it was short-shorts. These days, it's her white hair. Seriously. Natural white hair that she wears in a sharp bob with bangs. Children absolutely love her. She thinks it's the hair, but I know that it's really about her warmth and ability to make anything alive feel special and comfortable instantly.

What’s your favorite mom fashion memory?
I have so many! I remember her wearing a tight yellow jumpsuit that zipped up the front. We have pictures of her dancing around the kitchen in it. She had a Pat Benatar haircut at the time, which undoubtedly added to the charm!

What item of hers do you most covet?
Her wedding rings. She wears an emerald-cut diamond set in white gold that stacks with two other bands. It's so timeless and so completely modern, which is amazing because my parents have been married for 42 years!

DAUGHTER: Dokia, Styling Assistant
MOM: Xue

Why is your mom a style icon?
She was always so confident in what she wore, whether it was a head-to-toe monotone ensemble or her faux fur coat. She knew that if you worked your look, you were golden. Just look at her stunner pose!

What’s your favorite mom fashion memory?
Her animal-print and Versace-inspired blouses and jackets. She totally rocked it for a traditional Hmong mom!

What item of hers do you most covet?
I love all her costume jewelry. Just check out those awesome clip-on earrings!

DAUGHTER: Kati, CRM Assistant
MOM: Jodi

Why is your mom a style icon?
She’s always polished and put-together. She taught me that you can have it all—a career and family—and be amazing at both.

What’s your favorite mom fashion memory?
I used to sneak into her closet and try on her sweater vests. I would dress them up with a belt, proudly modeling my fashion in her full- length mirror. I was crushed when I saw them in the donate pile one day!

What item of hers do you most covet?
She had a gold ring with different colored gemstones given to her by her father. I would take it out of her jewelry box and hide it in my room hoping she wouldn’t notice!

DAUGHTER: Libby, Social Media Copywriter
MOM: Alyson

Why is your mom a style icon?
She taught me the importance of a good closet and that it’s worth it to spend money on your feet. She may have been talking about running shoes, but I’ve chosen to apply the advice more liberally.

What’s your favorite mom fashion memory?
I used to beg her to let me dig through her jewelry box. As I pulled out each piece, she would tell the story about what it was and when she got it. It all seemed so glamorous and grown up.

What item of hers do you most covet?
She’s going to laugh, because I hated it as a kid, but she had the most amazing romper with line drawings of little hot air balloons all over it. I’d wear it now in a second!

DAUGHTER: Jenny, Buyer
MOM: Jeannie

Why is your mom a style icon?
She has fun in her own way! She’s always shown me how to be an independent thinker.

What’s your favorite mom fashion memory?
A pink fish-scale sequin cocktail dress—very ’90s.

What item of hers do you most covet?
A black cashmere coat with a fox collar. She’s had it for years and it’s a classic.

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Tuesday, November 15th 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Gifting season is officially upon us, and finding the perfect present for all your favorite folks can be a daunting task (to say the least). We’ve got clever and creative ideas for what to get all the ladies on your list.

Clockwise from upper left: Club Monaco airplane throw, Paula Bianco scarf, Tory Burch cosmetic bag, Theory cardigan, Derek Lam bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs gloves.

Mom can be a tough lady to shop for. Sure, she’d be happy with anything you gave her, so long as it was thoughtful, but this is the woman who gave you life, after all. She deserves something special. Help her keep cozy with fur-trimmed Marc by Marc Jacobs gloves and a homey-chic Paula Bianco scarf, or if she’s a traveler, a Club Monaco airplane throw and a Qi New York cashmere neck pillow. If she’s not one to splurge on herself, do it for her with an upscale-meets-utilitarian Derek Lam handbag (she’ll carry it forever), or pamper her with a spa gift card and some luxe lotions tucked into a Tory Burch cosmetic bag.

And if want to make it extra-personal, sentimental jewelry is a sure way to win her holiday heart: string Helen Ficalora charms stamped with the initials of you and your siblings on a simple silver chain.

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