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Tuesday, August 12th 2014

Summer Makeup Secrets

Break out the bright colors! With all the warm temperatures and sunshine lately, there’s still plenty of time left to perfect your summer look. Here is everything you need to know about how to pair your summer outfits with the perfect makeup.

A beaded re:named crop top pairs well with bright makeup and a playful Karen London pendant necklace.

Easy, bohemian style screams summer. For the right makeup pairing, take a look at the print you’re wearing and pull a color out of it that you want to highlight. This re:named crop top has bright beading, which we matched to a soft pink blush and a deep pink lip. Keep the eye shadow understated to let the pattern shine—a more natural palette in mauves, creams, and golds will do the trick.

This Amanda Uprichard camisole in hot pink is a summer must. Bright Samantha Wills earrings add the perfect contrast.

For a night out, don’t be afraid to go bold. This hot pink Amanda Uprichard camisole pairs well with turquoise colored earrings and a smoky eye in rich browns. Balance the dark eye and bright top with blush that has earthy undertones, but don’t tone down the lip color—opt for a shade as pink as your top.

Take an electric blue And B shirtdress and add red lipstick and Kate Spade New York earrings. Instant summer hit.

If you need makeup for a casual day around town, think classic. An electric blue And B shirtdress needs a rich red lip. In fact, go red with your earrings, too! A true smoky eye in browns, golds, and creams and a hint of blush in a soft pink will craft a natural balance to the pops of color. 

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Thursday, October 3rd 2013

Shopbop Weddings: Bridal Beauty

Theia Harlow Sequin Gown and Jenny Packham Jewel Headdress I. Hair and makeup looks created by Cammy Kelly, Factor Artists, using Armani Cosmetics. Styling by Elise Hunt.

The beautiful bridal looks in Shopbop’s Wedding Boutique are meticulously created by our bridal stylist Elise. With nuptial fashion always on her mind, she’s our resident expert for all things wedding. This month, she chatted with one of our hair and makeup artists about modern wedding style, beauty consultation advice, and wedding-day musts.

Nailing the hair and makeup for your wedding day can take a lot of prep time and inspiration hunting—and it can be overwhelming! You want to look like the very best version of yourself, and communicating your vision to a makeup artist can be tricky. I worked with one of our fabulous hair and makeup artists, Cammy Kelly, to create a fresh, modern bridal look and to get the expert dish on beauty tips for your big day.

ELISE HUNT: Tell me about this look.
CAMMY KELLY: I wanted to create something that felt modern, but with a bit of edge. For a twist in the makeup, I did winged eyeliner in metallic silver and kept the rest of the eye soft and pale. I applied lots of mascara on top and bottom, to intensify the eye, and added a bit of pinky- peach blush with highlighter on the cheeks for an illuminating glow. Lip liner makes lipstick last longer, so I layered a peach tint over a liner base in the same color. A touch of gloss in the middle of the top and bottom lip finished the look. For the hair I did soft, undone waves to complement the makeup.

EH: What are some tips for communicating a wedding day beauty vision to a hair and makeup artist?
CK: It’s always good to have a consultation before the wedding. This way, you'll be able to communicate your ideas before the actual event. Pictures are very helpful and will help the artist see if that particular look will work for you. It’s also important to talk about your lifestyle, likes, and dislikes when it comes to your makeup and hair. They can then make suggestions accordingly.

EH: What do you think are the three most important things to do, beauty-wise, on the wedding day?
CK: 1. Make sure you have a powder compact for mattifying touch-ups. Glow is beautiful, shiny is not!
2. Waterproof mascara is a must. There will be happy tears!
3. Hair should be set with spray whether it’s up or down. You don't want to have to fuss with it all night.

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Tuesday, July 16th 2013

Shopbop Beauty: NCLA Nails

Dokia is wearing the NCLA I Don’t Play Nice & Umoja Nail Gift Set.

Our in-house nail expert, Dokia, has an amazing talent for nail art. She’s done a cool, neon crackling technique, put her own spin on two- tone tips, and now, she’s given her unique style treatment to a set of NCLA nail stickers.

The easy-to-apply sets come with an exclusive pouch, 88 adhesive nail wraps, and a clear top coat. Dokia picked out a jungle/tribal-themed set and went to town. “On one hand, I used the all the tigers, and just left them as is,” she explains. “On the other hand, I played with the tribal stickers, adding a little pizazz with geometric shapes and lines in shiny silver polish.”

--Libby S.

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Monday, June 24th 2013

Shopbop Beauty: Beachy Braids

Whether you have long hair or short, hot summer weather brings forth a constant battle to keep cool, maintain frizz, and still look cute. Enter the braid. For short hair, a small french braid keeps bangs back or the hair off your neck. For longer hair, we recommend you try Elise’s double braid updo. Check out her step-by-step guide below, and don’t let the technique scare you: a messy look is ideal for this casual, beachy style.

Braids work best on second-day hair—a little grit and texture helps keep the strands together. You can also let your hair air dry after washing and add a volumizing product. Finger-comb your hair to get out all the knots.

Separate your hair into two sections. I like making an uneven side part to create one big braid and one little braid. But, don’t worry about being too precise—just grab and go! Use a hair tie to wrangle the smaller section while you work on the other side.

Turn your head upside down and grab a small section of hair at the nape of your neck—it helps to be sitting down for this—and start french braiding your hair, adding a new section to each side of the braid as you move toward your face. Braid up over the side of your head, aiming to end the braid in line with the outer edge of your eyebrow. Then, transition to a regular braid as you move towards the ends. Secure with a hair tie and repeat on the other side.

Once you’ve finished both braids, bring the end of the first braid up and over your head, remove the hair tie, and secure with pins. You’ll want to let the shape of the braid guide your placement—just lay it down on your head wherever it feels most natural. Secure the end of the braid first, using two bobby pins crossed in an X shape to make sure it stays in place.

Repeat with the second braid, either laying it next to the first braid across your head, or crossing the two braids at the crown. You have a lot of options—just do whatever feels and looks right to you. For my style, I ran the second braid right along my hairline like a crown, and tucked the end under the first braid in the back. Once you have your placement set, secure with pins.

Use your hands and fingers to rough up the braids and create a little more texture. Pin down any bumpy sections with the remaining pins. And remember, imperfections just add to the charm!

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Tuesday, June 11th 2013

Shopbop Beauty: New Nail Art

On Dokia: Pamela love rings, Vita Fede ring, and Jennifer Zeuner ring.

One of the reasons we love Styling Assistant Dokia’s nail art is how unique it is. A true trendsetter, she sees a common technique, and makes it her own. Example? Her rendition of crackled nail polish.

“I was really inspired by the punk theme we’ve been seeing since the MET exhibit debuted,” says Dokia. “I pulled this red, steel grey, and crackle black color palette from that.”

Her technique is simple: “I played with the three colors, using the crackle polish differently on each nail—alone with a red french tip on one, grey and red on another, and a cool design on still another. With a look like this, there really aren’t any boundaries—just be bold and have fun!”

--Libby S.

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Tuesday, May 14th 2013

Shopbop Beauty: Neon Nails

Our resident nail artist changes her polish on a near daily basis. It always looks amazing, but this time around she added a little something extra for an upcoming tropical trip.

“I’m heading to Puerto Rico for vacation, and wanted to be Caribbean-ready, so I choose a fluorescent salmon pink,” says Dokia. “Then I spiced it up with a pop of yellow in a geometric shape.”

The artistry doesn’t stop there. She explains: “For extra vacay style, I tested out a paper crinkling technique on two of my fingers. To get the effect, simply take a piece of scratch paper, crush it into a ball, and lightly rub it over the polish while it’s still wet. It’s subtle, but a texture is a nice surprise when admirers take a closer look.”

--Libby S.

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Tuesday, April 9th 2013

Shopbop Beauty: White-Hot Nails

Beauty inspiration can strike anywhere: the fresh new greens of spring, the bold hues of an abstract painting, or a recent purchase from What’s New. Our resident nail expert falls into the last category, letting a sassy new top spark her latest nail art.

“I am obsessed with nontraditional prints and graphics right now,” says Dokia. “It started with buying the 3.1 Phillip Lim Get It Girl tank, and has progressed to my nails!”

Her wordy style is flawless, thanks to easy-to-apply nail stickers. Dokia explains: “The upside to using stickers is zero drying time. So they’re good for people who always end up with a messy manicure or can’t do really intricate nail art. The downside, however, is they can only be used once.” Ever the creative stylist, she likes to put a personal spin on the read-made product, noting that “for a more dramatic effect, you can paint the tip of the nails a bright, shocking color.”

--Libby S.

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Tuesday, March 5th 2013

Shopbop Beauty: Spring Nails


The arrival of spring invites a closet cleaning—changing out thick sweaters for light layers. The new season also warrants a change in your beauty routine. The dark nail colors of winter have given way to a crop of fresh hues.

“Citrus shades are huge this year,” says our nail expert, Dokia. “We’ll be seeing lots of orange, from neon and blood orange, to the bright coral color that I opted for.”

Dokia’s style is easy to replicate: “I wanted to pair my on-trend shade with something unexpected, so I went with a complementary teal (another huge color for spring) with a creamy finish. Start with a base coat, then paint on two coats of your main color—be sure to wait until the first coat dries to avoid bubbles on the surface. Repeat with your statement nail, then top with a clear coat for a polish.”

--Libby S.

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Thursday, January 31st 2013

Shopbop Beauty: Hair Accessories

Look 1: Pluie hair comb. Look 2: Pluie feather barrette.

There is something about a perfectly worn hair accessory that elevates a look from alright to amazing. Tucked into a messy up do or clipped next to a neat bun, it oozes confidence and style savvy.

“Sleek metallic clips have been taking the place of big floral accessories,” says our in-house expert, Khloe. “They’re a great way to add something different and unique to your look.”

This style reads more refined than bohemian headbands and flashy crystal combs. Khloe advises to keep it simple: “Try a minimal gold-tone bar clip—it works equally well for a casual occasion or to spice up a formal affair. For something more sensual, try a feather clip tucked into a messy updo. It’ll add an unexpected surprise when you see it peeking through perfectly tousled tresses (like Phoebe’s, pictured above).”

--Libby S.

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Thursday, January 24th 2013

Shopbop Beauty: Winter Nail Art


Nail art continues to be a huge beauty trend— the mani cam from this year’s Golden Globes coverage is proof enough. And while we seek inspiration from lots of places (ahem, Pinterest), at Shopbop HQ, we have to look no further than our own resident nail artist, Dokia, for a fresh winter look.

Says Dokia: “Even with the slow transition into spring, I am still obsessed with the reddish-purple hues from fall. My nails are slightly longer than usual, so I decided to go for a bold, oxblood on just the tips (a lot of dark color on a long nail can easily look vampy). I like to free hand, but if you’re nervous about a steady hand, you can use nail stickers, or even painter’s tape to get a clean line. Lastly, before and after my tips, I used a base and top coat to give them that perfect salon shine.”

--Libby S.

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