Monday, November 17th 2014

Vita Fede Makes This Your #SeasonToShine

Need a great gift idea? Signature Vita Fede cuffs!

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with Vita Fede. From her signature bracelets to the innovative new ring styles, designer Cynthia Sakai knows a thing or two about making jewelry we can’t live without. She also has some interesting holiday tips to share. Hint—we’re going sweater shopping asap!

Cyn wears a stack of Vita Fede bracelets and rings as she writes her holiday advice.

Innovative Vita Fede ring designs. They make a perfect gift.

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Friday, February 1st 2013

They’re the Bop: Satu & Celeste Greenberg from Tuleste Market

Rumor has it that Tuleste Market's studio is just downstairs from a Gossip Girl heartthrob's apartment, but that's not why I visited them. (Okay, it's not entirely why I visited them.) Instead, it was to check out sisters Satu and Celeste Greenberg's famous "puffy heart" pendants in person, and to uncover stories about Alicia Silverstone, whom they recently styled for the Sundance comedy Ass Backwards.

Along the way, I got a sneak peek at their newest baubles and a crash course in how to get dressed in a teepee—something the sisters did in high school. (And frankly I sympathize, since my parents' old house was way too small for a walk-in closet, too.)

FARAN KRENTCIL You live and work together, so does that mean you share clothes?
CELESTE: All the time. Every day.
SATU: Usually I forget what's hers and what's mine.
CELESTE: Usually?!
SATU: That's the thing about living with your sister—you basically double your wardrobe. I won't lie; it's really fun. And obviously, our jewelry is community property. We just pile it on as we come downstairs in the morning.

FK: Has it always been that way? Did you share a closet in high school?
SATU: Basically.
CELESTE: Except it was sort of a teepee.

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Thursday, August 16th 2012

3 New Jewelry Lines to Know

Jewelry designs from Venessa Arizaga, Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer, and Avant Garde Paris.

Each season, a bevy of new brands join the Shopbop roster. Today, meet three new jewelry lines, each with a unique point of view.

Venessa Arizaga
Venessa Arizaga’s love of fashion is second only to her passion for travel. The designer grew up exploring the world, and it was on a trip to Puerto Rico in 2007 that she was inspired to create jewelry. Using colorful thread, she began weaving intricate pieces, incorporating seashells and natural stones from her vacation location. Venessa Arizaga jewelry was born, and this spirit of exploration continues to run through the collection today, with unique charms accenting the intricately crocheted designs.

Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer
It’s artist meets designer in Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer jewelry. Genger is the artist, having shown at New York’s prestigious MoMA, and Jaclyn Mayer the designer, launching her eponymous jewelry collection after post-graduate work at Parsons School of Design. Together, the pair makes jewelry that merges the visual art world with the fashion world to create pieces that are graphic, bold, and unexpected.

Avant Garde Paris
Designer Marie-Eve Carre started her career in ready-to-wear styling the Parisian runways, but in her quest to find unique jewelry pieces, she began designing her own, leading her to launch Avant Garde Paris jewelry. Carre approaches her designs as works of art—eye-catching and unique in their own right. The pieces are cutting edge yet refined, and can be incorporated seamlessly into any look.


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Monday, June 18th 2012

Introducing Push by Pushmataaha Jewelry

Australian filmmaker and art collector Virginia Rouse launched Push by Pushmataaha with the notion that jewelry is an art form: one that can be worn, hung on a wall, or passed down through generations. She plays with contradictions in her designs, fusing the roughness of raw metals with the femininity of semiprecious stones sourced from all corners of the globe. This dedication to the merging of competing ideas is underlined in the current collection, where skull accents sit next to elegantly earthy turquoise and faceted crystals to build an unexpected, perfectly modern jewelry collection filled with timeless statement pieces.

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Monday, June 11th 2012

Brand to Know: Sequence Jewelry by Ariela Suster

A fashion industry vet—she’s a stylist and has editing stints at Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky, and InStyle on her résumé—Ariela Suster merged her professional expertise and her family roots to develop Sequence jewelry, a bold collection with an inspiring story. We got the scoop behind Suster’s design vision and working with artisans in her home country of El Salvador.

SHOPBOP: Tell us a bit about why you decided to launch Sequence.
ARIELA SUSTER: I had been working in magazines and would edit and style collections from other designers. I always had a vision that one day I would use my experience to create a brand that would make a difference in people’s lives, especially for people in El Salvador, where I grew up and where my whole family currently lives.

SB: What is the meaning behind the name of your brand?
AS: The word “sequence,” for me, has a very spiritual meaning. I found that it kept coming up: whether it was referring to the sequence of events that led me to take this next step in my life and launch my own brand; to the precise sequence the threads need to be placed in each of the pieces to create the different combination of colors; or to the impact that I aspire this brand to have in positively influencing the sequence of young people’s lives in at-risk communities in El Salvador, changing their path into one filled with positive opportunities.

SB: How did you transition the traditional El Salvador style into something that would play in the American market?
AS: I work very closely with a group of young artisans that is now dedicated to creating Sequence designs. With their artisanal expertise, I wanted to retain a lot of the techniques and traditional shapes of El Salvador, like braids and knots that are used in furniture and in traditional hammocks. I was inspired by those shapes and translated them into pieces that could be worn and would make a statement.

SB: The pieces really do make a statement. What is the inspiration behind the color palette?
AS: The aesthetic and design of the collection showcases the juxtaposition of light and darkness. In the summer collection, we used some dark tones to represent the hardship and violence young people face in El Salvador, and contrasted them with bright neon colors that represent the hope, positive outlook, and happiness of being able to express their creativity and make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others.

Monday, April 16th 2012

Wear, Worship, Will: Wedding Jewelry

From left: Erickson Beamon White Wedding Necklace, DANNIJO Galapagos Necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane Pearl Necklace.

We’re in a wedding state of mind this week in the Shopbop offices, celebrating the one-year anniversary of our Wedding Boutique. To help fête the milestone, Shopbop merchandiser and bride-to-be Monica takes her pick from three nuptial-ready necklaces.

“The unexpected crystal fringe adds a pop of glamour to this piece. I’ll pair it with a hot pink Mason by Michelle Mason dress for my bachelorette party!”

WORSHIP: Erickson Beamon
“The lariat shape and intricate beading is reminiscent of the romantic ’20s era—definitely a piece to be admired.”

WILL: Kenneth Jay Lane
“I’m letting my bridesmaids choose their own dresses, shoes, and jewelry, and I know they will be fighting over this updated classic.”

It’s your turn. Which necklace would you wear on your big day, which would you worship, and which would you will to a lucky friend? Tell us in the comments.

Shop wedding jewelry.

P.S. Are you a bride-to-be? Enter our Wedding Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of three Shopbop gift certificates.

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Tuesday, February 28th 2012

On Design: Holst + Lee’s Natalie Holst & Rochelle Lee

Designers Rochelle Lee and Natalie Holst.

Designed by Southern-born, Brooklyn-based designers Natalie Holst and Rochelle Lee, Holst + Lee jewelry is an unlikely blend of techno and tribal that is nothing short of eye-catching. The duo brilliantly mixes neon shades and unique textures, crafting pieces that play to the season’s love affair with all things bright and beautiful. We talked with the designers about building a brand together, collaborating with Mara Hoffman and Cut 25, and what’s on the horizon for their self-named label.

Shopbop: Tell us about how and why you decided to launch Holst + Lee together.
Natalie Holst & Rochelle Lee: We met in NYC as transplants from the South. Instantly friends, we found that our love of fashion and art was mutual. We had both always wanted to start our own lines and the collaboration between the two of us grew very organically. We started making jewelry just for ourselves because we always felt like we were unable to find what we were looking for to complete our outfits. At the time, we were both running very high-end, very trendy restaurants and clubs, and part of our job was to look put-together and a bit edgy and hip. Our accessories allowed us to express ourselves with the bold use of color and texture, and we quickly noticed that women literally wanted to rip the necklaces off our necks, which is when we knew we were on to something.

SB: You work with found objects in your designs. What made you decide to take this direction?
NH & RL: We both had boxes and boxes full of things we had collected over the years. One day we decided to take everything we had—beads, ropes, brooches, fabric, you name it—and dumped it on a big table and literally dove in and started creating. Over time, our designs became much more refined, but this organic way of designing was how the whole thing started. I’m sure you all have a junk drawer in your house and you always wonder what you’re going to do with all that stuff. Well, invite a friend over and combine them, and you never know!

Monday, February 6th 2012

Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Her

As Valentine’s Day approaches, thousands of men around the world fall into a collective panic, and women end up with stale chocolates and large, red stuffed animals. Fellas, earn some serious points this year and get her something sweetly unexpected.

Jewelry is a go-to gift for a reason, women love it. The hidden message in a Vanessa Gade necklace is an understated show of affection and perfect for a first Valentine’s together. For couples with a few more years under their belt, a luxurious gold Nixon watch is classic, shiny, and a guaranteed pleaser. But to really set the bar high (and perhaps make up for last year’s last-minute gas station gift), give her a romantic beach towel wrapped up with two tickets to a tropical destination.

--Libby S.

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P.S. Ladies, I know you’re the ones reading this. I might suggest conveniently leaving this page open on your guy’s computer, or forget subtlety and just email him the link or share this post on his Facebook wall.

Tuesday, January 31st 2012

Fashion to Feel Good About: Falling Whistles x DANNIJO

Known for their statement-making jewelry, DANNIJO has quickly become a go-to fashion favorite, and their collaboration with nonprofit Falling Whistles is only natural considering the sisters’ roots in philanthropic design. Prior to the launch of DANNIJO, designers Danielle and Jodie Snyder created a collection for Live With A Lifelong Ambition to support grassroots initiatives for change in Africa. 

Using Falling Whistle’s signature symbol, DANNIJO added chains, crystals, and beads culminating in pieces inspired by the idea of “peaceful warriors.” Worn close to the heart, the whistles are meant to provoke conversations about the terrifying truth of child soldiers in the DRC. Tasteful and sophisticated, each piece is wrapped with hope for a peaceful Congo.  

--Libby S.

For more information on Falling Whistles, check out this video.

Tuesday, January 24th 2012

Spring Jewelry Preview: Natural Beauty

My Grandma has regaled me with tales from her adventures in agate hunting since I was a little girl. From washed-up treasure to angry black bears, she’s seen it all. So it’s no surprise that I am thrilled with the influx of natural stone jewelry this season. While impossible to pick a favorite, three brands stand out as true masters of these earthly delights.

Vita New York
Designers Wayne Anderson and Shauna Hull take an already striking natural agate, and elevate it to a new level of luxury with exotic skins and glowing 22k gold plating. Making “jewelry for your way of life,” the duo creates bold pieces destined to be well-worn favorites. Wear one of their trademarked wrist belts and a flowing bohemian dress for an air of easy elegance.

Adina Mills Design
The beauty of a raw stone radiates in these part-jewelry, part-sculpture designs.  Cubist pyrite and peaks of amethyst showcase the unique organic aesthetic of the namesake designer. A major statement piece, pair one of her handmade designs with a cocktail dress and prepare for a wealth of compliments.

Charles Albert
Charles Albert and Beth Marciel-Albert create one-of-a-kind pieces with brilliant dyed and natural agates for this Florida-based line. Their jewelry is inspired by nature and the uniqueness of the stones. A one-shoulder silhouette provides the oversized rings and glossy cuffs with the spotlight they deserve. 

--Libby S.

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