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Tuesday, October 30th 2012

How to Wear Optic Prints

On Elise: Clover Canyon blazer, Yigal Azrouël leather pants, Lizzie Fortunato necklace, 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch. On Phoebe: By Malene Birger dress, Jenni Kayne jacket, Maison Martin Margiela booties, Clare Vivier clutch.

Beautiful optic prints are popping up everywhere this season. The bold colors, intricate graphics, and eye-catching combination are incredibly arresting. In fact, this solid-loving girl has a kaleidoscope top from Haus Alkire in her cart as we speak. Always up to showcase a new trend, two of our stylists created looks for each other proving just how easy and versatile an optic print can be.

Phoebe on Elise:
I love the way abstract and optic prints give classic silhouettes an unexpected twist. This blazer is a perfect example—the tailored lines really pop with wild color combinations. Slouchy leather pants are a cool variation on classic leather leggings, and paired with a tee, they really keep this look effortless and casual. The sleek translucent clutch and mod necklace add polish to the busy baroque-inspired print.  Elise could wear this versatile outfit to work, dinner, or out for a drink with friends—pretty much anywhere!  

Elise on Phoebe:
Optic prints tend to feel very slick and mod, so I decided to take a different approach and go in a more organic, textured direction. I like how this By Malene Birger dress has a rough quality while still being quite graphic—the chevron stripe looks almost hand-painted. I played into that hand-hewn quality with some more organic accessories, like a copper cuff with a natural-looking patina. The boots and coat are also rooted in earthy hues and textures, but have a clean, modern shape. I can see Phoebe wearing this to a gallery opening or out with me to see Cat Power next week!

--Libby S.

Thursday, October 18th 2012

Where My Shoes Have Been: Milan, Italy

After a few whirlwind weeks of international runway shows, our designer buyer, Justin, is back at Shopbop headquarters with travel stories about food, fun, and, of course, fashion. 

We had a jam-packed schedule in Milan, but one of my favorite shows was Versace—very bohemian, fabulous, over-the-top Coachella-couture! Right after the show, our fashion director Treena and I were walking down the cobblestone streets, just soaking up inspiration, when we looked up and saw a huge, heart-shaped pizza. It was just so fantastic, we had to try it for lunch. After our amusing meal, it was off to more shows. I was happy to have packed my Mr. Hare oxfords. Not only were they the perfect green accent to my navy outfit, but they handled those inspiring, yet uneven, streets like a dream.


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Wednesday, October 10th 2012

Bop Com: Famous People Are Just More Interesting

There are more fashion links out there than Kate Hudson rom-coms. But today's links are all about the latest in fame-and-fashion fusion...

Kristen Stewart Speaks! Bella Swan gives a live fan-sourced interview to promote Balenciaga's new fragrance. Hint: You probably don't want to ask her what R-Patz smells like... (MTV)

Jennifer Lawrence Poses! Katniss joins Natalie Portman and Marion Cotillard as a model for Christian Dior, starting in Spring 2013. (The Cut)

Brad Pitt Quizzes! In one of the weirder things we've seen from Chanel, the label released a few YouTube videos of Mr. Angelina interrogating a Chanel No. 5 bottle. Hey Brad, if it answers back, that's when you should really start to panic. (

Gaga Debuts! The Artist Formerly Known as Stephanie is the first person to wear Hedi Slimane's new collection for Saint Laurent "in real life." Debate the IRL part all you want, but you can't deny she looks beautiful, and so do the clothes. (Grazia UK)

Cameron Crowe Rules! If you don't know where the actual quote "Famous People Are Just More Interesting" comes from, watch this immediately and thank me later. (YouTube)

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Monday, October 8th 2012

Bop Com: Feed Your Soul (And / Or Your Closet)

There are more fashion sites out there than Gossip Girl villains. But my favorite links today have one simple goal: to make Monday more palatable (literally). Bon Appetit!

BEVERAGE: Much like In-n-Out Burger, Starbucks has a secret internet menu. At least, it does according to The Daily Meal.

APPETIZER: Kim Ovitz makes gazpacho on YouTube, talks about apologizing to Karl Lagerfeld. (

ENTREE: French supermarkets are better than American ones—at least according to 18-year-old Pennsylvania native Lily McMenamy, who likes Monop' in Paris for their goat cheese sandwiches, and just walked YSL's Paris show... Oh yeah, and her mom is a supermodel. (Into the Gloss

DESSERT: Rachel Zoe is making underwear. We're sure it will be bananas(WWD)

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Friday, October 5th 2012

What the FK: Love is a Battlefield, Dress Accordingly

Let's talk about Breakup Buys.   

For those pretending you've never done it, here's what I mean: you've just heard yet another "It's not you, it's just that I'm cheating on you" speech. You refuse to change out of your favorite Rag & Bone sweater. You refuse to stop watching episodes of Dance Academy on Netflix. You think of slipping on some UGG boots and heading out for a pint of Haagen Daz and then you realize—you'll feel way better buying a new outfit instead.

The Breakup Buy isn't as crucial to recovery as The Breakup Dance Party (where you go crazy to '90s remixes with your friends—People of the World, Spice Up Your Life!) or The Breakup 5k run (where you imagine beating him to a pulp while sprinting up a hill). Still, it's a pretty good release, and a nice segue into the whole Brand New You mindset that often comes when you're newly single. (If you do it right, it's also a handy tool of revenge, because looking better than ever is often way more fulfilling than a boyfriend.)

The trick is to do it right. That means—as always—shop for the style you have, not the one you think your loser ex-boyfriend wants. (Although if you really want a new Calvin Klein push-up bra, then by all means…)

You might also want to study some badass heroines, which could lend you both inner strength and fall 2013 trend appeal. For example, I like to channel Margot Tennenbaum when I know I'll run into a certain guy. (Or as I like to call him, The Disappointment.) Thick black eyeliner, a simple sheath dress, and a faux leopard coat (like this one from Alice + Olivia), and boom—suddenly I am mysterious, unapproachable, and already the ruler of Luke Wilson's heart. (Also, I get to keep my finger, which is good news, because I have a serious crush on this Made Her Think ring.)

Of course, owning more clothes won't put your heart back together—but until that happens, you can hide behind this one if you want.

--Faran Krentcil

Thursday, October 4th 2012

The DANNIJO Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

It’s October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and DANNIJO has taken up the cause.

After meeting Lisa Lee, mother of The Pink Agenda Founder Marisa Renee Lee, DANNIJO designers Danni and Jodi Snyder were moved to design a special piece just for her. The result is a bracelet that mixes pink accents with the jewelry label’s signature tough-meets-shine aesthetic. Unfortunately, Ms. Lee passed away before the piece was completed, but her love of beautiful things continues to inspire the ladies of DANNIJO. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this bracelet will benefit The Pink Agenda, an organization committed to raising money for breast cancer care, research, and awareness among young professionals.

We asked Danni and Jodi about the cause and their design.

SHOPBOP: Why is breast cancer awareness important to you?
DANNI & JODI SNYDER: As women it hits very close to home. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer, and we feel that it’s important to promote awareness.

SB: Tell us about the inspiration behind the design of the bracelet.
DS & JS: We always love stacking bracelets and cuffs for a bohemian vibe, and the bracelet we designed for this project is the perfect reminder to maintain awareness and support for the cause.

SB: How are you incorporating the bracelet into your look?
DS & JS: We love stacking it with our other signature pieces like the Giulia bracelet, Wyatt wrap, and all of our metal and crystal cuffs.

Shop the DANNIJO Breast Cancer Awareness Vika Bracelet.
Learn more about The Pink Agenda.

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Wednesday, October 3rd 2012

Bop Com: Who Needs Melrose Place, We’ve Got Fashion

There are more fashion sites out there than Balenciaga knock offs. But my favorite links right now play into a style drama so jagged, it could give 90210 a run for its money. Donna Martin graduates—but what about Cathy Horyn?

ONCE UPON A TIME: Saint Laurent released their very cool first collection from Dior Homme innovator Hedi Slimane. Kate Moss and Jessica Chastain were in the front row. (

BUT SOME POPULAR FASHION EDITORS WEREN'T INVITED... Because Saint Laurent PR "didn't like their tone" when discussing the collection. (Business of Fashion)

THANKS TO THE BRILLIANCE OF ONLINE PHOTO GALLERIES, FASHION CRITICS REVIEWED THE SHOW ANYWAY: "I had the impression from the clothes of someone disconnected from fashion of the past several years ... there wasn’t something new to learn here." (NY Times)

AND NOW THERE'S A TWITTER WAR: With a vicious "open letter" critiquing the critic. (WWD)

MAYBE EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE A TIME OUT AND BREATHE DEEP: Celia Ellenberg talks to Stella McCartney about her new fragrance, L.I.L.Y. It sounds very calming. (

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Monday, October 1st 2012

Bop Com: Today’s Online Obsessions

There are more fashion blogs out there than Olsen wannabes. Here's a filter of my favorite stories right now...

NAME THAT TUNE: Get a free dance-pop download from NYLON Magazine. Then put on your headphones and pretend you're in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

NAME THAT LIPSTICK: This genius chart by Who What Wear's Britt Aboutaleb matches Hollywood starlets with their most-worn lip colors. Please tell me there will soon be an app for that...

NAME THAT FASHION EDITOR: Refinery29 enlists the whimsical artist Joanna Avilez to draw the front row's most familiar faces. Super cute!

NAME THAT TREND: If you haven't recovered from Stella McCartney's black sheer polka dots, try these tights. Put them under a grey sweater dress or an LBD and pretend you're Gwyneth.

JEM IS MY NAME! It's Monday, but don't be depressed—this will help.

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Friday, September 28th 2012

5 Minutes with DVF by Shine by Three

Access to DVF during NYFW Spring 2013? Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three got it. She asked the designer about her spring collection, the influence of travel, and the story behind her use of Google Glass both on and off the runway.

Check out the full story on Shine by Three.
Shop Diane von Furstenberg Fall 2012.

Friday, September 28th 2012

She’s the Bop: Jazzi McGilbert

Nylon editor and blogger, Jazzi McGilbert.

If you read magazines like NYLON and Teen Vogue, you've probably seen Jazzi McGilbert of  

The LA fashion stylist partial to vintage dresses, Kelly Wearstler prints, and burnt plum lipstick has amazing style whether she's in front of or behind the camera. (Proof: She was hand-picked by Mary-Kate and Ashley to star in their OlsenBoye campaign.) I was lucky enough to work with JMG during my time @NylonMag, and much to my raging jealousy, she really does look that good every day. (Meanwhile, I sometimes arrived at the office in pajamas. Oookay, they were my mom's vintage Pierre Cardin pajamas, but still...)

So when Shopbop asked me to profile some of the most stylish girls I know, Jazzi was at the top of my list. Below, what's on her list, including a Marc by Marc jumpsuit that you should buy now, because it's going to sell out...

FARAN KRENTCIL: Before you became a professional stylist, you were a college student with a very successful blog. Why did you decide to start blogging?
JAZZI MCGILBERT: I was born into generation LiveJournal. It's just what we did: Document our angst online for no one or everyone to read, because we're all such special snowflakes (now equipped with pro-sumer cameras)! Actually, before I started blogging about my style, I was documenting my internships. There wasn't a lot of helpful information about breaking into the fashion industry online. I never had an "in" to the industry, and I wanted other girls to see an honest journey from outsider to kinda-sorta insider. I've worked my way from South Central LA to Vogue and now I'm an editor at NYLON (!), and it's been quite a journey. Why not share it with some visuals?

FK: When and how did you realize strangers/fans were reading your blog, and not just your friends? What was that like?
JM: Comments and emails, man. It's like thinking you're talking to yourself in a dark room, and suddenly someone talks back! Then those moments that I timidly introduced myself to some of favorite bloggers and writers, and they already knew who I was! That's trippy. I still try to blog like no one's watching and only blog when I really have something to say, though. My readers are really lovely and bear with me.

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