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Monday, May 12th 2014

Studio Sounds: Get Down

The best songs to get dressed to, dance to, or drive to. Just not at all once, please.

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Tuesday, October 30th 2012

How to Wear Optic Prints

On Elise: Clover Canyon blazer, Yigal Azrouël leather pants, Lizzie Fortunato necklace, 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch. On Phoebe: By Malene Birger dress, Jenni Kayne jacket, Maison Martin Margiela booties, Clare Vivier clutch.

Beautiful optic prints are popping up everywhere this season. The bold colors, intricate graphics, and eye-catching combination are incredibly arresting. In fact, this solid-loving girl has a kaleidoscope top from Haus Alkire in her cart as we speak. Always up to showcase a new trend, two of our stylists created looks for each other proving just how easy and versatile an optic print can be.

Phoebe on Elise:
I love the way abstract and optic prints give classic silhouettes an unexpected twist. This blazer is a perfect example—the tailored lines really pop with wild color combinations. Slouchy leather pants are a cool variation on classic leather leggings, and paired with a tee, they really keep this look effortless and casual. The sleek translucent clutch and mod necklace add polish to the busy baroque-inspired print.  Elise could wear this versatile outfit to work, dinner, or out for a drink with friends—pretty much anywhere!  

Elise on Phoebe:
Optic prints tend to feel very slick and mod, so I decided to take a different approach and go in a more organic, textured direction. I like how this By Malene Birger dress has a rough quality while still being quite graphic—the chevron stripe looks almost hand-painted. I played into that hand-hewn quality with some more organic accessories, like a copper cuff with a natural-looking patina. The boots and coat are also rooted in earthy hues and textures, but have a clean, modern shape. I can see Phoebe wearing this to a gallery opening or out with me to see Cat Power next week!

--Libby S.

Thursday, March 25th 2010

Studio Style: Casual with an Edge

This month in Studio Style we picked stylist Bobbie’s fashionable brain. What did we learn? Edgy comfort isn’t an oxymoron; if you can still see your fingers through your rings, you may need to stack on a few more; and backpack purses are making a comeback!

Suzanne: You look appropriately edgy yet really comfy. What’s the key to pulling this off?

Bobbie: I think the key is finding a look you’re comfortable in and sticking with it. I take a few edgier pieces I love, like my combat boots and knuckle rings, and wear them with everything. This gives a not-trying-too-hard edge.

S: I like the smattering of fashion glossies across your desk. Which magazines are your inspiration favorites?

B: Actually, I usually go online for my inspiration. I love checking out all the runway shows and building my looks straight from the source. Otherwise, I just hit the town and do some serious people watching.

S: When it comes to accessories are you a “take one off before you leave the house” or a “more is more” kind of girl?
B: I’m obsessed with rings right now. I stack on as many as I can find and wear them with everything, so I guess more is more!

S: What handbag are you currently carrying?

B: An Alexander Wang backpack! I love it! I can actually wear it while I’m tooling around town on my cruiser, feeling comfortable and looking cute.

Bobbie wears:
ALC cardigan
* Jersey maxi dress
* Citrine by the Stones, Jules Smith, and Made Her Think rings
* Jeffrey Campbell boots
* Alexander Wang backpack


Thursday, February 25th 2010

Studio Style: Fashion Week Edition

After the Erin Wasson show, Morgan (left) wears
Ksubi jeans, Robert Clergerie booties, VPL bra, and a Christian Lacroix jacket. Kate (right) wears a Vince sweater dress, Alexander Wang sweater coat and hat, Ash boots, and a YAYA scarf.

This month, Studio Style takes to the streets, the tents, and the Erin Wasson after-parties of New York Fashion Week. Shopbop Fashion Director Kate Ciepluch and Senior Stylist Morgan Wendelborn not only scoped out all the hottest looks on the runway, they personally put together several lust-have ensembles. I caught up with the girls to find out what they wore to the Olympics of fashion.

Suzanne:  We’ve heard about stylists/editors bringing 90 outfits to fashion week (Rachel Zoe reportedly changes 5 times a day!). How many outfits do you wear in a day during fashion week?

Morgan: Haha, only one! We have such a packed schedule that we need to find something that will carry us throughout the long days. Lots of layering and oversized handbags are key to adjusting your look to fit the event.

Kate: I honestly didn't change outfits once throughout the day. There was just no time! I had to plan on leaving my apartment in the morning wearing something that would take me through the night’s events. If there was a nighttime event with more of a party vibe, I wore layers and checked my coat and sweater.

S: Do you feel you need to wear a particular designer’s clothes to his/her show? Or do you try to match the tone of the show?

M: I definitely take the day’s lineup into consideration when getting dressed, but staying true to my own sensibility is how I stay comfortable. These days, I am a bit of a dark, minimalist bohemian. I am trying to lighten up!

K: I love representing the designer by wearing a piece from their collection, but realistically this didn’t happen for every show. You get so inspired by watching the fall runway shows and seeing fashionable people on the street throughout the week. I would say that influenced my looks each day (that and the weather!). You see a really innovative styling technique or a cool item that ignites ideas about how to wear old things in new ways.

S: Is it as insouciant as you make it seem, or are you outfits more calculated?

M: I try to plan them out when I pack, but once I get there it all seems to go out the window! I end up mixing and matching from my closet, Kate’s, and my sister’s.

S: What was a standout street style look you saw?

M: Big furs, faux and real! They always make such a chic statement, and I love seeing the variety of ways people wear them. With black leggings and sky-high platforms in a Grace Jones kind of way, to flowy floral prints à la the modern hippie.

K: Outside the Derek Lam show we saw a girl who looked SO cool. I wish I had a photograph to remember each and every piece she had on. I only saw her from the back but she was wearing a furry avant-garde skirt (it almost looked like goat hair) similar to this Haute Hippie skirt with platform booties and a leather bomber. I stopped dead in my tracks! I also saw a lot of amazing shearling vests and cool hats throughout the week.

S: Of all the looks you put together during the week, which was your favorite?

M: My favorite look was my fringe Haute Hippie dress over leggings with my VPL sweater and leather jacket.

K: I loved wearing burgundy tights, brown OTK boots, a taupe sweater dress, and a fuzzy black sweater coat with a striped infinity scarf. It was a Missoni-inspired, ultra-layered look of warm neutral tones.

S: Did any designer surprise you with their styling or offer something really unexpected in their presentation?

M: The styling at Derek Lam was really incredible and fresh. I love how the equestrian inspiration was clear but not too literal. He seamlessly made the English and Western styles work together in such a complementary way. Anyone who rides knows how big a difference there is between the two!

Check out more of Kate and Morgan’s looks after the jump.

Friday, January 8th 2010

Studio Style: Vintage Prints and Pendants

The Shopbop studio stylists seem to wave a chic little wand and voila!—a limp tee and a rumpled pair of jeans transforms into something high voltage. Today, Pa dishes on vintage fashion, crush-worthy pendants, and how to mix prints.

01_08_10_StudioStyle (2)
Pa styles a print dress by A Common Thread.

Suzanne: Tell me more about your fabulous vintage sweater.

Pa: I stole it from my mom! It was one of her most cherished pieces, purchased at a flea market in the late ’80s; we believe it may be from the 1960s. She’s petite like me, so it fits me well (a little slouchy, just the way I like it). I absolutely adore the color/print and the beautiful embroidery. It’s now one of my favorite pieces and current go-to when I wanna feel a little special.

S: What advice do you have for how to style prints?

P: Mixed prints is a huge spring trend! I’ve always been a big fan of prints and love to play around with them. It can be a bit tricky, but if done right, you’ll look fantastic! If you’re new at mixing prints, try neutral colors or keeping the colors on top and bottom similar. Mix larger prints with smaller prints so it’s not so overwhelming. Check out Rebecca Taylor’s spring 2010 runway for inspiration. She’s so good at prints, and I love the way she mixes them up.

S: Also love your cross necklaces! Crosses have been around since, well, biblical times—what is your advice for making them look modern?

P: Keep it causal-chic. Wear them with a simple outfit—an oversized tee, cardigan, and skinny jeans—for a modern look.

S: We’re seeing a lot of unusual pendants come through the Shopbop offices—nuts, bullets, functional harmonicas. Do you have a favorite pendant?

P: Yes!! I’m in love with the CHRISHABANA Nailed Necklace! It’s great to layer or wear alone—edgy yet so simple.

S: If you could own any vintage piece from any designer, what would it be?

P: A vintage 1950s Balenciaga cocoon coat! Forever chic and stylish.

Pa wears:
*Vintage sweater
*Marc by Marc Jacobs top
*Grey leggings
*Alkemie Rings
*Antiqued brass cross pendants
*Black Pelle Moda platform booties


Wednesday, December 2nd 2009

Studio Style: Amanda

The Shopbop studio stylists seem to wave a chic little wand and voila!—a limp tee and a rumpled pair of jeans transform into something high voltage. What’s the secret behind their stellar personal style? That’s what we’re here to find out. Meet the newest member of our styling team, Amanda:

12_02_09_Amanda (2)

Suzanne: When did you know you wanted to be a fashion stylist?

Amanda: As long as I can remember, I've been inspired by individuals’ expression of fashion, whether that manifests in clothing, makeup, hair, landscapes, mixed-media, interiors—you name it—I'm drawn to the fantasy that’s been created. Grace Coddington has styled some pretty fantastical productions. Stylists have the ability to create emotions with one singular detail that can completely change the way a person or an entire audience feels about something. So to be able to play with these elements and morph people’s ideas of something symbolic is what’s most appealing. Also, I just really love the idea of working amongst a creative team—the Shopbop environment is amazing; it’s very inspiring to be here.
S: What did you do before coming here?

A: I studied fashion design, merchandising, and international business at FIT. While still in school I worked as a seasonal stylist for Bergdorf Goodman and assisted a florist. I’ve worked in botany, designing landscapes and gardens. I’m a MAC freelance makeup artist. Prior to Shopbop, though, I worked as a senior business analyst for a national retailer, but I knew I needed a switch. Something kept pulling at me, leading me in the direction of creative styling. That position gave me some great experience, but I now have the opportunity to completely utilize my creative instincts every day!  

S: They say stylists get inspiration from everywhere and everything. What’s the most unusual or interesting thing you’ve been inspired by?

A: It’s so true—I’m constantly inspired. What’s most inspiring to me is travel. Probably the most unexpected source of inspiration for me was the interior of a Thai Airways airplane. Random.  But immediately upon stepping inside this plane, it made me want to be on vacation! The plane was one big, jubilant environment of vibrant berries, fuchsias, siennas, yellows—really fun. We can become so accustomed to lackluster interiors and this was a reminder to question: “Why settle for mundane, expected palettes?” Instead, mix it up and do something different!  
S: Who are your style icons and why?

A: Anna Dello Russo always looks amazing. She can combine really sensuous, beautiful pieces, but always keeps a part of herself very natural-looking. Emmanuelle Alt is a culmination of clean, chic, and edgy. M.I.A. takes risks—she’s fun—and I love how she rocks color. And Frida Kahlo for being a true individual. In a time of thin brows she kept her unibrow. She was proud of her work and rocked bright patterns. 

S: And finally, what is your ultimate New Year’s Eve outfit and where are you wearing it to?

A: My ultimate NYE outfit would either be a vintage YSL Le Smoking tuxedo paired with a feather headpiece (I love making these!) or a bikini and sarong. Ideally, I’d be welcoming 2010 in Barcelona because that city knows how to celebrate! But unfortunately, this year I’ll be wearing neither—I’m planning on skiing all weekend.


Friday, October 30th 2009

Studio Style: Tova

We’ve all heard the stories of models hurling cell phones, partying to excess, or making diva remarks like, “We don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.” But this month’s Studio Style paints a much more down-to-earth picture. Meet Shopbop model Tova:


Suzanne: At Shopbop we talk a lot about model-off-duty style, this cool mix of unexpected pieces that looks effortless yet stunning. How would you describe your style?

Tova: I guess you could say my style’s main theme is boho comfort, mostly earth-toned basics that are interchangeable. I love matching something oversized with something tight. There's something sexy about a man’s shirt or manly boots on a woman. I always add style to my basic looks with jewelry and accessories, like the scarf in my photo (which is my favorite, and was bought in an airport).

S: How does your boho style fit with your lifestyle?

T: I have a daughter, so when I am not working she and I are playing, cooking, going to little cafés, going for hikes, and laughing—lots of laughter. So my outfits have to be comfortable and flexible, ready for whatever pops up in our ever-changing schedule.

S: You have that Erin Wasson sexy-tomboy vibe going on. Who are your modeling idols and why?

T: I love Kate Moss's style—she always looks so effortless! And I admire Mary-Kate Olsen’s bold, unique choices.

S: As a model, you have to be ready for anything. What has been the craziest or most memorable shoot you have done?

T: I've been modeling on and off since I was 14, so there are plenty of stories and memorable moments. But I always get the most enjoyment out of shoots that are creative, when everyone involved is allowed to do what they do best, to work toward a communicated vision. It’s always fun when you have a good team to shoot guerilla style—driving to some random, out of the way, possibly unsafe location, and shooting for the sake of art. Those shoots are exciting.

S: I heard that you just bought a house in L.A. Tell me about it and what you love about life in SoCal.

T: I live in L.A. in an area called Silver Lake. It is a beautiful, artistic, older area with lots of artists, musicians, and young families. It’s very vibrant, colorful, and peaceful. My daughter and I just moved into a beautiful little house with guava trees, avocado trees, and orange trees in the yard. I feel so blessed and thankful for my life, and living here is no exception. The weather is wonderful, the sun is warming, the sky is blue, and as I write this the wind is making beautiful music with our wind chime.


Wednesday, September 30th 2009

Studio Style: Nina

The Shopbop studio stylists seem to wave a chic little wand and voila!—a limp tee and a rumpled pair of jeans transforms into something high voltage. What’s the secret behind their stellar personal style? That’s what we’re here to find out. Meet Accessories Stylist Nina:


Suzanne: Your picture makes me want to go out and buy an infinity scarf! Are scarves your signature accessory? What are some cool, unexpected ways you’ve styled a scarf?

Nina: I have always been crazy about scarves. I actually have an entire drawer dedicated to them. I collect them everywhere I go, so yes, they are definitely my signature. I especially love dots and stripes; they pull my outfits together all the time. I often use scarves in my hair—knots on top, long scarf down my back. I also use vintage pins to keep a scarf hanging perfectly around my neck.

S: If you had to pick a designer that most closely aligns with your personal aesthetic, which would it be and why?

N: Boots are also a big part of my style: Frye, Golden Goose, and Jeffrey Campbell tie for my favorites. These brands tend to have some tougher-looking styles, but they are classic and durable enough to wear year after year.
S: Distressed combat boots are a huge fall trend, but their toughness can be tricky to pull off. Any advice for ensuring they look fashion-forward and still a little feminine?

N: The key is to not let the boots wear you. That basically means you have to let the boots be a part of you. If you don’t want all the attention at your feet, accessorize! Statement jewelry is always a great way to bring feminine right back. When wearing tough footwear, pull one other bold item from your closet to balance it out—a great top or pair of leggings, a cocktail ring, etc.

S: I’m obsessed with the accessories pics in our Fall Obsessions! Tell me about the story and any other juicy tidbits from the shoot.

N: The story for Fall Obsessions was sort of an homage to the end-of-summer road trip, a weekend trip with friends to a small town where you won’t find a five-star hotel, but you will find a great old kitschy motel. I was a big fan of the old neon motel sign shot with the Stuart Weitzman leopard pumps and the Lanvin sunglasses by the pool. I wish I had some dirt to share, but with twenty shots in an afternoon you yearn to jump in the pool, but alas you cannot.
S: It seems most women have one special accessory that’s their prized possession. Do you have one beloved piece?

N: I have had many over the years, but I swear after I call something my favorite, I lose it. Terrible, right? I am a sucker for large silver rings old and new. My favorites right now are one I found in the bottom of a box at a flea market fifteen years ago and my newest find: the Elizabeth and James Pollen Ring.

Nina Wears:
* Scarf: Brochu Walker
* Tee: Velvet
* Jeans: Calvin Klein
* Ring: Elizabeth and James
* Cuff: JADEtribe
* Boots: Jeffrey Campbell


Wednesday, August 26th 2009

Studio Style: Cris

For the past few months, we’ve been giving you a peek inside the creative minds of our studio stylists. But the chic chicks who dress our models aren’t the only style cognoscente working behind the scenes. Meet Shopbop photographer Cris Comello:

Suzanne: I love a man in a dashing hat! Is it vintage?

Cris: Yes, this vintage bowler is my prized possession, simply because it’s one of the only hats I can wear that makes me look good. It's a strange phenomenon, but I simply can't wear hats. A life-long struggle, ugh.
S: You’re one of these dudes who seems to just ooze cool. How would you describe your personal style?

C: Stylistically, I keep it really simple. I love cool denim (G-star, Diesel, Nom de Guerre, Kicking Mule Workshop) with V-neck T-shirts during the day and black button-downs at night.

S: Interesting eyewear is also your signature…

C: Having been around photo studios for close to 25 years, my eyes have become a little sensitive to flash, so I rock some Ray-Bans to ease the strain.

S: What is life like as a fashion photographer?

C: The thing I particularly love about Shopbop is the creative energy and ability to produce such a high volume of great work. Even though we aren’t working with the kind of budget Vogue does, we have found ways over the years to continually produce high-quality work. On a personal note, some of the friendships I have made here are lifelong. It's special to collaborate with our stylists, models, and design team. I think we are all extremely proud of the end product.

S: Let’s talk dream shoot: anywhere, anything, with anyone. What would it be?

C: Dream shoot? Prolly recreating a Raver party-inspired shoot with all types of circus animals and fire-breathers. Really sweaty, tight shots and lots of energy. Extremely edgy and silly all at the same time—that's my flow!


Thursday, July 23rd 2009

studio style: morgan

The shopbop studio stylists seem to wave a chic little wand and voila!—a limp tee and a rumpled pair of jeans transforms into something high voltage. What’s the secret behind their stellar personal style? That’s what we’re here to find out. Meet Senior Stylist Morgan:

7_23_09_HiGuys_V2 (2) 

Suzanne: Rockin’ the updated ’70s! Very nice. How did this look come together?

Morgan: Well, I got these old Levi’s from my close friend Paige (one of the shopbop founders!). They are so comfy and a little geeky, which I love. I would say my style is kind of dorky/tomboy/sexy with a little bit of grownup thrown in, so I always wear these with high-heel booties, or in this case, big red patent platform wedges.

The blouse is also vintage. Sheer blouses are so cool because they cover you up (depending on how sheer—we all know when we need an under layer) but are still sexy and sophisticated. We’ve got some great ones on the site now. I’m OBSESSED with this Dolce Vita top—the sleeves are so blousy but fitted at the wrist, so you don’t look like you’re wearing a costume.

S: I’m obsessed with your signature ring pendants! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without them. Tell me about them.

M: Hahaha, they totally are! I NEVER take them off! I started with just my dad’s wedding ring on a chain (it doesn’t fit him anymore). It’s the most chic man’s ring I have ever seen. My mom gave me a vintage ring, and I’ve also got one of my boyfriend’s old rings. I also wear a pendant from my twin sis that says GMS on one side and GNS on the other. It’s what we text each other every day for Good Morning Sister and Good Night Sister. We laugh about it all the time. And again, my girl Paige gave me this Alkemie horse head necklace because she knows how much horses mean to me. Gotta keep friends and fam close to your heart!

S: If you could have drinks with any designer, who would it be and why?

M: She’s not a designer, but Emmanuelle Alt from French Vogue is my style idol. She pulls off such a badass look (leather jackets, studs, tons of black, over the knee boots, leopard print) without ever looking over-styled. I love the aesthetic in her work, too. She is so good at juxtaposing different pieces to make new looks. Cowboy boots and swimsuits, military jackets and fringe—it really inspires me to try unexpected pairings in my own look while still staying true to classic pieces.

If I had to pick a designer, it would be my sis (Pencey designer Kate Wendelborn). When we get together we always talk about what we’d want to wear that doesn’t exist. She sketches it out beautifully; I do a lot of awkward hand motions.

S: What would you wear?

M: I’d wear black leather pants, sky-high heels, my Miu Miu studded clutch, and a sheer black blouse!

Morgan wears:
* Blouse: Vintage
* Jeans: Levi’s
* Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples
* Shoes: Tara Subkoff
* Rings: Flutter and Bing Bang
* Bag: Foley + Corinna


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