Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Thursday, February 7th 2013

Valentine’s Day Gifts

There are few commercial holidays that divide people as much as Valentine’s Day. Some land in the camp of roses, chocolates, and surprise engagements in sports arenas, while others protest pink, eschew all sweets, and keep Beyoncé’s All the Single Ladies on repeat. I’m taking a middle-of-the-road approach this year. My husband is off the hook, and I’m surprising some of the ladies I love with a tokens of adoration.

For a farmers market loving gal, I’ll pick up the By Malene Birger heart tote—perfect for hauling veggies in world-saving style (a portion of the proceeds will benefit UNICEF). My tech-loving pal will delight in a kiss-covered DVF phone case and Marc by Marc Jacobs earbuds shaped like little hearts. For the others, Jennifer Zeuner jewelry and a sassy Vanessa Arizaga heartbreaker bracelet have year-round appeal, and for myself, I’ll splurge on an Overture Judith Leiber purse in the perfect shade of pink.

--Libby S.

Wednesday, February 8th 2012

Valentine’s Day: Celebrate Your Single Status!

In college, I had a friend who wore black every Valentine’s Day. It was her own personal challenge to what she considered a fabricated holiday. Though I never fell in line with her method of protest (I wear black nearly every day, anyway. Why should V-Day be any different?), I’ve also never been much of one to celebrate the day of love, relationship or not. This year, however, my single self is in a festive mood. Heart-shaped cookies will be baked and a Wildfox heart sweatshirt will be worn.

And so I say to my fellow single ladies: do not shrink as your coupled-up friends make dinner plans and wait for flowers to be delivered. Embrace the day in your own way. Who needs a fella to validate your appreciation for red and pink?

Jewels Just for You
Men rarely get Valentine’s Day jewelry right (there are jewelry boxes stuffed with heart-pendant necklaces to prove it), so why not take care of yourself? Rose-gold Made Her Think jewelry pieces blend of-the-moment trends with downtown edge.

Something Red
Red never fails to get a reaction. Eye-catching cherry shoes and bold scarlet dresses have been wardrobe staples for ages, and I posit a red collar should be added to that mix. Innovative offerings from Kenneth Jay Lane, Tuleste Market, and Pamela Love infuse a Valentine’s look with just the dose of red it needs.

A Little Cheeky
Should this Hallmark holiday be taken too seriously? Never. Add a dose of fun to your single V-Day with a girl-power Felix Rey scarf, or tune out any lovey-dovey chatter with a pair of sweet Diane von Furstenberg headphones.


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Tuesday, February 7th 2012

Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Him

After subtly (or not so subtly) sharing yesterday’s post with your man, you know he’s planning something special. Don’t let that effort go unnoticed. Show him how much you appreciate it with the gift he really wants- you in sexy lingerie. 

Heart Skips a Beat
A bright, lacy bralette and thong is a fun and flirty treat for him and a comfortable underwire-free look for you. Only Hearts, Eberjey, and Cosabella all have flattering styles in a rainbow of colors. 

Pulse is Racing 
Turn up the heat in a plunging Calvin Klein push-up bra that showcases your, err, confidence. If you are looking for a bit more coverage, a La Fee Verte romper has a soft feel, sexy silhouette, and comes is the most seductive shade of red. 

Get the Paddles
Men are visual creatures so give him the eyeful he’s been waiting for. A Kiki de Montparnasse cage panty will send a clear message of your intentions. Or, if he has been especially good this year, wow him with a Hanky Panky Lingerie set complete with a scented candle and lingerie that leaves very little to the imagination.

 --Libby S.

Monday, February 6th 2012

Valentine’s Day: Gifts for Her

As Valentine’s Day approaches, thousands of men around the world fall into a collective panic, and women end up with stale chocolates and large, red stuffed animals. Fellas, earn some serious points this year and get her something sweetly unexpected.

Jewelry is a go-to gift for a reason, women love it. The hidden message in a Vanessa Gade necklace is an understated show of affection and perfect for a first Valentine’s together. For couples with a few more years under their belt, a luxurious gold Nixon watch is classic, shiny, and a guaranteed pleaser. But to really set the bar high (and perhaps make up for last year’s last-minute gas station gift), give her a romantic beach towel wrapped up with two tickets to a tropical destination.

--Libby S.

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P.S. Ladies, I know you’re the ones reading this. I might suggest conveniently leaving this page open on your guy’s computer, or forget subtlety and just email him the link or share this post on his Facebook wall.

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