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Friday, June 7th 2013

What the FK: CFDA Awards

Friday, April 5th 2013

What the FK: You Better Work (Out)

I like the idea of working out. Really, I do. 

But if I'm being honest, my idea of a contact sport is the Alexander Wang sample sale. Still, I've decided to hit the gym—more for my mood swings than my muscle tone—and I need some motivation. (If you're a faithful FK reader, you know that much like Stacy in The Babysitter's Club, I'm also kind of boy crazy, and it's my understanding that these mysterious places called "gyms" do indeed have lots of guys.)

At first, I thought I'd get inspired to exercise with some cool Flashdance-style hair and makeup—you know, like a high ponytail, smoky eyeliner, and deep cherry lip gloss. But then I remembered some valuable advice I once got from Maria Sharapova: "Never wear makeup during a workout," the tennis star told me in Miami. "Just think about the fact that you wipe your sweat off, and it'll show traces of makeup—never do it!" 

Point taken. Okay fine, actually, I fully plan on wearing waterproof mascara and a swipe of tinted moisturizer, but there's no way I can pull off a smoky eye that's melting down my face.


Since I'm banning kohl and lip gloss from my gym bag, I'll need to pay extra attention to my outfits. It would be nice if the thought of being healthy, active, and blah blah blah actually made me go to Pilates or Soul Cycle. But sadly, I'm unconcerned with my general well-being. My wardrobe, on the other hand, can get me through almost anything, so it seems like some good workout clothes would be a wise investment.

R13 makes a killer pair of leather gym shorts, and Heidi Merrick does a fantastic "vegan leather" version, but unless I'm playing basketball on a Rick Owens runway, I'm not sure I need them. (Ditto for these Sass & Bide sequined shorts, although they'd be fun for a dance party.) These Wildfox Couture spandex leggings are kind of brilliant, because they're called Jazzercise Shorts, but I think my favorite are these hot pink booty shorts from Juicy Couture. (They might be a little too skimpy for my real-life outings, but that's exactly why I like them. Also, one of the reasons I'm making myself exercise more is because Selena Gomez's Spring Breakers body was insane. So maybe if I dress like her character, my abs will adjust accordingly?)

Next it's time to pick a sports bra and the all-important T-shirt. And while I'm a sucker for anything involving My Little Pony, I think this Sex Pistols tee—designed by my friend, the improbably named Prince Peter—might be a nice foil for the candy colored shorts. I'm going to layer it under the Elizabeth and James Warrior Sweatshirt—an optimistic reminder that I can (hopefully) kick butt in a cardio class.

As for sneakers, the brilliant thing about Opening Ceremony's collaboration with Adidas is that their kicks might look crazy, but they're actually really good running shoes. (I know this because I actually do go running sometimes, though I suspect hypnosis or subliminal Facebook ads are involved.)

And for my last bit of fashion-focused motivation: this J Brand lookbook that features ballerinas in mid-rehearsal. They're gorgeous, they're stylish, and they look like they're actually having fun. They're also a good reminder that if being a gym bunny fails, I can always get in a good workout on a weekend dance floor. It's cool, it's aerobic, and I bet I could still wear those booty shorts.


Friday, March 22nd 2013

What The FK: Double Up

Cr Have you ever shown up in the same outfit as your friend? I have, but she wasn't a pal. She was a middle school rival. As a striving, scheming 12-year-old, I was convinced that my scant social standing had evaporated, all thanks to an Empire Records-inspired sweater.

Fortunately, we've all grown up (I hope) and learned that kindness is cooler than most things, even a Secret Life of Alex Mac marathon. Though, you wouldn't know it from reading tabloids, where "Who Wore It Better" seems to be a bigger scandal than Blake + Miranda / Kim + Kanye / (Insert Your Favorite Celeb Couple Here). Meanwhile, chick flicks like Clueless and SATC 2 turn dress-doubles into plot points. ("Hey Ambular, do you prefer the term fashion victim or ensembly challenged?") And it's been seven years since Kirsten + Reese wore the same Chanel gown, but E! News still talks about it.

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Friday, March 8th 2013

What the FK: The Paris Review

Fun Fact:

There is such a thing as a rose petal milkshake, and it doesn't just exist in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.

I found it this week in Paris, while catching up with J Brand's ultra-cool stylist Elin Svahn at the famous French sweet shop, Ladurée.  

We were there to see fashion shows--She helped style Valentino; I was covering for ELLE.com. But there were also amazing things that didn't include stilettos and status bags, including starlets, puppies, and lots of croissants. (I've decided carbs don't count while in France. Please don't correct me.)

Obviously, I spotted some cool clothes, too. Here's the Paris Fashion Week Diary to prove it! 

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Friday, February 15th 2013

What The FK: What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? They Buy Clothes.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, but as usual, I'm more in love with a menswear-inspired jacket than with any actual men.

Fortunately, February 14 neatly coincided with New York Fashion Week, which meant I could celebrate my new crush—See by Chloe's doctor bag—without any of the flowers / chocolate / kissy-kissy awkwardness that often distracts us from the true passions in life. (Those would be snakeskin, glitter, and cashmere—in no particular order...)

And sure, I might just be cranky, since my own actual Valentine (who is human, not Hermes) is currently zooming through an airport terminal instead of, you know, cooking me dinner, but considering I just bought this, I'm thinking, it's his loss.

Anyway. Want to see other things I fell in love with this week? Below, my Insta-fatuation...

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Friday, January 25th 2013

What The FK: Board Games

Last January, everyone I knew was obsessed with juicing—how it would detox their bodies, restart their metabolism, and make them thinner than Gwyneth in her Ben Affleck phase. (Meanwhile, I clung to my usual diet of baby carrots, hummus, and Justin's Peanut Butter Cups, which, I have to say, are the closest thing to crack I've ever tried.)

Some of my friends stuck with their Blueprint Cleanses and Organic Avenue deliveries, a few ordered Magic Bullet Blenders from infomercials so they could make juice themselves, and by February, some gave up on the liquid bliss dream, and came over to the dark side with me. (Mmm, Chocolate Almond Butter Bars!)

Now, my friends are obsessed with something new: vision boards. You tape up pictures of what you want in the coming year, focus on them one at a time, and somehow—through metaphysics, optimism, and probably, in some cases, actual crack—these things become a reality.

I've seen all kinds of things on people's vision boards, from the attainable (new yoga poses, better sleep schedules, these shoes) to the ridiculous (Ben Affleck, post-Gwyneth, for example). And I figured, "Why not make my own and see how it goes?"

But like my nail art choices and my dating life, I have to make things way too complicated. And I'm like, "Well, what if what I want changes halfway through the year? What if I start out wanting to be one kind of girl, and I end up realizing another path is better?" And so, of course, I made three vision boards instead of one, and based them all on pop culture heroines. Yep.

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Friday, January 11th 2013

What the FK: Where the Boys Are

Ever since I wrote this column about The Breakup Buy—as in, the impulse purchase that kind of / actually / okay, yeah helps you mend a broken heart—I've been getting lots of mail. It's got a very common theme, probably best summarized by Meredith from San Francisco. She  tweets, "@FaranKrentcil What if instead of getting over a dude, you want to just GET him?"

For that, I offer the following disclaimer: I can tell you all about getting dudes to notice you, but as far as keeping them, go talk to Gwyneth at Goop or something. I've been pining for the same lame guy for like three years, and he's not even a Gyllenhaal.

But if you really want to listen, I've wrangled an expert from the other side of the battle lines. Boppers, meet Mat Devine, the frontman for the cult rock band Kill Hannah who's also a Broadway actor, a presenter on Fuse TV, and the dude I may or may not have made out with at Alexander Wang's Fashion Week party. Oops. (Note to you, and Mat, and whoever else cares: this is not the guy I've had a perpetual crush on, so, uh, let's move on.)

I'm a big advocate of dressing for yourself, not for guys. I say this because, frankly, what you think of yourself is way more important than what the hot guy in your bartending class thinks. Mat says this for another reason. "When a girl shows up for a first date and she's dressed like me—not like herself—it's kind of a turn off. Like she doesn't have a strong sense of identity. If you're normally in nice dresses and cute blazers, and all of a sudden, you show up in a brand new Iron Maiden T-shirt, it's pretty transparent. What's wrong with the nice blouse you had on when we met?"

"Then there's the quandary about baring skin," says Mat. "You don't need to show up in a dress that's going to dissolve in water—really, it gives us the wrong idea. Quality girls lever LEAD with their physical assets. If you want a guy to think about you in a more, uh, physical way, make your outfit suggestive but not overt. You don't have to wear a push-up bra, you don't have to expose any cleavage. I know girls' magazines always say the opposite, but for most guys I know, seeing a shoulder and little bit of an exposed bra strap is okay. Most guys have a really vivid imagination so it gets me thinking, probably, I mean, you know, inappropriate things."

My favorite claim from certain women's magazines is that men hate "high fashion" outfits.  Mat debunks this.  "I think it's impressive when a girl's wearing a high-end outfit, as long as they can own it.  If you're comfortable in - what's that thing called -a peplum?  Then do it!  It's cool and when a girl has her own sense of style, it means she has her own identity.  There's nothing better than that."

Not even super-sexy lingerie? "Oh gosh, please no. When I was young, I had a girl show up wearing a full candy apple red corset, lingerie, garter belt. It was such a turnoff because I felt like it was so unnatural! It made me uncomfortable. I think the only thing about underwear, getting back to reality, is that it's important to have nice underwear—not fancy, but nice—because you can see a red flag with underwear. You can get away with a tattered T-shirt but you can't get away with a sweat-stained, dirty bra. It's like, if a dude shows up with a nice car but it's covered in dirt. You're like, 'Why can't this dude keep his car clean?' It makes you ask questions. If you can't keep your underwear up to code, I don't want to know what else you can't handle.

"Oh, and there's one more thing—am I allowed to veto sweatpants on a date? I would like to veto sweatpants on a date. Unless you are going to play basketball, or you are a professional rapper—a very successful one!—then no. Are you dashing from your Maybach into Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon with a Grammy in your hand? Then no, you can wear something besides sweatpants.

"This is all very hypocritical for me, by the way, because I'm always wearing like, I'm-on-tour-I-don't-do-laundry clothes."

Note to Shopbop: your new menswear section can't launch soon enough. 

xoxo, Faran 

Friday, December 28th 2012

What the FK: Get Mistaken for a Famous Person

I am at a dive bar with my friends from drama class. (Yes, when not chasing after these Rag & Bone boots, I write plays and sometimes take drama classes. That's another post. Anyway…) We're gathered around a flat-backed piano, clutching bottles of Heineken and shouting songs from Cabaret at the top of our lungs. (This is either the best or worst night ever, depending on your feelings about "Don't Tell Mama.") We're just being Saturday night goofballs when suddenly, some movie stars arrive.

First through the door is Scarlett Johansson, the brainy bombshell currently starring in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Next up is Emily Blunt, a fashion goddess since her icy turn in The Devil Wears Prada. Finally, Mamie Gummer, known to theater geeks as "Meryl Streep's Daughter" and Gossip Girl fans as "The cute blonde on the funny hospital show that's on after Gossip Girl."

Living in New York, I see lots of celebrities. And here's one thing I can tell you about famous girls: US Weekly may give them the "just like us" treatment, but the fact is, you can always tell when someone's a star, even when they're crammed into a West Village dive bar belting Oklahoma. It's not because they're beautiful (which they are, sometimes), or super-thin (which they are, most times). It's because they've perfected something we'll call The Off Duty Starlet Look—and it's not that hard to copy.

The Off Duty Starlet Look (ODSL—not to be confused with ODLR, Oscar de la Renta!) relies on the principles of layering, casual luxury, and The Big/Small Theory. Learn how to combine them, and you too can look like Ryan Gosling's secret girlfriend. Here's what I mean:

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Friday, December 14th 2012

What the FK: C’mon Get Happy

Maybe it's the winter weather, which has driven my workout routine indoors. Maybe it's my boy situation, which is abysmal. Maybe it's because The Real World hasn't been good since the original London season. (Jacinda Barrett, where are you?)

Whatever the reason, I've been kind of down lately—and even repeated viewings of Empire Records haven't helped cure my blues. Which means it's time to pull out the big guns—in this case, my AmEx card. They say stuff can't make you happy, but... well... sometimes it can.

Case in point: this bunny iPhone case from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It's hot pink. It has a bunny face on it. It has a heart for a nose. You can't look at it and not smile. So right now, it's definitely going on my must-have list.

Next up: a Wildfox sweater with a giant cat on it that says "party." Sweaters are cuddly, by definition, and automatically make you feel more comfy. Giant cats, by definition, are hysterical, especially when they're computer graphics and not real. And parties, by definition, are fun—or at the very least, distracting. Sounds like a winner.

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Friday, November 30th 2012

What The FK: My Fight with a Fashion B——

Seven people texted me yesterday, and all of them pretty much said the same thing:


I couldn't respond. Frankly, I have no time to focus on fashion rumors—or guys, yoga classes, grocery shopping, Homeland episodes, parties, or... uh... sleep.

Why? Because I'm involved in a major fashion feud with a real bitch.

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