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Wednesday, February 13th 2013

Bop Com: Basic Cable

There are more fashion blogs out there than Brady Bunch reruns, but today's links are all about one thing: they're the cooler fashion versions of our favorite Time Warner channels. And after fashion week, we'll be logging some serious couch surfing time...

ANIMAL PLANET: Karlie Kloss feels "like a giant giraffe." We were unaware African safari attractions earned seven figures a year... [ELLE.com]

DISCOVERY CHANNEL: A day in the life of astrology's most famous face, Susan Miller. [NY Mag]

MTV: Karen Walker channels '70s rocker Siouxsie Sioux for the latest show. We reach for more eyeliner. [Style.com]

SUNDANCE CHANNEL: This series of acoustic love songs is chic, cool... and not annoying to watch if you're single, either. [Vogue.com]

TELEMUNDO: Our favorite Mexican heartthrob, Gael Garcia Bernal, goes skateboarding. We. Are. Riveted. [BULLETT]

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