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Wednesday, December 26th 2012

Bop Com: Better Than Presents

There are more fashion blogs out there than thank-you notes. But consider today's links as consolation prizes: they're so delightful, they might make up for any lackluster Christmas gifts! (Also, you could just shop for yourself...)

THE LADY GAGA DOCUMENTARY: Terry Richardson shoots the bonkers fashion icon; we rejoice. [FASHIONISTA]

THE PINTEREST DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO GOSSIP GIRL FASHION: All Blair and Serena, all the time. [Pinterest]

THE WYNWOOD GRAFFITI TOUR: Proof that Miami's getting cool again: these walls. [Purple.fr]

THE CATALOG OF SUPER-CUTE CATS, PANDAS, and BUNNIES: All of them in one place! [Buzzfeed]

AND THE JOHNNY DEPP LOOKBOOK: You're welcome. [NY Magazine]

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