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Monday, October 15th 2012

Bop Com: Do You Dare?

There are more fashion blogs out there than fake celebrity Twitters, but my favorite links today are all about one thing: A Dare to Be Great Situation. (Yes, that phrase is from the '80s movie "Say Anything." Yes, if you haven't seen that movie, you must watch it right now. Anyway...)

Dare You to Start a Fashion Line: Misha Nonoo did when she was 23 because she couldn't find a blazer that didn't make her feel like a school teacher or a dominatrix. Now she makes clothes for Gwyneth! (Fashionista.com)

Double Dare You To Ditch Makeup: A bold dress (like this Rebecca Minkoff maxi) means you can keep your face bare. This tutorial shows how to get the "nude" look, with a special emphasis on girls with darker complexions. (Bella Sugar)

Triple Dare You To Dance Like Nobody's Watching: Possible side effect of this video by the emerging rock band Kitten. No, not this kind of kitten. Sorry, Wildfox(NYLON)

Or you could take The Physical Challenge! (Double Dare)

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