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Wednesday, March 27th 2013

Bop Com: Fads Are Forever

There are more fashion blogs out there than neon handbags, but today's links are all about the divide between trendy and classic. Can they coexist happily? Find out...

Trendy Retro Prints: To celebrate Mad Men's return, iReport rounds up reader photos from the late '60s. The miniskirt reigns! [CNN]

Classic Trench Coats: Do you have a must-have jacket yet? Why not?! [ELLE]

Trendy Rom Com Fashion: Cosmo asks "real men" (read: hot guys in NYC) how they feel about rom-coms. [Cosmopolitan]

Classic Red Lipstick: How many swipes are in one tube of lipstick? This fascinating study gets to the bottom of the question—and the tube. [Refinery29]

Trendy and Classic... Turning all of your photos into sparkly unicorn gifs. [Cornify.com]

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