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Wednesday, October 10th 2012

Bop Com: Famous People Are Just More Interesting

There are more fashion links out there than Kate Hudson rom-coms. But today's links are all about the latest in fame-and-fashion fusion...

Kristen Stewart Speaks! Bella Swan gives a live fan-sourced interview to promote Balenciaga's new fragrance. Hint: You probably don't want to ask her what R-Patz smells like... (MTV)

Jennifer Lawrence Poses! Katniss joins Natalie Portman and Marion Cotillard as a model for Christian Dior, starting in Spring 2013. (The Cut)

Brad Pitt Quizzes! In one of the weirder things we've seen from Chanel, the label released a few YouTube videos of Mr. Angelina interrogating a Chanel No. 5 bottle. Hey Brad, if it answers back, that's when you should really start to panic. (Fashionista.com)

Gaga Debuts! The Artist Formerly Known as Stephanie is the first person to wear Hedi Slimane's new collection for Saint Laurent "in real life." Debate the IRL part all you want, but you can't deny she looks beautiful, and so do the clothes. (Grazia UK)

Cameron Crowe Rules! If you don't know where the actual quote "Famous People Are Just More Interesting" comes from, watch this immediately and thank me later. (YouTube)

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