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Monday, April 15th 2013

Bop Com: Home & Away

There are more fashion blogs out there than passport stamps, but today's links are all about one thing: style destinations. Bon voyage, mes animaux!

Vienna, Austria: This is what a traditional European ball (hosted by Nicole Kidman) looks like... via Instagram. [Fashionista.com]

Portland, Oregon: Pacific Northwest native Olivia Bee shoots major fashion campaigns. But since she's 19, she also has a photo blog. [Teen Vogue]

Indio Valley, California: Would you like to wear a bikini with cutoffs and flowers in your hair? There's a Coachella street style roundup for that. [Style.com]

Paris, France: Fashion muse and folk singer Lou Doillon just got knighted by the French Ministry of Culture! [ELLE.com]

The Capitol, Panem: The new Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer is up, and OMG. [YouTube]

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