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Monday, April 1st 2013

Bop Com: Legendary Status

There are more fashion blogs out there than Lucky Charms marshmallows, but today's links are all about one thing: mythological beings, and the power within them.

East of Edun: Danielle Sherman takes the reigns at the eco-friendly label Edun, leaving her post as design director of T by Alexander Wang. [ELLE]

Chase the Rainbow: How do the recent runways look to a color expert? Find out in this fascinating visual essay. [FASHIONISTA]

The Shining Twins: These days, blogs police designer knockoffs, but back in the '30s ateliers used these amazing snapshots... [STYLE.com]

Magical French Girls: Looking for the next Clemence Poesy? Meet this Renoir starlet from Paris. [NYLON]

Star Turns: Even if you don't believe in horoscopes, you should still check out these star charts for their fantastic illustrations. [BAZAAR]

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