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Monday, November 19th 2012

Bop Com: Secrets And Lies

There are more fashion blogs out there than incriminating emails. But today's links are all about one thing: the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. (Okay, fine, there are also shoes.)

A CHRISTOPHER KANE COVER UP? Last week, British design phenom Christopher Kane denied rumors he's taking over Balenciaga. This morning, he confirmed rumors that he's leaving his partnership with Donatella Versace. What gives? [VOGUE.UK]

A KATE MOSS TELL ALL? Kate Moss is making a documentary, and has a new book—and she reveals she'd show up at modeling jobs wearing "brown crocodile prostitute shoes." (Thankfully, she's moved onto Rag + Bone. Phew.) [TELEGRAPH]

RIHANNA, NOW RECLUSIVE? We're not sure who had the brilliant idea to invite journalists on Rihanna's private plane, but we could have predicted the inevitable backfire. For their part, MTV seems legitimately shocked. [MTV STYLE]

BIKERS SECRET STYLE SOCIETY? Yep, and this story on an adorable Schwinn sisterhood proves it. [CNN]

ALSO, SHOES: See? I promised.

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