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Monday, January 14th 2013

Bop Com: Simply the Best

There are more fashion blogs out there than movie critics, but today's links are all about one thing: Award Winning Style. (Like Jessica Chastain's Calvin Klein Collection dress at last night's Golden Globes—yay!)

CHER'S GREATEST HITS: See Fashionista.com's genius photo essay by celebrity stylist + Golden Globe outfitter Cher Coulter. [Fashionista]

ALL HANDS ON DECK: Speaking of the Golden Globes and genius, is E!'s Mani Cam the best invention ever? [E Online]

COOLEST CAMPAIGN ALERT: Proenza Schouler paired with David Sims for this ultra-graphic ad series. [STYLE.com]

GIRLS WIN EVERYTHING: Santigold's new music video was made with Lena Dunham in mind... and it's great! [NYLON Blogs]

PLUS, VAMPIRE BABIES: This news report says "Sookie" is the third most-searched baby name on the internet, and "Isabella" is the first. So when Bella Swan from Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood want Gerber to make a flavor called Type O Negative, you'll know why? [CNN]

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