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Monday, April 8th 2013

Bop Com: The Right Kind of Wrong

There are more fashion blogs out there than rule books, but today's links are all about those unusual and sometimes even messy things that end up breaking all the barriers, and becoming truly beautiful.

Big Break: Only Diane von Furstenberg could take her broken arm and turn it into a very cool evening accessory. Designer slings FTW! [VOGUE UK]

Partly Cloudly: Model Xiao Wen Ju's name means "emerging cloud" in Mandarin. Cool. [Style.com]

Foam Party: Did you know hair mousse is cool again? And actually really versatile? [ELLE.com]

Clean Your Plait: A grateful nation salutes this super-easy upside-down braid tutorial, including a trade secret: flyaway hairs make it look better! [Into the Gloss]

Also, This Girl on The Voice is Amazing: And so, so fun in a crazy neon-stiletto kind of way. Go Monique! [Hulu]

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