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Monday, November 26th 2012

Bop Com: Somewhere in Time

There are more fashion blogs out there than history books. But today's links are all about legacies, fads, and classic rock-n-roll.

PRESIDENT'S CLUB: Thanks to these fantastic portraits, we can now ask the important question: Lincoln movie extra, or Pittsburgh hipster? [CNN]

OSCAR'S RACE: Eighty-five years ago, The Oscars began. But now, Rachel Zoe is involved... [NY Times]

MARC'S "MARRIAGE": Katie Grand and Marc Jacobs reveal secrets of their 10-year collaboration. Also, he named these tech toys the Katie Bunnies, so he must really like her! [Style.com]

JUICE TRUTHS: Here's a rather candid guide to the oh-so-modern fad of "green juice detox." [Allure]

WAIT, LED ZEPPELIN LET THAT SHOW "REVOLUTION" USE THEIR MUSIC? Sorry, totally off topic, but... really?! [Hulu]

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